Electropolis: iPad and iPhone Production Toys

This issue of Electropolis offers recommendations for iPad and iPhone music production applications. These apps are pretty impressive production and performance tools/toys I suggest for both amateurs and pros. The cool thing is you won’t be paying more than a few bucks for them, a ridiculously low price compared to expensive computer programs!

Propellerhead’s Rebirth for iPad

ReBirth followed Propellerhead’s initial software, ReCycle, that got the company up and going in 1997. Although a discontinued retail item, Propellerhead offers the software for free, as well as an iPad and iPhone application that contains enhanced graphics. Originally inspired by Mr. Kakehashi, the founder of Roland, these Swedish lads went off to design digital emulations of some of the most classic and popular Roland synths of their time. In the 1990s, Roland’s popular TR- 808 &  TR-909 drum machines and bass synth, the TR – 303, began making their way into the track titles of the most popular electronic acts of the decade”such as Fatboy Slim’s “Everybody Needs a 303” and Daft Punk’s “Revolution 909.” Today, these analog sounds have become absolutely legendary amongst the EDM culture, and they’re now available to be played on your iPad! ReBirth has been credited for its nearly dead-on replication of the original analog tones of these Roland devices. As a matter of fact, the emulations are so accurate that Roland has asked Propellerhead to acknowledge their inspiration”which they’ve been more than willing to do. As stated on the Apple’s Web site, it’s features include: