Blink-182 Confirm New Album Coming 2014; Meeting with Producers and Labels

Blink-182 are at the top of their game right now. Having released a best-selling album a year ago, the trio is currently in the midst of another sold out tour, and this morning they indicated that 2014 will be even better.

Speaking openly with Yahoo! in a new interview, Blink-182 finally opened up about their long-rumored plans to release more music. According to the band they are currently in talks with various label and producers, but they are hopeful new music will be available to fans at some point within the next year. You can read an except from the article below:

So next year there will be a new record?

Hoppus: Yes.

DeLonge: That’s the plan.

Do you have a producer?

Hoppus: No. We’re talking about it but we haven’t decided on anyone yet. This whole tour, this whole experience is about getting ready for that next record. We’ve been meeting with labels, we’ve been talking about producers, trying to figure out internally what the plan is for Blink.

Do you think you’ll go to another big label?

Hoppus: I don’t know. We’re keeping our options open. We’re meeting with some labels.

DeLonge: We’re not against it.

Hoppus: We’re not against it. If it’s the right label and the right partnership and the right vibe or we could do it ourselves or use a distributor. There are so many options for bands now.

DeLonge: There’s not just like be completely independent or be on a label. There are many shades of grey so you can use labels for parts of what you need or you can hire services. It’s a lot of options. We’re not opposed to any of them.”

Blink-182 performed  over the weekend at Riot Fest Chicago. Footage of their performance can be viewed at the end of this post.

We will cover the production of Blink-182’s album in the months ahead and will let you know the moment new information becomes available. Follow OurStage on Twitter and Facebook for the latest music news and information. (more…)

Blink-182 Add Dates To North American Tour

Pop-punk icons Blink-182 have announced a series of stateside performances around their upcoming Riot Fest appearance in Chicago.

Riot Fest Chicago takes place the weekend of September 15, and the band announced additional dates this afternoon. You can view the full itinerary below.

Fans hungry for new music from the legendary trio will likely have to wait until 2014 before the group hits the studio, which means these shows are your best chance at hearing something new before 2013 ends. Comment below and let us know if you plan on attending any dates. (more…)

Soundtrax: Reunion Edition

Reunion Edition by OurStage on Grooveshark

Recently there’s been a surge in reunion confirmations, from Fall Out Boy to The Postal Service, and with each new announcement comes a wave of nostalgia. With once forgotten lyrics now flooding our mind, we’ve created a special reunion playlist for those wishing to relive the years that brought us hits such as “Sugar, We’re Going Down” and “What’s My Age Again?” You’ll find old favorites on the list including Soundgarden, Fleetwood Mac, Blink-182Black Flag, and of course, Fall Out Boy and The Postal Service.

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Review: Blink-182's 'Dogs Eating Dogs' EP

Three weeks after its release, many of you long-time Blink-182 fans have probably given a listen to their new 5-track EP, Dogs Eating Dogs. I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive putting my headphones on, as I was not too thrilled with the results of their 2011 reunion album, Neighborhoods. Recent press and interviews with the band, however, indicated a possible shift in the right direction. Drummer Travis Barker was quoted saying, To me, this EP is a hundred times better than Neighborhoods. The band realizing that there was something not quite right with the prior LP bode well for the EP. Neighborhoods was apparently recorded via file sharing, where each member individually worked their parts out and sent them back and forth, rather than working collectively. Having recently parted with their long-time label, Interscope Records, Blink hit the studio on their own for the first time since Flyswatter (throwback much?) and did so in traditional fashion – together, as a band.


Blink–182 Premiere First Song From 'Dogs Eating Dogs' EP

With just one week left until the official release of Blink“182’s new EP, Dogs Eating Dogs, the band has revealed the first full song from the record. “Boxing Day” sounds like a vintage acoustic Blink song, with Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus harmonizing seamlessly over a jangly guitar line and Travis Barker holding down a restrained, but driving drum beat. The release of the new song is the latest step in a long string of teasers that the band has revealed slowly regarding the new release, their first since splitting with Interscope Records earlier this year. Comparing the new independent release to the band’s previous full-length, 2011’s Neighborhoods, DeLonge remarks that the EP is a more lighthearted affair.  “There was no laughing on Neighborhoods,he said to Billboard. “There were no dick jokes.” Check out short previews of every song on the EP here, and pick it up when it drops next Tuesday, Dec. 18.

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Mark Hoppus Launches Clothing Line

While it’s nothing new for bands and various members to take on new projects and explore various avenues, that doesn’t mean it was any less exciting when we heard that Blink-182‘s Mark Hoppus had begun to launch new material for his clothing line, Hi My Name Is Mark.

Hoppus will be releasing one shirt a week for four weeks, with the first shirt available from now until Dec. 3, or until it sells out. All of this will lead up to the store’s official launch in the New Year.

You can check out what Hoppus had to say about the line, along with the week’s first shirt after the jump. (more…)

Taking Back Sunday To Release 2 Live Versions Of "Tell All Your Friends"

Ten years ago, emo rock band Taking Back Sunday burst onto the scene with their breakthrough debut album Tell All Your Friends. Clearly, listeners took those words to heart because before long everyone was telling their friends about this soon-to-be-legendary record. Now, after touring around the U.S. performing the record front to back to celebrate its 10 year anniversary, the band has decided to release 2 live recorded versions of the album from this tour, one acoustic and one full band.

The exact date has yet to be announced, but these albums will be released some time next year through Taking Back Sunday’s own label. Since the band’s contract with Warner Bros. has ended, “releasing the albums themselves is the band’s way of seeing whether they want to sign with another label,” according to vocalist Adam Lazzara in a recent newspaper article. Needless to say, long-term fans of the band will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on these live albums.

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Blink-182 Reveal EP Title

Blink-182 Reveal EP Title

Yesterday we brought you the details of Blink-182‘s Christmas EP release, with pre-order package info that included screen-printed signed posters, t-shirts, hoodies and a few more goodies for the Blink-182 lover in all of us. Today, we’re bringing you the newly released title of Blink-182’s upcoming Christmas EP. Drum roll please!

Blink-182’s newest release will be called Dogs Eating Dogs and will be their first release since parting ways with Universal Music Group.

Speaking about the album to MTV News, Hoppus said:

“This kind of agility is exactly what we were looking for, post-label. We have ideas for songs, we get into a studio and put the ideas together, grind hard, chase that paper, and weeks later we release the songs on our own,” he wrote. “I spent last week in the studio with Travis and Tom. It was great, ideas falling everywhere. Lots of long hours spent on five new songs. … The band is in a great place creatively. Having everyone in the same room at the same time makes all the difference for us.”

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"A Blink-182 Christmas" EP Bundles

There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding Blink-182‘s newest post-hiatus release. Now you can finally pre-order limited edition merch bundles for the EP entitled “A Blink 182-Christmas.” In addition to a digital download of the EP, the 3 package options, titled “Santa’s Lap,” “Naughty,” and “Nice,” include various assortments of Blink-182 Christmas themed shirts, hoodies posters, wrapping paper, and holiday cards. Fans who order the “Santa’s Lap” package by Monday, November 26th at Noon will receive the screen-printed poster signed by the band as well as “various surprise additions… made at random while supplies last!” Click here to order now!

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Blink-182 Reveal Release Date For Upcoming EP

Merry Blinkmas! According to bassist Mark Hoppus, Blink-182’s first release as an independent band, following their departure from Universal Music Group, will drop on December 18. The still-untitled EP will be the first new music from the band since their 2011 full-length effort Neighborhoods, the album that brought the band back out of their extended indefinite hiatus. In addition to new music, fans will have the ability to receive “a special screened, museum-quality poster, limited-edition T-shirts and sweatshirts, wrapping paper, holiday cards” and more through a pre-order at the band’s website. The band supposedly has been enjoying an unprecedented amount of creative freedom with the absence of a major label contract. Blink’s decision to release an EP of new music, instead of a full-length, is reminiscent of Hawthorne Heights’ recent string of EPs, which the band has independently released through their own record label. Check out our interview with Hawthorne Heights to hear their thoughts on the promising future of short format releases.

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