OurStage January 2016 Top Ranked Artists

Every month, the OurStage community (that’s you) listens and ranks the songs competing on OurStage.com. Once those songs get to the Finals stage, five grand prize winners are selected. Those winners get featured on the ‘OurStage on Amazing Radio’ show, broadcast from the UK to hundreds of thousands of music fans, both on terrestrial radio in the UK and online around the world. Last month’s show is streaming now. Below are the top five that you’ll hear on this month’s show, but you can preview them now by clicking here for a playlist.

“Remember Your Strategies” by Silent Party




“Wide Open” by Brooks Maguire




“Angel” by Rezzonator




“Bet It All” By TAP TAP




“Driven You To Ground” by Phaedrum




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Album Review: Ra Ra Riot – 'Beta Love'

In 2001, the romance of technology was still lighthearted. For Daft Punk, erstwhile pioneers in the world of mainstream electronica, the technologies that propelled their “Digital Love” single to success in the new millennium “ the soft synths and sampled wurlitzers “ still weren’t at odds with human affection, human love, human communication. They were an addendum, a side note to human intimacy, which still had supremacy even in an age of gradually encroaching machines that would slowly command more time, love, and money than many interpersonal relationships. That time was still to come, though. At the turn of the millennium, America was reeling from other wounds, and the crush of technology was really not a concern. (more…)

Exclusive Q and A: Gold Fields Talk Buzz, Buds, and 'Black Sun'

Australia’s Gold Fields are in for quite a year. After being named one of 2013’s bands to watch by MTV alongside up-and-coming heavyweights like Macklemore, the band is ready to take their insanely catchy blend of synthpop and indie rock to the international masses. They’ve already toured the states with the likes of St. Lucia and Diamond Rings, and are gearing up for another US jaunt this February. We caught up with frontman Mark Fuller to chat about the triple recording of the band’s upcoming album Black Sun, their remix process, and the effect of their massive burgeoning buzz.

OS: You guys just wrapped up a US tour with St. Lucia a little while ago. What was that like?

Mark Fuller: It was awesome. We were already fans of St. Lucia before we heard we were doing the tour and how it actually happened was that they asked us to support them. It was a pretty short tour, I think it only was six or eight shows, but getting to watch them every night was awesome. And when you tour with great bands like that you learn a lot, especially from their live shows; theirs is very tight, and they’re almost perfect live. Even though they’re a young band like us, they’ve got their live thing down pat. Touring with a band like that lets you learn a lot, but at the same time it’s fun because we love their music. The shows themselves were in front of crowds that reminded us of crowds that we play in front of back home, and they were probably bigger. The show in New York was amazing. It was to a packed ballroom; Bowery Ballroom maybe? It was just packed and awesome. One of our favorite shows.

OS: You’ve been named a band to watch in 2013 by multiple big sources: MTV, MySpace, and more.  What’s your relationship like with that buzz?  Do you try to ignore it?  Embrace it?

MF: We don’t really feel it at all. I know that reading stuff like that “ like MTV coming out and calling us a band to watch for the year “ is really weird for us, because MTV to us is like this massive American thing. It seems almost like it’s not real for something like that to happen, for them to talk about our band. Obviously we’re thankful that they’ve done that, and we feel very lucky that they’ve come across us and are thankful they’ve included us. At the same time, anything like that isn’t going to change what we’re doing. Since we’ve started, we’ve always tried to do what’s best for us and make sure we’re having fun and get other people to enjoy it as well. Any sort of things like that “ the buzz “ you have to take it in your stride, but it doesn’t change anything really. We’re still doing exactly what we were going to do all along.


Tegan And Sara Stream New Song, "Shock To Your System"

In anticipation of the January 29 release of their seventh LP, Heartthrob, Tegan and Sara are streaming a new song from the record entitled “Shock To Your System,” via Vanity Fair. According to Sara Quin, the song was written during the depths of winter in Montreal and the lyrics are an interior dialogue between the part of me that was transfixed by my loneliness and the other part of me that was ready to get over it. With thumping drums, swelling synths, and the twins’ mesmerizing vocals, the song is another stunner, portending good things for Heartthrob. Check out the new tune here.

Check out OurStage act Vic and Gab if you can’t wait for the new Tegan and Sara album.

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Phoenix Tease New Album With Seizure-Inducing Facebook Link

Phoenix have just posted the mysterious image on the left to their Facebook Page in a possible nod towards the upcoming release of their new album in April 2013. Daniel Glass, the head of the band’s label, Glassnote, indicated at a Spotify event in early December that the band had finished recording the follow-up to their 2009 indie smash Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix in Paris. The link to Phoenix’ website currently leads visitors into a flashing multicolor version of the image that is not recommended if you are prone to seizures. If you’re willing to brave the madness, though, you can hear what sounds like a clip from a possible new Phoenix track.

If you’re into Phoenix, check out OurStage act City City.

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Casey Desmond Premieres "Bad Habit" Music Video

If you’re not yet familiar with OurStage artist and recent MTV Buzzworthy sensation Casey Desmond, you’ve really got to change that. Luckily, we’re about to fix that. Between her stint on Season 1 of The Voice, writing, performing and re-mixing her own music, and even designing her own costumes, we don’t know how she had time to create one of the funkiest music videos we’ve seen in a while for her song “Bad Habit.” But  boy, are we glad she did. Filled with silhouettes, electro-pop, and plenty of energy, you don’t want to miss this. Check it out after the jump. (more…)

Justin Timberlake To Release New Single TODAY At Noon EST

Sexy is back. After the spread of rampant rumors set off by Florida radio station 97.9 FM about a possible new single from Justin Timberlake, the man himself has since tweeted a cryptic message suggesting that he may indeed be releasing a brand new single later today.

While Timberlake has spent the past half-decade focusing on his acting career, with major roles in films such as The Social Network and Friends With Benefits, fans of his music have been hungering for new tunes ever since the release of his second solo album FutureSex/LoveSounds in 2006. While further information has yet to be confirmed, Billboard reports that Timberlake’s new single may be just the first taste of an entirely new batch of material that could include production from his frequent collaborator Timbaland.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that an entire new Justin Timberlake album, produced by Timbaland, will definitely be dropping in 2013.

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Sky Ferreira Releases "Lost In My Bedroom" Video

The video for Sky Ferreira’s “Lost In My Bedroom” plays out like a synth-pop Cloverfield, with grainy VHS footage, flashing lights, and an epilepsy warning to boot.  Over the strains of pulsing low-end synth, Ferreira despondently sits in dark corners and stares gloomily off into the distance while partygoers and random men filter in and out of the frame. Grant Singer, who teamed up with Ferreira on past videos like “Everything Is Embarrassing” and “Sad Dream,” is at the helm of this one as well.  Check out the video below.

If you dig Sky Ferreira, check out OurStage artist Casey Desmond

LMFAO's Redfoo Releases "Bring Out The Bottle"

After the surprising news of LMFAO‘s break earlier this year, fans finally have a new party rock jam to put on repeat thanks to one half of LMFAO. Redfoo, the 37-year-old “Sexy and I Know It” singer, has released his first solo track since the split called, “Bring Out The Bottle.” It may not be quite what LMFAO fans are used to but for those craving electronic dance vibes, a little auto-tune and really, something new to dance to, it does the trick. Check it out after the jump. (more…)

Exclusive Q And A: Anberlin Talk Change, Songwriting, And Smashing With The Pumpkins

Anberlin have been perfecting their personal style of driving, melodic modern rock for about ten years now, but they’ve never made an album like this. Vital, the band’s most recent release, melds their signature sound with hints of electronic music, pushing the band in a vibrant new direction. They just wrapped up a tour with The Smashing Pumpkins and a fall headlining tour with Morning Parade. Needless to say, it’s definitely not a bad time to be Anberlin. We caught up with drummer Nathan Young to chat about the nuances of the band’s sound, the songwriting process on the new record, and what it’s like to open for Corgan and company.