Bruno Mars Extends Tour Dates, Announces Pharrell As Support


Bruno Mars has announced the next leg of his Moonshine Jungle tour, and it includes support by Pharrell and Aloe Blacc, perhaps best known for his vocals on Avicii‘s “Wake Me Up.”  The tour will kick off this May in California, before hitting all the major US stops, along with a few dates in Canada. Prior to the tour, Mars will play two dates in his hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii. Check out the full list of dates below. (more…)

Silverstein Announce North American Tour Dates

SilversteinAlthough they just got off their fall tour with We Came As Romans, The Color Morale, Chunk! No Captain Chunk! and Dangerkids, Silverstein will be celebrating the New Year with a slew of new tour dates in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. Currently the dates stretch from early January through late February in Canada, with scattered April and May dates for the U.S. and Mexico. You can check out the newly announced tour dates below, and keep an eye out for more dates coming soon. (more…)

Stream The Final Alexisonfire EP "Death Letter"

Last week we told you about Alexisonfire‘s newest and final EP Death Letter. Well, the album was released today, and now you can stream all 6 songs on Spotify. Be prepared though, they are all acoustic, piano, and noise-rock versions of some of your favorite AOF songs, and they are not what you might expect. Each performance is a slow and dismal trudge in a sea of dark reverb, truly signifying the end of a once great band. There is no doubt that Death Letter truly lives up to it’s name as a distant swan song for the Canadian post-hardcore outfit. R.I.P. AOF.

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Alexisonfire To Release New EP Of Re-Interpreted Old Songs

Looks like the guys in Alexisonfire have one last trick up their sleeve before bowing out for good. According to, the Canadian post-hardcore band will release a new EP called Death Letter through Dine Alone Records on December 4th. The album will contain 6 “acoustic and noise-rock interpretations” of previously released AOF songs, recorded by guitarists and vocalists Dallas Green and Wade MacNeil.

Consider it an early Christmas present—or going away gift, rather—as they take to the road one last time for their farewell tour this December. Check out the album art and tracklisting after the jump.

1) Born and Raised
2) Midnight Regulations
3) You Burn First
4) Accept Crime
5) Burial
6) Happiness By The Kilowatt

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Dallas Green Finshes Recording New City And Colour Album

All you City And Colour fans out there, get ready for Dallas Green’s next installment of folksy sorrow through soulful singing. According to the Canadian singer-songwriter’s Instagram, recording for the new album is finally done “right before the final #alexisonfire tour!” For those of you who don’t know, Green’s former post-hardcore band Alexisonfire, who broke up last year, are about to embark on a long overdue farewell tour starting on December 2nd in London, UK. While it is sad to see them go, the world has a lot to look forward to with City And Colour’s newest release.

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Moneen To Support Alexisonfire For 7 Farewell Tour Dates

In the summer of 2011, Canadian post-hardcore rockers Alexisonfire called it quits after being together for about a decade and developing a loyal international following. The band didn’t quite get to say their goodbyes, though, which is why they are playing one last farewell tour this December. Of course, who better to open for them than fellow Canadians and career-long best friends Moneen? When both bands were starting out, they did a split together and have been buds ever since, so it only seems fitting that Moneen will be joining AOF for seven dates of the tour, all of which can be found here. Supporting acts for the rest of the dates include Billy Talent, Ghost Of A Thousand, House Vs Hurricane, Fucked Up, Monster Truck, and one more still yet to be announced.

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Jekyll & Hyde: Rockers And Their Alter Ego Side Projects

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