Country Catch: Nikki Britt

OSBlog02_CountryCatch_MASTERNikki Britt, arguably our youngest Country Catch, grew up with a love of singing. Still only a teen, this Nashville resident has a voice and a talent of women far beyond her years so it’s no wonder she’s accomplished more in her short 16 years than most aspiring country artists do in their lifetime. She has already been signed to a label, recorded an album, and opened for country superstars like James Otto on tour! Her debut album Ready to Ride features 12 original songs, one of which ””Do I Look Like Him?”” garnered major OurStage success. Putting in the hard work needed to earn early success, Britt is now ready to ride to the top of the charts.

Nikki has an impressive repertoire here on OurStage. One song that is sure to get big attention is “You Happened.” An age appropriate love song for a girl of Nikki’s years, it tells the story of how everything changed after, well, “you happened.” Her voice is pure and her lyrics are relatable to listeners of any age. Make sure you check out this song, as well as all her other sure-to-be hits, on Nikki Britt’s fanclub!

Country Catch: Jesse Terry

OSBlog02_CountryCatch_MASTERAs a proud Bostonian myself, it is with great pleasure that I present a “Country Catch” who finessed his chops in the greatest city in, well, Massachusetts. Connecticut’s Jesse Terry is a Berklee College of Music alum who made himself a staple on the Boston music scene before heading south to try his luck in Nashville. Singing with a genuinely talented voice and playing with a passion only true musicians understand, Jesse has all the makings of a star, and is putting in the time to make his dream a reality.

Terry’s song-writing is both refreshing and experienced, so it’s no wonder he’s experienced success on a number of OurStage channels including folk, singer-songwriter and country. One of his more recent Top 10’s, “Edges,” is a mellow song about feeling like your living right on the edge of something, on the brink of something better. Jesse’s voice is soothing and genuine, and the simple instrumentation make this song perfect for cooling down, chilling out and enjoying a little time for yourself. Check out more of Jesse Terry in his fanclub!

Country Catch: Raising Cane

OSBlog02_CountryCatch_MASTERThis week’s country catch was netted way out in Idaho in the form of Raising Cane. A veteran to country music”having lived in Nashville for years”the man behind Raising Cane is a seasoned professional at making his own music soar. With twelve Top 10 wins and three Number 1 Channel prizes since 2008, Raising Cane is raising quite a ruckus amongst OurStage country listeners.

This undeniably catchy music is, without question, in the vein of good natured traditional country, but some of Raising Cane’s music transcends the country genre with hints of rock and blues. Just take a listen to Raising Cane’s “You Came True,” a song about not needing to do anything fancy or extravagant in order to be happy”like sail the seven seas or wish upon a star”because you already came true. One thing is for sure, my wish for amazing country music came true when I discovered Raising Cane! Check out his fanclub for more awesome country hits you’ll be sorry to miss.

Country Catch: Sam Chase

OSBlog02_CountryCatch_MASTERWith a name like Chase, he better run fast because soon enough everyone will be on the tail of this talented singer-songwriter. Boston’s Sam Chase is a crooner, writer, producer and guitarist whose originality is garnering huge success on OurStage. His melodic voice and introspective lyrics are perking up the ears of all those who hear this talent. Having earned invaluable knowledge and a knack for producing at Berklee College of Music, Sam independently recorded and produced his debut album Songs for Someone which showcases his refined his song-writing skills.

One particular song that seems to be catching people’s attention is Chase’s OurStage hit “Nebraska.” In it, his undeniable guitar talent shines through as his fingers effortlessly fly over the strings. His voice and lyrics are the perfect accompaniment to make this tribute to that special someone mentioned in his album title truly genuine. Fire up your engines and get ready for a hot pursuit because this is one fast-rising star! Catch him while you can by checking out his fanclub!

Country Catch: Elyse Saunders

OSBlog02_CountryCatch_MASTERCanada not only produces great hockey players and delicious bacon, but also talented country singers. Hailing from our northern neighbor is Ontario-born Elyse Saunders. With a surprisingly soulful voice, this diminutive blond has the range and variety to make it big in country music. With a look like Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood but a voice like Martina McBride, Elyse has all the trappings of a star. Her set list includes soft songs like “Paris is Burning” to ditties like “What’s Stopping You,” and though simple, Elyse doesn’t need the big frills of other artists. Her voice and song choice speak for themselves and “simply awesome” is the only thing coming to mind when it comes to Ms. Saunders.

“Bittersweet” is a song that’s garnering huge success on OurStage for Elyse. And, while “taking the good with the bad” is a great way to live, there’s nothing bad to cope with when it comes to Elyse Saunders! Check out her fanclub and enjoy!


Over the past year, if you’ve tuned in to any of our Country Channels, chances are you noticed the undeniable talent of Jason Lee Thomason. In the country music capital better known as Nashville, Jason’s music is spreading fast. The city’s songwriting community is taking notice of this rising singer/songwriter whose repertoire includes acoustic ballads and upbeat tempos.

Mr. Jason Lee Thomason

Mr. Jason Lee Thomason

Swiftly gaining momentum in the South, Jason has a Keith Urban look but his sound and style are all his own. Jason is a force that cannot be cornered into simply one category. His pipes have won him accolades in genres from Country to Acoustic to R&B/Soul which explains why he’s already playing on some radio stations in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. With a steady fan base of loyal listeners, this OurStage favorite continues to work hard and continue his success in Nashville. But rest assured, Jason Lee Thomason is ready to break out.

When you first check out Jason’s music, you’re shocked by how many catchy tunes this crooner has to offer. One of Jason’s most successful songs, Southland, is an upbeat track that pulls you in with the instrumentation, and keeps you engaged with soulful vocals. This song is a tribute to home, the place you want to escape to when You’re tired of the rat race, here in the city. It gets worse (there) everyday. But this is what I know, if Jason Lee Thomason is playing in that city, I can’t think of one good reason to leave.