If You Saw Bruce Springsteen Busking, Would You Give Him Money?

This question probably crossed the minds of a few people early last week. If you happened to be visiting Boston’s Public Gardens on September 1st you may have come across a certain singer-songwriter. No, no this wasn’t that kid down the hall from you in your down sophomore year (he was busy serenading co-eds on the quad). It was none other than Bruce Springsteen himself.

Having borrowed a guitar from a street performer he had encountered earlier in the day, Springsteen¬†briefly¬†played in the park, much to the delight of anybody who happened to notice. This wasn’t some publicity stunt or promo for an upcoming album. Springsteen was in town dropping his son off at Boston College and decided to kill some time in maybe the most awesome way that he could. Now, this isn’t the first time that Springsteen has been caught performing on the street like this, but still! How cool is that!

Spotting a major musician in public is usually pretty boring. If you’re in New York City or Los Angeles, you’ll catch stars of all walks of life out and about all the time. Boring. Still, Bruce’s little jam reminded us of some of our other favorite artist’s most awesomely public moments.