Late Cambrian Thanks You For Your Time

Photo: Chris Nicodemo (courtesy

Photo: Chris Nicodemo (courtesy

The great Late Cambrian continue their journey down the electroad with their mesmerizing track “Thanks For Your Time,” the third single from their forthcoming EP. Kicking off with a riff straight out of a ’70s TV cop drama, the track then fuzzes and buzzes its way on a slow roll through the following decade, picking up elements from the best of ’80s radio pop. A “Thriller” bass line here, a U2 melody there, a Human League synth punching through… and it all resolves in a distinctly Late Cambrian chorus.

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Westvale’s Electro Pop Debut EP

westvaleThe electro pop duo Westvale recently released Fly, a stunning and hypnotically chilled-out four-song EP. Having evolved from the more hard rock-edged Noctura, who dominated the charts here on OurStage for several years, Westvale has already captured the attention of fans, earning a spot in the Top 50 of the latest Best of the Best charts.

In just four songs, Mandy Suiter and Kris Haughey lay out an irresistible musical template, with Suiter’s seemingly flawless vocal and harmonies smoothing out synthesized, pulsating, EDM-based backing tracks, adorned with plenty of ambient space.

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Casey Desmond Premieres "Bad Habit" Music Video

If you’re not yet familiar with OurStage artist and recent MTV Buzzworthy sensation Casey Desmond, you’ve really got to change that. Luckily, we’re about to fix that. Between her stint on Season 1 of The Voice, writing, performing and re-mixing her own music, and even designing her own costumes, we don’t know how she had time to create one of the funkiest music videos we’ve seen in a while for her song “Bad Habit.” But  boy, are we glad she did. Filled with silhouettes, electro-pop, and plenty of energy, you don’t want to miss this. Check it out after the jump. (more…)

Exclusive Q and A: Owl City Talks EDM, Touring, and Purple Rain

Last year, Owl City was riding a huge wave of success, buoyed by a multi-album major label deal and collaborations with GRAMMY award“winning producers.  It was hard to imagine that Adam Young’s star could rise any higher. Leave it to him to prove us wrong. Since we last spoke to the singer-songwriter, his electropop project has gotten even bigger. He recently teamed up with pop queen of the moment Carly Rae Jepsen to record “Good Time,” a chart“topping summer smash, and released his fourth studio album, The Midsummer Station in August. We caught up with Young to chat about the collaborative process with Jepsen, his love of Dutch DJs, and his literary inspirations.

OS: Good Time” was a huge hit this past summer. Did you go into the studio with that goal in mind, and how did the process of collaboration work?

AY: I definitely didn’t expect the reception the song has been getting. It is an honor when you see and hear such positive feedback. Carly was an absolute pleasure to work with. It turned out she was a fan of my music and our managers knew each other, so I asked her to be on the song, sent her the stems, and within a day she sent her parts back to me.

OS: Good Time has the lyric What’s up with this Prince song inside my head? Which song are you referring to? As a fellow Minnesotan, are you a Prince fan?

AY: “Purple Rain” and yes, massive fan. (more…)

Live Wired [Review]: Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has had a huge year, and it’s only August. A 24-year-old pop singer from England, she has been getting more attention in the US recently. She was selected by Prince William and Kate Middleton as the only live musician at possibly the biggest event of the year: the royal wedding reception in April. A week later, Goulding was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. She toured the US for the first time earlier this year, playing smaller venues. She’s back on tour, and on July 27th in Boston played an even bigger venue during her second time in the states. The sold out crowd was loud and ready for a great night of live music.

Bag Raiders, a house duo from Australia made up of Chris Stracey and Jack Glass, started the show off as the tour’s only opener. They pumped up the already-packed house and got everyone dancing. They closed with one of their bigger songs, “Shooting Star,” leaving fans in excited anticipation for Ellie to begin.

Bag Raiders

When you listen to Ellie Goulding’s music, it’s easy to get hooked right away. Yes, she has a pretty voice. But most of her songs also feature catchy beats. Her live show really illustrated what a talented artist she is. Throughout the entire show, Goulding was dancing around the stage, showing off her incredible vocals and playing a couple of different instruments. She had the crowd interacting the whole time and was having as much fun as the audience.

The setlist illustrated Goulding’s versatility and did a great job of throwing together sing-along and dance songs. There were definitely a few numbers that stood out. Any song that featured Goulding playing the drums was a blast to watch. She had a trap kit at the front of the stage next to her microphone, as well as an acoustic guitar. The guitar served as the main component of her beautiful acoustic rendition of “Wish I Stayed.” It was sad and stripped-down, as she explained the song was written about a time when she really missed her home. Later, to a large round of applause and cheers, she introduced one of her cover songs: A quiet piano version of Elton John’s “Your Song.” The crowd sang every word at the top of their lungs.

After the set, Goudling and her band came back for a two song, high-energy encore. They first played “Your Biggest Mistake,” a piano-filled pop song that leads up to a great chorus everyone can sing. They ended with their often-remixed, biggest hit “Starry Eyed.” The crowd was at their liveliest and so was Goulding, finishing the night with everyone dancing as she belted out the last note of the song.

Check out the dates for the rest of Ellie Goulding’s tour with Bag Raiders!

The Glam Gamine

Casey Desmond

With a shock of flame-red hair and a voice that can shake the rafters, Casey Desmond is not one to be easily overlooked. Just ask Adam Levine, who picked the Boston artist for his team on NBC’s The Voice after hearing her power through Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Desmond belongs in the same echelon of electro-pop performers as Natasha Khan and Alison Goldfrapp”all are sequined sirens able to lure listeners to the dance floor in seconds flat. Rendezvous is steeped in ˜80s pop, a punchy mix of wiry guitars, swirling synths, driving drums and Desmond’s dreamy, sailing vocals. Loose Ends is another quick hit of adrenaline”glammy, sexy and kinetic. If you ever wonder why I’m never surprised, I’m over here babe, listening to your phone line, Desmond purrs. She may like to tease, but if you’re looking for electrifying pop, heavy with hooks, Desmond’s a sure thing.