Needle in the Haystack: The Kicks

The Kicks are the talented winners of this week’s Needle in the Haystack. Hailing from Nashville Tennessee, these guys seem to have a ton of fun doing what they do best”creating great music. Their rock style has a unique flare that is apparent from first listen. The band is fronted by Jordan Phillips on guitar. His voice is so dangerously full, you’re tempted to kneel. The rasp of a chain smoker, the range of an albatross, be warned”this isn’t Mariah says their witty biography on Simply put, the bands music  just puts you in a good mood. Take a listen below and see what we mean.

This week The Kicks are giving away a free download of their track “Hawk Eyes”. Stay tuned for more of The Kicks to come! Keep rockin’!

Download of the Week: The Black Rabbits

This week’s Needle in the Haystack artist are the perfect mix of classic and alternative rock. Originally hailing from Orlando, Florida and now stationed in North Carolina, The Black Rabbits are quickly making strides and growing in popularity.  The band has received some great news coverage including features in Connections and CrankIt Magazine, Orlando Weekly, Miami New Times, and Fox News. The band has recently finished up an east coast tour and recorded their debut EP, which was produced by some big players including Stan Lynch (producer for the Eagles and drummer for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) and Billy Chapin of Chapin Music Group. The band’s unique but approachable sound makes them an exciting artist to feature.

Download their track “Emotion” below and let us know what you think. There will be more Black Rabbits to come this week, so stay tuned!

Needle in the Haystack Follow Up: Darrelle London

To close this week’s Needle in the Haystack, we’ve created a short video featuring Darrelle London! Earlier in the week she was featured on, and offered OurStage a free track download.

Keep your eyes on London as her career takes off!

Download of the Week: Darrelle London

With a rapidly growing international fan base, a single appearing on the hit show 90210 and CBC radio coverage, Darrelle London is on the right track to stardom. London’s voice carries a very sweet tone  and her songs are just plain fun to listen to! The Canadian artist has packed venues in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Halifax and now is joining us as this week’s Needle in the Haystack winner. Darrelle London is also the latest artist signed to celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton’s new record label, which has drastically increased her international fan base.

She is in the process of recording two new songs she wrote with Chantal Kreviazuk. In the meantime, download the free track below to get a taste of her music. Stay tuned for more Darrelle London to come this week!

Needle in the Haystack Follow Up: Lion of Ido

To wrap up this week’s Needle in the Haystack, we present this cool video featuring our phone interview with Lion of Ido. As you can tell, this band is fantastic, and it was a pleasure interviewing them this week!

Check out the video below and, if you haven’t already, grab their track from Monday’s Download of the Week!

Download of the Week: Lion of Ido

Hailing from New York, the electro-pop band Lion of Ido uses their musical witchcraft to create tunes that are hard to resist. Armed with extensive tour experience along the east coast, Lion of Ido is this week’s talented Needle in the Haystack pick! Their front man/producer/songwriter, Ido Zimishlany, utilizes a mult-layered hybrid recording process that he experiments with until he reaches musical perfection. We’re sure that their upcoming EP to be released in October will offer the same high level of musicianship as their current tunes. WARNING: It’s hard not to move to their music.

Download the track below and stay tuned to hear more about the band as the week goes on!

Download of the Week: Brightside Drive

Can you hear the buzz around Baltimore, Maryland’s Brightside Drive? These young talented individuals are still in high school yet are already making waves in their area”converting listeners to fans at a rapid pace. They released their new album Transitions on June 11, 2010, and are slowly becoming yet another OurStage success story. Their recent win in the Shout it Out with HANSON Competition in June is just the beginning.

As this week’s Needle in the Haystack, Brightside Drive is giving away the free track What If? off of their new album. Comment and let us know what you think of this song!

Download of the Week: Philadelphia Slick

Premiere Philly underground hip-hop act, Philadelphia Slick, are hitting the prime time with their new EP, Everything’s Game. Their latest offering blends fresh blasts of jazz, funk, hip hop and other genres to create a unique sound mixture that will surely cause even the most resistant head to move to the beat.

Having ranked first 5 times in 3 different channels on OurStage, the group has had quite the successful run. As this week’s Needle in the Haystack, Philadelphia Slick will be giving away “Everything Must Go” off their new album. Keep an eye out for more from them throughout the week!

Download of the Week: Sydney Wayser

Blending elements of French and American culture, we have the smooth sounds of Sydney Wayser as this week’s Needle in the Haystack.  The New York City-based singer/songwriter has been praised by many publications including Daytrotter and NPR Music.

Having recently wrapped up US and French tours and having released her new album, The Colorful, in France, Wayser is currently hunkered down in practice spaces in NYC (the cheapest are boiler rooms, as she has found out) working on her new album.  This week, Wayser will be giving away her single, “la di da, as our free download.  Keep an eye out for more from her during the rest of the week!

Download of the Week: The Bamboos

With a throwback sound set to make its way back into prime-time, self proclaimed, “Masters of deep funk and super-heavy soul,” The Bamboos are making waves in the Australian music scene.  This past March, the group’s 4th album, aptly titled 4, hit Number 1 in the Australian iTunes Soul/R&B Album chart immediately upon it’s release.  The group already has quite the placement history, with songs featured in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty as well as a Nintendo Wii game.  Formed in 2001, the group has performed as a backing band for big names such as Betty Harris, drawing links between hip hop, funk and soul music.

This week, The Bamboos are giving away their single “Like Tears in Rain” as our Download of the Week feature for Needle in the Haystack. Stay tuned from more from them throughout the week!