Billie Joe Armstrong And Norah Jones And The Everly Brothers

The sweet, timeless, close harmony awesomeness of the Everly Brothers is compelling bait for musicians. The material has been covered time and again by notable fans of the duo, whose string of hits in the ’50s and ’60s place them forever among the greats of early rock and roll and influenced generations of songwriters. Look no further than the classic “Love Hurts,” recorded first by the Everlys and hundreds of times since, including hit versions by Roy Orbison, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, Nazareth, and Joan Jett.

That bait was enough to bring together two unlikely bedfellows – Norah Jones and Green Day‘s Billy Joe Armstrong. The pair leave their trademark smooth jazz and pop-punk stylings, respectively, at the door to pick up where Parsons and Harris left off, delivering a tribute to an entire album, 1958’s Songs Our Daddy Taught Us.

Man, did we want to make fun of this. But we can’t. It’s too good, too faithful to the music and too full of the natural gifts of these two artists to be dismissed. Check out the first track being streamed by Warner Bros, along with a lengthy Q&A with Jones and Armstrong, over at Stereogum.

Green Day Premiere ¡Cuatro! Trailer

In their first public appearance since frontman Billie Joe Armstrong‘s stint in rehab, Green Day will premiere their documentary, ¡Cuatro! at the X Games Aspen on January 26. Though we got a sneak peak at the film back in November, the band has now released a full-blown trailer for your enjoyment. The trailer sees a fast-paced intro with a flash of lyrics, the smashing of guitars, fervorous drumming, and plenty of rock.

You can view the trailer right here, and then start brainstorming, because right after the screening the band will be taking fan questions.

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Green Day Announce 2013 Tour Dates

Just months after Billie Joe Armstrong‘s iHeartRadio Festival outburst and rehab entry, long time punk rockers, Green Day have announced a few U.S. tour dates this March and April. Although Armstrong’s entry into rehab caused a few cancellations in the band’s tour dates, Green Day has said that tickets purchased for their original ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! tour will be honored.

West Coasters, feeling left out? No need to worry. The band promises that shows in your area will be announced in early 2013. You can find the dates after the jump.



Green Day Release '¡Quatro!' Documentary Clip

Green Day are no strangers to documentaries, and after the tremendous success of Bullet In A Bible back in 2005, we can’t wait to see what they produce with their latest, ¡Quatro!.

Capturing the band behind the scenes, in the studio, and in rare form enjoying a little time off, ¡Quatro! aims to give fans an inside look into not only the band’s personal battles in the balance of life and music, but their time in the studio.

“That summer, we took about a month off,” Billie Joe Armstrong says of the 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown. I set up a small studio and I started making demos, doing it for myself¦ I think sometimes taking time off feels dangerous to me. Bands that ‘take time off’ — they’re not as good when they come back.”

Through images of mass crowds, and screaming fans, we hear Armstrong continue, “Let your audience grow with you and grow up with you, and at some point grow old with you.”

You can check out a clip from the documentary right here, and catch its airdate on VH1, Wednesday, Nov. 28 at midnight ET and again on Palladia Friday, Nov. 30 at 9pm ET.

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Green Day '¡Dos!' Album Stream

For the past few months, and to be honest, their entire career, Green Day has dominated the spotlight. With Billie Joe Armstrong‘s iHeartRadio festival freak out, and the stream of ¡Uno!, it’s no surprise that ¡Dos! has been the talk of tabloids. After several song releases, Green Day have released a full stream of ¡Dos! via Rolling Stone.  The album won’t be out until Nov. 13, but you can stream it right now, right here.

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Green Day Release New Song, Cancel Remaining 2012 Tour Dates

Green Day have released an oddly appropriate new song from their upcoming ¡Dos! record just as they announce the cancellation of their remaining 2012 tour dates and the postponement of their 2013 tour dates. “Stop When The Red Lights Flash” combines a grimy guitar riff with tight vocal harmonies and Billie Joe Armstrong’s repeated shouts of “I’ll make you surrender.” Aptly enough, the band has been forced to capitulate to their frontman’s recent bout of substance abuse which resulted in a now“infamous onstage rant at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Armstrong’s extended period in rehab has forced the band to cancel the entirety of their 2012 tour, which was due to start on September 26 and conclude on December 10. As the timeline for Armstrong’s recovery is uncertain, the band has also postponed their 2013 tour dates scheduled for January and February. But it’s not all bad news for Green Day fans. ¡Dos! will still be coming out on November 13, and the release date for ¡Tré!, the third album of their 2012 trilogy, has been moved up to December 11 “ a month before its originally scheduled due date of January 15, 2013. Listen to the new song below.

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