OurStage Introduces Expanded Electronic Channels

Greetings OurStagers. We have some exciting news for the producers and EDM-ers among you. For the first time ever we have expanded our Electronic channels to include the following genres; House, Electro, Dubstep, and Downtempo. EDM has gone through a major facelift since its last time in the spotlight during the 90s and we think our channel selections reflect that. The channel definitions are as follows, and be sure to check out the examples of the type of music appropriate.

House – House music is a subset of EDM that must be built off of a 4×4 drumbeat. Slick productions and euphoric feelings should be primary elements of the music submitted here. Everything from Avicii style progressive-house to Richie Hawtin style tech-house is appropriate.

Electro – Unlike our House Channel, there is no required drumbeat for Electro (but keep your 2×4 productions in the Dubstep Channel). Electro submissions should be more aggressive in both style and substance than their House counterparts. Due to the ever-changing landscape of EDM, most upstart genres like moombahton and trap will be appropriate here. Think artists like Justice, Zedd, and Dillon Francis.

Dubstep – Dubstep has morphed and changed drastically over the years, so submit any of your tracks that follow the half-time rhythmic pattern that has become the universal constant of the genre. Whether your music focuses on the deep sub-bass sounds of London or the machine-like sounds of the U.S., Dubstep is the channel for you. Anything from Skream to Skrillex would be appropriate here.

Downtempo – This channel is for any and all electronic music that falls below the intensity level and tempo of club music. Whether you produce chilled-out lounge beats or minimal deep house, your submissions are welcomed here. Artists such as Chris Page, Gramatik, and Daniel Portman would definitely come hang out in our Downtempo Channel.

Enter now!

We hope to expand even further as we grow our EDM community. Please give us any feedback at community@ourstage.com.

'Skrillex Quest' Joins Music Video Game Roster

Right on the heels of 2 Chainz and Juicy J’s 8-bit adventures comes another retro video game that features a digitized major musician. In Skrillex Quest, the dubstep superstar gets the Legend of Zelda treatment. When a speck of dust invades an old game cartridge and threatens to unravel the entire virtual world, Skrillex’s tunic-clad avatar must destroy the game’s glitches and save the virtual princess. His music is prominently featured, which is fitting, as game creator Jason Oda notes that Skrillex’s tunes sometimes sound “like a broken video game.” Oda has previously made games for Atreyu, Breaking Benjamin, and Chemical Brothers as well. Who could be next to hop on the online retro video game bandwagon? It might be a longshot, but we’d love to see Escape From The Rihanna Plane. That one might be impossible to beat, though.

If you dig Skrillex, check out OurStage artist DJ Tranzed.

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Borgore Recruits Miley Cyrus For His "Decisions" Music Video

If there is one name synonymous with the dirty side of dubstep, it’s Borgore. Over the course of his multiple genre releases the still-young DJ has managed to offend nearly everyone with a moral barometer by mixing the world (and sounds) of pornography into his art. For his latest single and video, “Decisions,” Borgore keeps it clean(ish) by recruiting Miley Cyrus for a late night hotel party filled with cake icing and celebrities making out with dudes in horse masks. You can view the video below:



If you enjoy Borgore, check out OS artist Circuit Assassins.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIVE Emerges Victorious In July Main Event Competition

The dust has finally settled after the face“off between the dubstep-influenced beats of Circuit Assassins and the anthemic rock of DIVE, leaving only one group standing in the July round of the ESPN “Main Event” Competition. New Jersey’s own DIVE has won the Grand Prize: a spot on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights that will feature their song “This Time.” But the fight’s not over yet. This month, all of the previous “Main Event” winners will return to battle it out one last time for a shot at being featured on Friday Night Fights’ “Images of the Year.”