Lady Gaga To Make Acting Debut In 'Machete Kills'

Lady Gaga has conquered the pop landscape a few times over, but will she be able to take over the silver screen?

It has just been revealed that Gaga will have her film acting debut in Machete Kills, the new feature film from director Robert Rodriguez. Details are sparse about Gaga’s role in the film. The little that we do know is based off a few choice tweets from Gaga and Rodriguez. According to this movie poster linked to byRodriguez through his Twitter, Gaga will be playing none other then La Chameleon. Which… doesn’t really tell us much. No doubt that the movie will try to capitalize on Gaga’s penchant for transformation and dramatic flair. Though to be honest, the blonde wig and animal furs of La Chameleon are a pretty toned down compared to some of Gaga’s more infamous fashion statements.

Gaga will be starring alongside an eclectic cast. Machete Kills will feature returning actors from the first Machete film including Danny Trejo, Jessica AlbaMichelle Rodriguez, and Lindsay Lohan. The movie will also feature some hot stars fresh to the series such as Sophia Vergara, Amber Heard, and Vanessa Hudgens. Oh yeah, and Charlie Sheen will be playing the president of the United States.

Get your popcorn ready, it’s gonna be a shlockfest.


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Charlie Sheen: "Axl Rose Will Be Homeless. Also, Remember How Much Coke I Did?"

Charlie Sheen has never been a man to mince words. The gloriously candid actor who brought phrases like “bi-winning” and “tiger blood” into the cultural lexicon recently turned his caustic sense of humor on a not-entirely-undeserving candidate: Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose.

At the Hollywood Walk of Fame induction of former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, Sheen noted, “It’s quite fitting that Slash is getting a star on the very street Axl Rose will one day be sleeping on.” He added, “This star is going to be stepped on more than the coke we did in the Eighties.” Bravo, Charlie.

Now, some might argue that Rose is too easy of a target for Sheen, whose words could seem like an unfair low blow to the beleaguered aging rocker. Yet, when you consider that Rose routinely shows up hours late for performances and that his management has banned fans from wearing Slash t-shirts at Guns N’ Roses concerts, well, Sheen’s jibes don’t seem totally unwarranted.

At least Slash clearly enjoyed them, turning and apparently stifling a laugh during Sheen’s characteristically outlandish speech. It’s the least we can expect from the wild actor who, among other strange boasts, has recently attested that he can see the ghosts of dead relatives. We’re going to let that one slide.

Sound and Vision: Is Chris Brown's Comeback and GRAMMY Honors Another Slap in the Face to Women?

With Whitney Houston’s tragic, untimely death and Adele’s big sweep grabbing our near-undivided attention, the 2012 GRAMMY Awards were, in some ways, a two-woman show.

But if any guy came close to upstaging them, it was Chris Brown. And not necessarily in a good way. Brown, who performed two songs on the telecast, did not emerge unscathed from what was foolishly touted as his GRAMMY “comeback””as if he is a supernova among stars, and three years is such an eternity. Some viewers were outraged that he was invited to perform at the ceremony at all, after what he did to his ex, Rihanna, during GRAMMY season three years ago.

The unfortunate irony of Houston’s passing on GRAMMY weekend is that, like Rihanna, she had been the victim of domestic abuse by another Brown, her ex-husband Bobby. And the honor of paying tribute to her went to Jennifer Hudson, whose mother, brother and nephew were murdered, allegedly by the estranged husband of Hudson’s sister, just a few years ago. If anyone knows that people often hurt the ones they claim to love, she does.

But that one display of good taste doesn’t let the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences off the hook. Brown’s inclusion in the ceremony almost felt like an unintentional f**k you to Houston, to Rihanna, to any woman who has suffered because of domestic abuse.

The big question, though, is this: Has Brown suffered enough? It has, after all, been three years since he pummeled Rihanna in a car. Is it time for us to move on as Brown and NARAS, apparently, both have.

For Brown’s many GRAMMY-night detractors (which included singers Miranda Lambert and Michelle Branch as well as actors Wil Wheaton and Eric Stonestreet), it might be hard to move on when Brown has never acknowledged the gravity of the situation in any meaningful way that didn’t seem like a public-relations pose. Whether he’s onstage, in videos, plugging his music on the morning talk-show circuit, or ranting on Twitter, he never seems sorry enough.


Charlie Sheen, Juggalo

After a successful run of his debut “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option” stand-up tour, “comedian” Charlie Sheen decided to further expand his comedic brand to a whole new market; when contacted by Insane Clown Posse frontman Violent J to “introduce acts and perform his comedy stylings” at the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos, the actor jumped at the opportunity to finally have his name spread to a mainstream audience. Armed with nothing but the clothes on his back and “courage” (blow) to spare, Sheen headed to the quaint village of Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, where the festivities were to be held.

Who's the bigger clown?


Soundcheck: Snoop Unleashes The Doggumentary

As promised, Snoop Dogg has delivered The Doggumentary, an eighteen-track album that I would call a tribute album for true Snoop fans. In it, he seems to travel through the sounds of his career, treating fans to songs reminisent of his G-funk hits that launched him into super-stardom. Memories of Doggystyle come rushing back. The next minute, he’s fast forwarding to his R&G days, reminding us that although he certainly has a signature style; his sound is more dynamic than he’s credited for. He manages to bring us up to date with new sounding songs like Wet and Eyez Closed, proving that at forty years old with eleven albums under his belt, Snoop is still top dog. Here are some highlights from the Dogg’s latest release:

Toys N Da Hood  features Bootsy Collins in an old school funk track that kicks off the record’s “blast from the past” pace. It’s not my favorite track, but it sets the tone for the album, which is classically west coast.

The Way Life Used To Be  Samples Diana Ross and The Supremes’ hit of the same title. Snoop’s version of Back In The Day¦wishing he was back in his hey day; telling stories of stirring up trouble with friends as a teen in Long Beach.

My Own Way  Features a cameo from Mr. Porter and stars a distinctly tougher sounding Snoop paired up with the soulful singer, Mr. Porter for this laid-back track, where the Dogfather reminisces about his days on the grind.

Wonder What I Do  Another old-school sounding joint features Uncle Chucc whose voice I originally mistook for John Legend. It’s the kind of track I’msure my dad would play at a family BBQ, a perfect summer jam suitable for the whole family. John Legend does appear later in the album, alongside Kanye West in one of the project’s strongest tracks, Eyez Closed

My Fuc’n House  Young Jeezy & E-40 heat up this banger, which is much harder than the rest of the album. Jeezy kicks it off with his angry, intense flow and E-40 delivers in his characteristic, charismatic style. Snoop follows up by flexing his muscles; warning his enemies not to underestimate the dog. We expect the video, which has already wrapped shooting, to flood airwaves this week.

Boom  The second official single features T-Pain and is produced by Scott Storch, who sampled the hit, Situation by Yazoo. This one’s already heating up airwaves, on the heels of the album’s first single. Wet which Snoop crafted for Prince William’s bachelor party. The song has quickly become the anthem for spring breakers everywhere.

The Weed Iz Mine No Snoop album would be complete without an ode to Mary Jane. This one features his latest partner in crime, Wiz Khalifa, who has proven to be quite the cannabis affecianado.

Overall, Snoop has given fans another reason to keep him on top. The Dogg has proven time and again that he can adapt with the times while consistently delivering his own unique flavor to anything he does. Next up, Snoop will continue his cross-country tour, and plans to release his recent work with Charlie Sheen this month. Talk about crazy collabos.

Monday, April 4, 2011