Five Of The Best Feature Rappers In The Game

Everyone wants to be a star. Especially rappers. While many brag about their ability to court members of the opposite sex, the wide breadth of their earthly possessions, their height of their stacks, and most importantly, swag, it all really boils down to status. Which, in turn, is attention. The higher one’s prestige, the greater their worth and the more eyeballs and ears they will attract.

Fortunately in hip-hop there is also a deep tradition of collaboration. Posse cuts are always dope. And a rapper without their beatmaker would just be a solo street accapellist. Spitting bars out in public, especially with a hardened affect while talking about violence and an ostentatious lifestyle, would not be a good look on anybody. Except maybe on this guy.

And you’re not him.

Which brings us to the topic of today’s piece, the feature rapper. When would the motivation to stand out ever be stronger then on someone else’s track? A game changing guest verse (or a couple hundred of them, in some rapper’s cases) has been enough in the past to launch careers much in the way a Top 40 charting single would. So here are some of our picks for the best feature rappers in the game right now. Please note that this list is objectively correct; we came to these rappers after a series of rigorous tests that followed the scientific method. Lab coats were worn while this list was put together.