Jes Hudak And Corvyx Duet On Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box”

hudakCover versions of songs can be hit and miss. If you’re covering a song, that generally means it’s a song you love, which hopefully means that the original is pretty damn good, which begs the question, why do another version? In most cases, the answer is simply because you felt like it, which is perfectly fine, but fans of the original are probably not going to come away feeling especially rewarded.

Then there are the more rare cases where the covering artist brings something new to the song, leaving the listener with a new appreciation for a previously unrealized dimension of the song. Such is the case with this cover of Nirvana‘s “Heart-Shaped Box,” originally from the In Utero album. It doesn’t hurt that Jes Hudak and Corvyx are two of the most interesting singers out there, who also happen to harmonize beautifully together. And that this video was shot live is all the more impressive. Enjoy.

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What Do Sky Ferreira and Chumbawamba Have in Common? Nudity, Of Course.

Sky Ferreira‘s debut full-length Night Time, My Time garnered a lot of attention when it debuted this October, but not all of it was due to her catchy electropop tunes. Instead, some found fault with the album’s artwork, which features a damp Ferreira looking bored and a little grouchy in the shower. Oh, and also, her boobs are out.

In a conversation with MTV News earlier this week, the songstress addressed some of the criticism she received for deciding to appear naked in the album’s cover art.

“I wasn’t like, ‘OK, I’m going to be nude on my album cover,’ it just kind of happened,” Ferreira said to MTV News. “It wasn’t to sell records, because you don’t sell records by being nude and looking crazy.”

And, of course, Ferreira isn’t the first artist to feature nudity in her album artwork. Here are four other albums on which the artists, like this pop songstress, don’t find naked imagery to be that big of a deal.

Jane’s AddictionNothing’s Shocking

Many casual fans are familiar with this Jane’s Addiction record thanks to the poppy and inoffensive “Jane Says,” which is still played ad nauseam, day after day, on every single alternative rock station nationwide, but the album actually was pretty shocking when it debuted in 1988. With chants of “Sex! Is! Violent!” and a sample of an interview with serial killer Ted Bundy, Nothing’s Shocking created quite a stir. Of course, no one should have been surprised after seeing the album art: a pair of conjoined twins sitting completely naked in a rocking chair, hair ablaze.


Arctic Monkeys Pay Tribute To Lou Reed With Live Performance Of "Walk On The Wild Side"

The music industry is still recovering from the tragic loss of Lou Reed over the weekend, and slowly but surely the tributes have begun to roll out.

Performing before a sold-out crowd in the UK last night, rock outfit Arctic Monkeys became one of the first groups to pay homage to the fallen icon in a live setting with a stunning rendition of Reed’s smash hit “Walk On The Wild Side.” The song was performed as the introduction to the band’s encore, and before they began frontman Alex Turner counted them in as the crowd went wild. You can view a high quality fan-shot video from the performance at the end of this post.

Comment below and let us know what you think of Arctic Monkeys’ take on this classic song. (more…)

CHVRCHES Cover Whitney Houston

There are few bands in the indie world right now with more Internet hype than CHVRCHES. Their synth-infused sound is all the rage in Pitchfork-influenced communities, and after the following cover they’ll certainly be on your radar as well.

While in the studio working on their recently released debut album, CHVRCHES recorded a few additional tracks to be used for promotional purposes. One of them, a cover of Whitney Houston‘s “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” found its way online this morning. The original dance club production has been replaced with atmospheric-yet-driving synth work, and the results are sure to create even more buzz today. You can stream the cover at the end of this post.

Taking on a Whitney Houston classic is certainly cause for skepticism, but there is something so original about CHVRCHES take on the track that it’s hard to find fault. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the cover.

The Animal In Me Cover "Wrecking Ball"

Another day, another band trying to cash in on the success of Miley Cyrus without taking their clothes off.

Rising hard rock group The Animal In Me have released their version of Miley Cyrus’ current smash single, “Wrecking Ball.” The original powerpop ballad has been stripped down to its core and given a chugging, guitar-driven reinterpretation that is sure to please any rock fan. Still, even in the face of a complete metal onslaught, there is no denying the catchiness of the hook as its powerfully delivered by vocalist Laura Vierra. You can stream the cover below.

Before we get inundated with bands sending us their version of Miley’s latest, let us say this is the only “Wrecking Ball” cover we plan to run. We love a good cover, but posting too many versions of the same single gets boring at an alarming rate. If you’re interested in submitting a cover song to us, please do your best to deliver one that has never appeared on the blog before to raise the likelihood of seeing it posted. You can submit your tracks to We look forward to hearing from you. (more…)

Halestorm Cover Daft Punk, Announce New EP

Daft Punk spent the summer atop the pop charts, and in doing so inspired a flood of covers and reinterpretations that we’re still sifting through. Very few of these offerings are all that different from the original, but this afternoon hard rock outfit Halestorm tossed their hat into the ring with a new version of “Get Lucky” that will have you headbanging until the sun goes down.

Before fans begin scratching their heads wondering what may have inspired Halestorm to undertake such an offering, we should mention the group recently announced plans for a new release, ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP, out October 15. The exact tracklist has not been confirmed, but we know these songs will make an appearance:

Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest)
Get Lucky (Daft Punk)
Shoot To Thrill (AC/DC) (more…)

Justin Timberlake Covers The Jacksons

Another week, another killer cover courtesy of our pals at BBC Radio 1.

Justin Timberlake has become the latest pop star to record a live cover while visiting the BBC studios. While the majority of these performances take place in a small recording studio, Timberlake actually put on a live showcase for a select number of fans and Radio 1 crew members, and it was later uploaded to YouTube. During his appearance, Timberlake debuted his interpretation of The Jacksons smash, “Shake Your Body Down (To The Ground),” and fans went wild. You can now view the performance at the end of this post.

There seems to be no end in sight for Justin Timberlake’s current promotional run. He’s been on nearly every talk show stateside and, as evidenced by this video, is quickly making his way across Europe. His new album, The 20/20 Experience – Part 2, hits stores September 30. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this performance. (more…)

30 Seconds To Mars Cover Rihanna

Rock favorites 30 Seconds To Mars have built a reputation on recording larger-than-life rock anthems meant to be sung by throngs of people in arena or big, outdoor festival settings. During an appearance on BBC Radio 1, however, the trio took a turn for the subtler.

Joining the ranks of the rock bands who came before them, 30 Seconds To Mars let their love of Top 40 show by debuting a stirring cover of Rihanna‘s hit ballad, “Stay.” Frontman Jared Leto belted the sultry lines of loneliness and fleeting passion while accompanied by only piano and light drum work, and we’d be lying if we said it didn’t make us shed a tear or two. You can view a video of the performance below. (more…)

You Me At Six Cover Avicii

BBC Radio 1 has become a hub of unique pop covers, and this morning we have another entry to their growing collection of stellar reinterpretations, thanks to UK pop-rock favorites You Me At Six.

BBC Radio 1 bucks expectations by challenging every artist who walks through their doors to tackle a popular song from genres with which those artists might not otherwise be associated. You Me At Six recently accepted this challenge during an appearance at the legendary broadcast network, and now fans everywhere can hear a near-country take on Avicii‘s dance floor hit, “Wake Me Up.” You can view the performance below.

As far as covers go, you could do a lot worse than this. EDM has a tendency to make even the most lyrically powerful songs feel hollow, but presented in this stripped-down setting, Avicii’s words take on a new weight. The sense of fun has been replaced by melancholy, but it plays so well you’ll find it hard to complain.

You Me At Six’s new album, Cavalier Youth, is due in stores this fall. (more…)

Drake Reveals Dual Cover Art For 'Nothing Was The Same'

Rap sensation Drake has revealed the cover art for his forthcoming album, Nothing Was The Same.

The release of two separate covers has sparked speculation that it will come in standard and deluxe edition, with each cover representing a different version of the album.

Moving away from the photography that dominated his previous albums, the covers for Nothing Was The Same features drawings of Drake. The first is of the rapper as a child, with a pick in his Afro and a wide-eyed expression. The second is of Drake as we know him now, with a gold chain and a confident gaze. You can view both designs below.

In addition to revealing the album art, Drake also announced last night that the album has been delayed one week until September 24. No reason for the move was offered, but we’ll update you if more information becomes available. (more…)