People's Choice Awards Winners: Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift

people's choice awardsThe people have spoken. And they love Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry.

After Timberlake scored awards for Favorite Album, Favorite Male Artist, and Favorite R&B Artist, he thanked Ellen DeGeneres “for all the personal inspiration and the cookies. [She] bakes a hell of a cookie.” Oh, and his parents, of course, “for continuing to instill in me that no dream is too big.”

Katy Perry snagged awards for her track “Roar” under Favorite Song and Favorite Music Video, while Taylor Swift took home Favorite Country Artist.

Check out the full list of winners below, which includes Britney Spears, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Demi Lovato. (more…)

British Royal Navy Puts a New Spin On Music Piracy

In totally thought this was an Onion article news, the Metro recently reported that Britney Spears‘ songs are being used to prevent Somali pirates from kidnapping other sailors.

The Navy’s Second Officer, Rachel Owens, told the Metro that several Spears tracks, including “Baby One More Time” and “Oops! I Did It Again,” are routinely blared from the ship’s speakers to keep pirates at bay.

“Her songs were chosen by the security team because they thought the pirates would hate them most,” Owens said. “These guys can’t stand Western culture or music, making Britney’s hits perfect.”

While Somali pirates may not be huge fans of Western music in general, there are at least a few maritime-themed songs by American artists that would likely be more of an inspiration to marauders than a deterrent. Here are a handful of tracks that the British Royal Navy should be careful to avoid playing, lest the pirates get fired up.

Set Your Goals – “Mutiny!”

If the exclamation mark in the song’s title wasn’t a dead giveaway, “Mutiny!” by Set Your Goals is an energetic, uptempo number riddled with seafaring references. I have personally seen these San Francisco natives whip teenaged show attendees into a frenzy on more than one occasion, and I have no doubt that their anthemic pop-punk would have the same effect on pirates. With hooky breakdowns, cannon sound effects, and gang vocals galore, SYG have crafted a track that’s guaranteed to inspire some pillaging and plundering.


Britney Spears Taking A Break From Music 'For A While' After New Album Release

Britney Spears has been making music for 14 years at this point, and this December she will release her eighth studio album when Britney Jean arrives in stores. Having conquered the world – multiple times – one might wonder what Ms. Spears is planning next. Her answer? Take a (well-deserved) break.

Speaking with BBC Radio 1 recently, the vocalist revealed that she plans to take a lengthy break from music following the release of her new album and completion of her upcoming Las Vegas residency. When asked whether or not she ever imagined she would be making music over a decade after her debut, Britney replied:

“No I never did, I never felt that. Never in my wildest dreams… I’ll take a break after this one for a while.”

As we mentioned above, Britney fans worried they missed their chance to see pop’s reigning queen should find some comfort in knowing Britney has at least another year of work before she can truly take a break. Her Vegas residency, which is slated to begin December 27, reportedly requires Ms. Spears to perform at least 50 times in the upcoming year. If you want to hear “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” live, now would be a good time to visit Priceline and seek out vacation packages. (more…)

Britney Spears Releases "Work Bitch" Video

Britney Spears wants to help all of her fans around the world reach their dreams of living a life of luxury, and to assist them on their journey she’s released a new, quasi-motivational single entitled “Work Bitch.”

Taking place almost entirely in the desert, the official video for “Work Bitch” is little more than a montage of brilliantly lit, gorgeously costumed performance sequences. Britney is seen rolling around the ground, leading a group of dancers in the middle of nowhere, performing solo in a hallway, and shaking her hips pretty much anywhere you can imagine in between. It’s not exactly the most original video you’ve ever seen, but those needing a fix of Britney eye candy will surely be pleased. You can view the clip on Vevo.

Now, I know the title of this song is going to cause problems for some, but for the sake of argument consider Ms. Spears’ use of ‘bitch’ the same way you would take it if said by Jesse on Breaking Bad. She’s not putting down women or calling anyone names directly, but rather hoping to motivate listeners to take control of their life with a semi-aggressive stance and insanely catchy hook.  And, if nothing else, it’s going to be hard to do better than “Work Bitch” for those needing a new workout track. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the video.

Britney Spears Debuts "Work Bitch"

Pop icon Britney Spears is starting the promotional run to her new album this morning with the release of a new song entitled “Work Bitch.”

EDM is all the rage in pop music these days, and in a move to stay relevant, Britney Spears is hopping on the bandwagon with her new song, “Work Bitch.” The track is built on thick layers of synth and slick, glitchy production, aimed more for the clubs than top 40 radio. If you like that sound, there’s plenty here to make you move, but whether or not you find it at all original is another question entirely. You can stream the single below.

Ms. Spears has never been celebrated for the depth of her singles, but there is something especially shallow about “Work Bitch” that just feels lazy. The music takes the focus off her vocals entirely, making Spears into more of a feature than the star, and though it may be packed with would-be hooks, it’s hard to imagine anyone humming the track to themselves off the dance floor. It just feels forgettable.

Britney Spears has yet to officially announce her album plans, but a release sometime this winter is expected. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Work Bitch.” (more…)

L.A. Reid Leaving 'The X Factor'

Just as The X Factor‘s second season is coming to a close, Chairman and CEO of Epic Records, L.A. Reid has chosen to step down from his spot in the judge’s chair.

Although his presence resulted in multiple contestant signings to Epic Records, Reid says of his departure, “I have a company to run that I’ve kind of neglected.” Reid continued, “I have a huge responsibility to a roster of artists, and it’s kind of time for me to stop doing ‘the me’ show and get back to doing ‘the them’ show.”

Among Reid’s upcoming Epic Records projects will be Ciara‘s next album and Avril Lavigne‘s latest album.

If you like Ciara, check out OurStage artist Jasmyn Howard.

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