New Dawn, New Day

Katelyn Dawn

Katelyn Dawn may not have won Canadian Idol, but she placed high enough to give her a taste of musical stardom, and encourage her to keep going. The Manitoba-born singer-songwriter (and Canada’s Top Model semifinalist) certainly has the singing chops and the good looks to get a boot in the door. Though we prefer her with just a guitar, singing soulful acoustic numbers like Hallelujah”which she played on a showcase for the Discovery Channel”her own style leans more towards Taylor Swift than the great Leonard Cohen. Rescue Me is as mainstream pop as it gets”soaring, airbrushed, and just a little cloying. We recommend sultrier, minor-key fare like There You Go Again. Best of Me is as catchy as it is sly”Dawn’s breathy coo entrances while guitars thrust like daggers. Although the singer is prone to sweetness (if you think you heard the words cocoa kisses in her song Puzzle Pieces, you are correct), she’s best when she saunters in with a bad attitude.