Jordan Corey’s “Focus” Out Today

Jordan Corey has just dropped her new single “Focus” via her Bandcamp page. It’s a complex and subtle pop song, with a heavy electronica influence. It marks a departure from some of the more vintage elements of her previous singles, with a thoroughly modern vibe. The propulsive beats and bass lines bubble underneath soothingly lush synth swells and Corey’s incredibly restrained but compellingly melodic vocal. Layered harmonies cut in and out to complement the synthesizer. Overall, it’s a beautiful relief from some of the aggressively uptempo and overwrought pop currently bombarding the airwaves.

A onetime OurStage ‘Artist of the Week,’ Corey recently played the infamous Electric Daisy Carnival EDM festival. She’s been teasing a video to accompany “Focus,” so we hope to have more from her soon.

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Ultra Music Festival Announces 2014 Lineup

Ultra Music FestivalWhen I think of major music festivals in March, I can’t help but revert to thinking of South by Southwest. But for those of you with a little more EDM in your hearts, you’ll be pleased to know that returning to Miami this March, Ultra Music Festival will take over Bayfront Park for its 15th anniversary ” and they’ve just announced their 2014 lineup. Guests include heavyweights M.I.A., Zedd, David Guetta, and Tií«sto, among others. Keep an eye out for which artists will play  the main stage, and in the meantime check out the lineup below. (more…)

Robert Delong Debuts "Happy"

Women and boy bands tend to dominate the pop charts these days, but if you look closely there is a new class of potential radio chart-toppers beginning to make waves in music. One of them, Robert Delong, has released a new video that we simply could not resist sharing with all of you.

Even in the music industry, Wednesdays can be tough to conquer. The week’s newsflow is usually heavier on that day than any other, and rarely are any of the headlines truly that eye-catching. Today is different though, because today is the day we (and you) discover Robert Delong. He has been making his own brand of electronic-influenced indie pop for a number of years, but his new single “Happy” has been the one track that people have connected with more than any other. The video for the song, which premiered this morning, finds Delong performing for an underground cult who appear to spend their days seeking only happiness. As the song plays there are clear signs of joy on all their faces, but when the clip’s final minute rolls around you learn there is something much more sinister afoot. You can view the video below.

Robert Delong has yet to set a release date for his Glassnote debut, but the release of “Happy” gives us hope that more information will be made available soon. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Happy.” (more…)

DJ Fresh And Diplo Debut "Earthquake"

After becoming a fan favorite through various live sets, Diplo‘s trap-collab with DJ Fresh has found its way online ahead of a planned Summer release.

“Earthquake” is the kind of track that stands out from the rest of EDM like the redheaded stepchild in a family portrait. It’s intoxicating, hypnotizing, and completely alien in comparison to everything you have likely heard – yet you cannot walk away from its almost surreal appeal. The track will debut for sale somewhere over the Summe, but for now you can click here and stream it in all its glory.

Diplo has been making a lot of headlines for his hilariously negative thoughts on the new Daft Punk album. Click here to read a collection of his best tweets.

EXCLUSIVE Q&A: The Masterminds Behind Throwed

EDM has overtaken pop culture to a point where it almost seems pointless to recap its rise over the last few years. Everyone is aware electronic music is here to stay, and now more than ever there is a demand for events featuring the artists and subgenres that make this music community so vibrant. Answering that demand is THROWED, a Boston-based promotions company that has spent the last half decade making a name for themselves as New England’s largest dance party. We caught up with owners Mike Krilivsky and Eric Marcelino on the eve of their five-year anniversary to discuss their rise in the world of EDM and what advice they have for developing artists. You can read their response below.

Throwed parties have become the “must attend” events for EDM fans in New England. How did you get your started with electronic music, and how did that interest develop into the company you now run?

Eric: I started putting on electronic several years ago under the name Paper, and in within a few weeks were packing clubs on a weekly basis. I parted ways with that group because I wanted to bring my favorite bigger DJs to the city and started Throwed. (more…)

Kat Von D Gets Engaged To Deadmau5 On Twitter

We love Twitter as much as the next person, but with the recent story of Kat Von D and Joel Zimmerman, AKA Deadmau5‘s Twitter engagement, it’s hard not to be shocked. For starters, last we knew the couple had called it quits.

However, this past weekend Deadmau5 tweeted a photo of a diamond ring, complete with two skulls on either side of the stone, saying:

“I can’t wait for Christmas so…. Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?”

Kat Von D quickly replied with a YES! before changing her own status to a series of exclamation points, and thanking fans.

“Mi corazon!!! Thank you all for the lovely congratulations!” Kat wrote. “Please excuse me while I go squeeze the hell out of my fiance!”

What do you think of the couple’s engagement? Too soon? Let us know in the comments.

If you like Deadmau5 check out OurStage artist Circuit Assassins.

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