Tr3s Selects Mateo For January's El Headliner Promo Prize

What do you get when you combine NYC hip hop with the traditional music of Colombia and Ecuador? Mateo, that’s what. This artist-on-the-rise made his mark through relentless gigging on the New York club scene, and he’s looking to take things to the next level. With any luck, his month-long features from Tr3s on Free Latin MusicBlogamole and on-air promotion through Lo Que Te Pica and Music My Güey will do just the trick. That’s right, Mateo won January’s coveted El Headliner prize. Check out his winning song “Hasta al Amanecer” and more below!

GuacaMusic: Nodo

Bogotá or Caracas? Arepas de choclo or arepas de maí­z? Carlos Vives or Franco de Vita?

Colombia vs. Venezuela¦

If you had to choose between Colombian and Venezuelan music, which one would you pick? Hard choice, huh?

Luckily, you don’t have to pick just one. Here on OurStage, there is a band that offers the very best music of these two countries. We are talking about Nodo, a band that defines itself as the Colombo-Venezuelan answer to post-grunge, grunge and hard rock, and plays songs in both English and Spanish. Nodo formed in 2004 with the goal of being a true revelation for the rock in Bogotá. Since then, they have done so much more than that. The band has recorded two video clips and continues to add more songs to its repertoire.  Their music transcends geographical borders which explains why the band can be heard outside Colombia, in Venezuela, greater Latin America and the US.


Go to Nodo’s profile and play the song How, the band’s first single recorded in 2010. This song has been getting rave reviews from OurStage fans and has made it into the top ten charts several times. But that’s not all. Nodo’s How has also been a tremendous hit at local radio stations such as Radionica Colombia 99.1 FM.

If you are into How, then you will love Mentira, another Nodo favorite about how lying can destroy a relationship. Play it and you will see why these guys continue to climb the top ten charts. The music is just amazing and the lyrics are profound.

Enjoy this playlist by Nodo and see how Latin music is best when influenced by artists from different countries. ¡Provecho!

GuacaMusic: Saga

Most big things come from big dreams. And often those big dreams come from dreaming among friends.

In fact, a reunion among friends was what started everything for Saga, a Colombian band that is worth discovering on OurStage. A few years ago, Saga’s members Nicolás Pineda and Santiago Marulanda decided to get together and make music with a simple acoustic guitar and a pair of timbales. In 2009, they recruited a few more members and finally got their first opportunity to perform in August of that same year.

By 2010, Saga was invited to perform at a song festival in Bogota and scored the opportunity to record the band’s first single Maldito Amor, which was well received by Colombian fans.

Things have been going well since that song festival in Colombia. Here on OurStage, Saga has been climbing the top ten charts with Mentiras, a song that the band claims was written with anger, sadness and deception but also with passion and love. Play it and you will understand how much this band loves to play.

Saga is currently preparing the release of another single that we are sure will conquer the hearts of fans on OurStage and beyond. Visit Saga’s profile on OurStage and remember why sharing your ideas with your friends is always a good idea.  Enjoy Saga. ¡Provecho!

GuacaMusic: Latente

Do you tend to judge people by their appearance? Ever fell for someone because of how she/he looked?

If so, we have the perfect song for you. Play Corazón de Plastico by Colombian band Latente and you will know what we mean. Punk and alternative rock fans are sure to think of Latente as an amazing discovery on OurStage.

Originally from Medellin, Colombia, the guys from Latente got together in 2005 to pursue their dream. Six years later, Latente has one CD and an EP called L.A Rock

So what is it about this band that we love so much? There is no simple answer. We could say that we really dig the way they do punk, but then we also love the originality of their lyrics and the playfulness of their titles. Overall, we think Latente is a combination of good music, and hard-to-resist lyrical themes.


GuacaMusic: B45

Whatever comes to your mind when you hear the name B45 probably has nothing to do with an awesome Colombian alternative rock band. But, it will from now on because these talented guys are here to stay.

B45 was born in 2009, when friends Sebastain Giraldo, Daniel Pedroza and Ricardo Paz decided to join forces and enter the music scene in Bogota. Their intention was to create an innovative music project that would conquer the hearts of fans everywhere. Soon, they were following this dream with additional band members Julian Carvajal and Nicolas Sanchez.

Ever since, B45 has been quickly climbing the ladder of success. By 2010, the band was recording its first album and was set to release their single “2+2 (Nada Será Igual)”. A year later, they recorded their third single Tal Vez, a piece full of electric guitars and a strong noisy rhythm.

Here on OurStage, B45 is getting great feedback with Tal Vez, but we also love Un simple Juego! and 2 + 2. Perhaps one of the best things about this band is that their lyrics are not only exciting but also profound which, combined with the aggressiveness in their sound, makes for a very spiritual connection. Can’t wait to try it? Visit B45’s profile or seat down, relax and enjoy this playlist. ¡Provecho!

GuacaMusic: Gato + Palenke Music Co.

Often, some of the most eclectic blends are the ones who taste the greatest. Just think about salsa verde, mole or other eccentric dishes that combine extremely different ingredients like chili and chocolate.

In our opinion, the same thing happens with music. Some of the greatest bands have members from different backgrounds or have very distinct talents. A great example of this is Gato + Palenke Music Co., an awesome OurStage band that combines the talents of  its diverse members who hail from Peru, Colombia, El Salvador and Paraguay.

During the first years together, the band played mostly covers, a formula that worked for a while. Once the band’s distinctive sound was achieved, Jaime Andrés Salazar”Gato”who is the vocalist, composer, guitarist, producer and director of the band, began writing new songs.

This new formula worked wonders. Fans fell in love with the amazing combination of rhythms such as salsa, merengue, festejo, bomba, cumbia, merecumbé, punta and gaita.

Curious? Just play Gato + Palenke Music’s song El Incendio and you’ll know what the entire buzz is about: the rhythm, the lyrics and the blend of instruments. It all comes together perfectly. No wonder this song is among the Top 10 on our Latin Channel.

Beyond their great music, what we love most about this band is the sincerity of their lyrics that relate to the feeling of many emigrants who leave their country in search of new opportunities. As the band puts it they speak of wanting, longing and hope.

A great example of lyrics that speak about the common struggles of immigrants is the band’s song La Olla Rota.  Using playful and danceable melodies, the piece talks about economic struggles and how these can have a real impact on our emotional lives.

So now you know, if you are into eclectic blends, profound lyrics and amazing music, follow Gato + The Palenke Music Co. on You won’t regret it. ¡Provecho!

GuacaMusic: The Best Pop En Español

What do a band from Ecuador, a singer from Guatemala, a group from Argentina and a songwriter from Colombia all have in common?

It’s simple: they are all part of the amazing pop acts on MTV DEMO, a new platform that is powered by OurStage and geared especially towards Latin American artists.

If you are into pop in Spanish (or as native speakers say pop en español) you will find true gems on MTV DEMO. From a band that mixes pop with reggae to a singer whose father was nominated for a GRAMMY to a dancer who can also act and sing, you will find MTV DEMO is a real sanctuary for those who love pop.

Let’s start with LUCAS, one of our favorite bands on MTV DEMO. With just over a year on the local music scene, this band from Ecuador is already sharing the stage with some big names in this country. Their first album Nueva Sociedad was done with the collaboration of musicians like Mike Yépez and Carlomagno Araya, who used to play the drums with Ruben Blades.

Fans seem to be noticing the awesomeness of this newly born band. In fact, the first song that LUCAS ever recorded in a studio, Te extraño, was actually the piece that won the Pop Channel prize for March on MTV DEMO.

Another favorite on MTV DEMO’s pop scene is Argentinean band Yo Tu El & Ella. Their first album Soltar y Saltar has been a huge success in this country, earning them the title of Band of the Year by the Independent Media Association. Play the song Soltar y Saltar and you’ll understand what the buzz is all about.

When it comes to pop in Spanish, bands aren’t the only great thing on MTV DEMO. There are some great solo singers who you’ll love to meet. One of them is Astor Torres, an artist from Guatemala who inherited his musical talent from his father, GRAMMY-nominated musician Alvaro Torres.  Play Astor’s song Dime mi amor for a taste of true romantic Guatemalan pop.

Another pop favorite on MTV DEMO is Lily Vasquez, a multitalented artist from Colombia who can sing, act, dance and write songs with exceptional results. She won the Billboard Song World Contest in 2009 and has been collecting successes ever since. Play her song Déjate querer to appreciate her multiple talents.

Are you ready to pop? Do it in style. Do it in Spanish. Enjoy the greatest pop acts on MTV DEMO. ¡Provecho!

Atención artistas latinoamericanos: no olviden meter su mejor trabajo original a los concursos mensuales de MTV DEMO. No se van a arrepentir.

GuacaMusic: Lily Vasquez

What are the elements that an artist needs to succeed?

Talent, charisma and a touch of luck might be basic ingredients in the recipe for success, but the truth is, passion is what can really drive someone to the top.

When it comes to Latin culture, passion”or pasión in Spanish”is an element that’s ever present. From food to music to dance to poetry, for Latinos, la pasión is always part of the equation.

Here on OurStage, we have some very passionate Latin artists with some equally passionate Latin songs. Specifically, we are talking about talented artist Lily Vasquez, an actress, singer, composer and professional salsa dancer from Barranquilla, Colombia that immigrated to the United States at the age of fourteen.

For Lily, passion is what opened the doors to the music industry. Her production Pasión de Mujer (Translation is A Woman’s Passion) was a stepping stone towards success. In 2009, Lily won the Billboard World Song Contest with Pasión de Mujer and decided to continue making music as an independent artist.

In 2010, Lily released two new singles Nunca Dejes de Hacerme el Amor and Me Marcho de aquí­. Both of these were well received by the fans.

Pasión de Mujer has been in the Top Ten OurStage Latin charts for several months and we can clearly see why. Lily’s style isn’t only creative, young and refreshing, but also incredibly passionate. Enjoy this playlist.


GuacaMusic: Vallenato

If you know any Spanish, you’ll know that vallenato literally means “born in the valley, and if you are familiar with this type of music, you’ll know it is simply irresistible.

Along with cumbia, vallenato is one of the most popular music styles in Colombia today. In 2006, both styles were added as categories in the Latin GRAMMY Awards.

Ask any anyone who loves vallenato and they will tell you about the greatness of this folkloric music that originated in the Colombian Valle de Upar. But what is it about vallenato that makes it so unique? Is it its African and European influences? The fact that famous artists like Carlos Vives and Gloria Estefan introduced it to international audiences?

The truth is, vallenato’s greatness lies in its capacity to captivate all kinds of audiences. From traditional music lovers to young audiences to trendy folks, vallenato appeals to everyone. Just think about what you feel when  you hear Carlos Vives singing “La Gota Frí­a…”

The thing I love the most about vallenato is that it really transports you to the Colombia of magical realism. Novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez once said that his masterpiece One Hundred Years of Solitude was nothing more than a 400-page vallenato.

Here on OurStage, we have some great examples of catchy vallenatos that will get you hooked in this type of music for years to come. Take Maribel Diaz, for example, a native of New Jersey who included a vallenato on his first solo album Me Toca A Mi. And what about Dejame robarte un beso by CASANOVADEPR4U? This vallenato can lift my spirits anytime, anywhere. You should also check out OurStage artist Astor Torres, who describes himself as a true romantic and has written over 150 songs, among those some passionate vallenatos.

Are you hooked? So are we. Watch this video by Carlos Vives and see why we can’t get enough of this great music from the valley. ¡Provecho!

GuacaMusic: Alexandra Villar

You just broke up with someone you love. What is the best thing to do now?

a)    Cry your eyes out

b)   Act as if nothing happened

c)    Go partying and dance the night away

You guessed C, right? Latin music will always advocate for partying as a remedy to even the most complicated of all problems. And this is actually what artist Alexandra Villar invites us to do with her song De Fiesta, one of our favorite Latin tracks in the last few months.

OurStage artist Alexandra Villar has many reasons to be in the mood to party.  De Fiesta has landed in the Top 10 Latin charts several times, and is a favorite among OurStage fans.

Alexandra’s unique talent combines different musical influences from Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US. In her OurStage profile, she describes herself as an artist of fusions and explains that her music is an expression of the new woman, one that is accompanied by her lifelong dream.

If you know a little bit about Alexandra’s background, you will understand why music has always been her dream. She was the lead vocalist and guitarist of the group Lapizlázuli for over six years, and then finally released her first solo album Sentir under the independent label ítoko Records.

Through her songs, Alexandra aims to motivate listeners to be optimistic even in the most adverse circumstances. Like De Fiesta, some of her other songs portray the ambivalence of feeling low while staying positive and hopeful.

If you are in the mood to party, and especially if you aren’t, listen to this playlist and remember that La Fiesta is the best remedy for a broken heart. ¡Provecho!