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Florida's Finest: Boxer and Clover

Plenty of successful pop-punk bands call Florida home”Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, New Found Glory, Yellowcard. Maybe it’s teenage rebellion against the state’s bountiful sunshine and retirees that produces so many pale, restless rockers. Whatever the case may be, here’s another entry to add to Florida’s pop-punk wiki: Orlando’s Boxer and Clover. Listen to Adding to 100 Years of Silence and you’ll hear all the touchstones” fuzzed-out, chugging guitars, methodical drum-pummeling, call-and-response chants and heart-on-tattoo-sleeve lyricism (see chorus: We all dance and let our hearts collide / Bring it back to a better time/ When the world was young and we all felt so alive). Boxer and Clover keeps it tight and interesting, with polyrhythmic arrangements and catchy, sing-a-long melodies. One detail that may separate the band from the pack is their cover of Alicia Key’s No One. Even if the execution is a little shaky, it’s still pretty courageous.