South By Saskatoon


Country rock may have gotten its start in the American South, but over the years it’s ambled north of the border into new lands, taking root in Canada from sea to shining sea. Manitoba’s got Doc Walker. Alberta’s got Emerson Drive. And now, Saskatchewan’s got WYATT. Like Mr. Earp himself, Ride On is about kicking the dust off your boots and getting out of Dodge. Over the whinny of electric guitars, frontman Scott Patrick sings about white lines, blue skies and holding on tight for one helluva ride. WYATT’s melodies are big and meaty, primed for radio play. All the proof you need is in the cocksure strut of Next to You, or the junky guitars and squealing organ of If I Had A Dollar. There’s a lot of great music coming out of the new heartland. WYATT’s Saskatonian country rock is some of the best of it.