Jordan Corey’s “Focus” Out Today

Jordan Corey has just dropped her new single “Focus” via her Bandcamp page. It’s a complex and subtle pop song, with a heavy electronica influence. It marks a departure from some of the more vintage elements of her previous singles, with a thoroughly modern vibe. The propulsive beats and bass lines bubble underneath soothingly lush synth swells and Corey’s incredibly restrained but compellingly melodic vocal. Layered harmonies cut in and out to complement the synthesizer. Overall, it’s a beautiful relief from some of the aggressively uptempo and overwrought pop currently bombarding the airwaves.

A onetime OurStage ‘Artist of the Week,’ Corey recently played the infamous Electric Daisy Carnival EDM festival. She’s been teasing a video to accompany “Focus,” so we hope to have more from her soon.

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Electric Daisy Carnival Shuts Down Due To High Winds

As Las Vegas quickly becomes a centralized location for America’s dance music craze, Insomniac Events and their touring Electric Daisy Carnival have taken an unofficial residency as the summer festival ringmasters. Kicking off the yearly festival season, EDC attracts hundreds of thousands of bass-loving, booty-shaking fans to the desert for three nights of dance music, carnival rides, and circus performances.

On Saturday, EDC was forced to shut down early due to wind gusts that threatened the structural integrity of the enormous temporary stages sprawled across the Las Vegas desert.

Insomniac later made this statement on the EDC website:

Insomniac, in consultation with public safety officials, made the decision that due to extremely high wind conditions, the crowd would be cleared away from the stage areas. The decision was made out of an abundance of caution and with fan safety in mind.

Fans inside the festival were allowed to stay until 5:30 a.m. and enjoy music from temporary sound systems located on the infield grass of the stadium.

Earlier tonight, entry of new fans was stopped and inbound traffic is being managed by the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. As of 1 a.m. there were approximately 90,000 fans that had cleared the turnstiles into the venue.

Insomniac shares our fans’ disappointment that weather conditions changed the second night of the Electric Daisy Carnival experience, said Insomniac CEO, Pasquale Rotella. Our top priority has always been fan safety and we expect that Mother Nature will be more cooperative tomorrow as we prepare for an amazing day three.

It is still unclear whether refunds will be issued for those who did not get into the festival, but Insomniac did make the decision to honor any Saturday tickets for entrance to the show on Sunday night (which went off without a hitch).

While we’re sure many fans left Vegas disappointed, safety should always come first. Especially for a promotion company whose reputation was already tarnished after the death of a 15-year-old girl during the final Los Angeles-based Electric Daisy Carnival in 2010.

Monday, June 11th, 2012

EDC NYC Lineup Announced!

Insomniac Events has finally announced the long-awaited Electric Daisy Carnival New York City lineup. If you can take the day off, the newly added Friday, May 18th date (4pm- 11pm) will kick off the event, with top dogs Fatboy Slim, Armin van Buuren, and the YouTube/Beatport sensation Madeon. The remaining two days, Saturday and Sunday, will start at 12 pm and go until 11 pm. On Saturday, expect to see Avicii, Sebastian Ingrosso, legendary house music pioneer Carl Cox, and Steve Angello. Sunday will consist of a fantastic closing lineup, including acts such as Bassnectar, Afrojack, Nero, and Richie Hawtin. Click here to check out the full EDC NYC lineup.

Electric Daisy Carnival…Plus One

If you live on the east coast, Insomniac Events just made your summer by adding an extra day to the NYC Electric Daisy Carnival and expanding the capacity for the original two dates. EDC NYC will now start on Friday May 18th and end on Sunday May 21st. If you already have tickets for May 19th and 20th, you can buy your tickets for the 18th tomorrow (Wednesday, April 11th.) According to the website, you will be sent an email containing a special invitation to get your tickets early. For the non-ticketed among us, tickets for all three days will hit the market again on Thursday, April 12th @ 12 noon EST. Now remember, on March 2, tickets for the initial May 19th and 20th dates sold out within a FEW HOURS. It will probably happen again this Thursday, so make sure you are in front of your computer and on Ticketmaster exactly when they hit the market @ 12 p.m.


In addition to this big news, Insomniac also released the official starting times for each day, as follows:

  • Friday, May 18th 4:30 p.m. – 11p.m.
  • Saturday, May 19th 12 p.m. – 11 p.m.
  • Sunday, May 20th 12 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Friday, April 6th, 2012

EDC Comes To NYC

Electric Daisy Carnival, America’s largest dance music festival, is moving to another city (yet again). This time, the minds behind Insomniac Events have brought the dance party to the east coast. The festival is known worldwide for stunning visual aspects, carnival rides, and superstar DJs, combined with ever-growing crowds. In five years, Insomniac has watched EDC grow from a 40,000 person concert in Southern California, to a three day-long, 230,000 person event in Las Vegas that has become a Mecca for electronic dance music fans worldwide. The festival was a staple in the LA music scene until the tragic death of a 15 year old in 2010. 2011 marked the biggest change for the creators of EDC, as they packed up and headed to Las Vegas (after LA all but banned raves). What ensued was completely unexpected; EDC has become even more popular than it’s finest years at the LA Coliseum.

There’s still no word from the promoters on the venue or line-up, but tickets go on sale at the end of the week (March 2nd) so the info can’t be too far off. Be sure to keep an eye on this post, as we will update it with new information as it becomes available! In the meantime, check out the EDC website for more info.

Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Weird Al releases Perform This Way

Though at first it seemed Lady Gaga wasn’t going to let Weird Al Yankovic get his parody-writing hands on her hit, Born This Way, the pop star relented. Wondering how she’s feeling now that she’s seen the video, in which Yankovic wraps his small intestines around his neck and sets himself on fire”all on a W-H-I-M. Enjoy Yankovic’s digitally altered showmanship below.

Britney Spears wants to go in new video

Britney’s gone bad in her new video for I Wanna Go. After cursing out the media, the pop star flashes a child, gets frisked and battles the cyborg paparazzi. All in a day’s work. Check out the video”and its gratuitous milk bath shot”below.

The Bad

Clarence Clemons dies

We reported last week that Clarence Clemons, saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, suffered a stroke. Sadly, this week Clemons passed away due to complications from that stroke. The news was met with an outpouring of condolences from musicians. Eddie Vedder paid tribute to the sax man during his performance at the Beacon Theater in NYC. Coldplay tweeted RIP our favourite saxophone player, while Bono asked the audience at U2’s Anaheim show to think of Clarence Clemons. R.I.P.

Michael Bublé funds investigation into Vancouver riots

Plenty of Canadians were pissed by the riots that broke out last week in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. Michael Bublé was one of them, and he’s not sitting by idly waiting for rioters to come clean. The jazz crooner has offered his celebrity and his money to bring guilty parties to justice. Just like everybody else, I was embarrassed, ashamed and angry. he said. Looters, beware. Bublé’s coming for you.

The Ugly

Amy Winehouse cancels tour after Belgrade disaster

Here’s how to not win over a crowd: Show up drunk, stumble all over stage, shout out a hello to the wrong city and throw your shoe in the audience. Amy Winehouse used these winning techniques in Belgrade at the start of her European tour and got herself sent back to England. Her tour dates are now canceled. You can watch part of the reason why below.

Lupe Fiasco and Bill O’Reilly spar

When Lupe Fiasco called Obama a terrorist, few would have predicted that it would be Bill O’Reilly who would to jump to the president’s defense. Apocalypse cometh? Maybe. Read the gist of it here.


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