Exclusive Q and A: Architects Talk About Their New Album, 'Daybreaker'

OurStage Exclusive InterviewsWith four critically acclaimed albums under their belt, Architects have steadily risen in popularity since their first record back in 2006. Now fresh off the release of their fifth full-length record, Daybreaker, the band has been playing festivals all over the world to support the new releasewhich is considered by many to be a return to the heavier Architects sound that was mostly absent from their fourth album, The Here And Now. We had a bunch of questions for the band regarding the new album and the band’s supposed return to form, and”luckily for us”guitarist Tom Searle had some answers.

OS: In most interviews you’ve done regarding the new album, you describe it as a bit of a return to form”what do you think was the biggest inspiration for this change back to your more aggressive roots?

TS: The biggest inspiration was touring a record that wasn’t heavy. During the whole cycle I felt uncomfortable playing the lighter material. So when we came to writing this record I knew that I wanted to write a heavy record. I think lyrically, the record required a heavy, aggressive backing.

OS: Daybreaker is your fifth album since 2006”that’s a lot of music in that amount of time”how do you find the time, inspiration, and energy to write, record, and tour each of these records?

TS: We’ve never found it hard to write. We started this band because we wanted to get together and write music, that’s the primary purpose of the band. All the touring just came incidentally. So it’s never been hard to make the time or be inspired because it’s a hobby. I write music because I love doing it.