Lords Of The Dance


The call of the band is one that’s hard to resist. It’s what prompted three Bostonians to pick up and move out west to Long Beach, CA and create Centrevol. Be glad they did, cause now you have something to get your blood pumping. The band delivers supersized pop rock with the melodic punch of U2. Anaconda hooks, rock steady drums and big, hulking harmonies are served up in Save Yourself. With On A Roll, hand claps rain down throughout the whole song, daring you not to join in. Centrevol is all about rallying, baiting their listeners to dance with something irresistibly kinetic. Nowhere is that device employed more effectively than in Fifth Avenue Dream. Beginning with a slinky descent, the track tumbles into percussive dance rock with sailing falsetto harmonies. You can stay seated if you want. But if you do, it’s your loss.