Robert Delong Debuts "Happy"

Women and boy bands tend to dominate the pop charts these days, but if you look closely there is a new class of potential radio chart-toppers beginning to make waves in music. One of them, Robert Delong, has released a new video that we simply could not resist sharing with all of you.

Even in the music industry, Wednesdays can be tough to conquer. The week’s newsflow is usually heavier on that day than any other, and rarely are any of the headlines truly that eye-catching. Today is different though, because today is the day we (and you) discover Robert Delong. He has been making his own brand of electronic-influenced indie pop for a number of years, but his new single “Happy” has been the one track that people have connected with more than any other. The video for the song, which premiered this morning, finds Delong performing for an underground cult who appear to spend their days seeking only happiness. As the song plays there are clear signs of joy on all their faces, but when the clip’s final minute rolls around you learn there is something much more sinister afoot. You can view the video below.

Robert Delong has yet to set a release date for his Glassnote debut, but the release of “Happy” gives us hope that more information will be made available soon. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Happy.” (more…)

Rock Boat Competition Final Chance To Judge And Win Cruise Tickets!

Bathing suit? Check. Suntan lotion? Check. Sunglasses and an iPod filled with your favorite artists? Check, check. If you’re wondering what we’re preparing you for, it’s the “Rock Boat Lucky 13 Competition” grand prize for fans!

This February, The Rock Boat will set sail for Great Stirrup Cay, packed with some major talent from the likes of Sister HazelNEEDTOBREATHERoger Clyne and the Peacemakers and OurStage’s own, Bronze Radio Return. And that’s just the start.

By simply judging your favorite artist in the Rock Boat Lucky 13 Competition by Dec. 14, you’ll be entered to win a five-day cruise for you and a friend aboard the Rock Boat, headed from beautiful Miami to sunny Great Stirrup Cay.

So what are you waiting for? Get judging, and don’t forget those summer items. You just may need them.


Album Review: How To Destroy Angels – "An Omen" EP

It’s nice to see that Trent Reznor has found a soul mate who is just as weird as he is. His new project, How To Destroy Angels, is comprised of him, his wife Mariqueen Maandig, and Nine Inch Nails contributors Atticus Ross and Rob Sheridan. The result on their second EP, An Omen (styalized on their website as An omen_ EP by How to destroy angels_) sounds more or less like a collection of creepy, experimental, minimalist, girl-fronted versions of  NIN album interludes. That being said, it’s a fairly interesting and enjoyable listen.

The first track, “Keep it together,” is the most NIN-esque song on the album, with sparse electronic robot percussion and a two-note reverbed guitar line that repeats while dissonant synths wash over the whole track. The only difference is where you would expect to hear Reznor’s voice, you hear Maandig singing in a quiet cryptic way. But of course, before long, Reznor comes in with backup vocals and the two of them create harmonizing polyrhythmic layers repeating “I can’t keep it together” in a way that is reminiscent of “All The Love In The World” or “Every Day Is Exactly The Same” from NIN’s With Teeth. The structure and mood of this song set the tone for the rest of the album. Each track is a slow burn with very subtle dynamic variation, if any. (more…)

Congratulations To Rock Yourself To Sleep Winners Caramel Carmela!

The battle is finally over. Last but not least, our Mountain winners of the Rock Yourself To Sleep Competition are Caramel Carmela from Denver, CO. This electro-hardcore band are sure to get you off your feet with brutal breakdowns and dance party beats. They’ve performed at the Vans Warped Tour in 2010 and 2012 and have played the Global Dance Festival in 2011 with major acts like Skrillex and LMFAO. Needless to say, they are an experienced and talented group of dudes ready to take on all of the Mountain dates of the Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour with Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, I The Mighty, Hail The Sun, and The Orphan, The Poet. Congratulations guys!

Check out Caramel Carmela’s winning track “Two McFlys With The Same Gun” below!

Judge The "Rock Boat Lucky 13" Competition And Win Tickets To The Cruise!

Sperrys? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Yacht captain’s hat? Leave that at home, please. Instead of looking like a goofy extra from Gilligan’s Island, you could win your best sailing accessory yet by lending your ears to the OurStage “Rock Boat Lucky 13” Competition! Judge your favorite artists by December 14 to help determine which OurStage act will win a slot on the Rock Boat. You could win a pair of tickets for an ocean view cabin on this year’s Rock Boat cruise from Miami to Great Stirrup Cay. The stacked lineup includes Sister HazelNEEDTOBREATHERusted RootRoger Clyne and the PeacemakersWill HogeTony Lucca, OurStage artist Bronze Radio Return, and more. What better excuse to break out the madras shorts and Ray Bans this February?

Take To The Sea With The "Rock Boat Lucky 13" Competition!

Alas, ye salty dogs! We have quite the adventure for those OurStage artists daring enough to rock the boat. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to take your music off land and across the sea, now is your chance. Enter the “Rock Boat Lucky 13” Competition. One Grand Prize Winner will join a cruise to the Great Stirrup Cay in February 2013 to perform not one, but two 60-minute sets, along with Sister Hazel, NEEDTOBREATHERusted RootRoger Clyne and the PeacemakersWill HogeTony Lucca, OurStage artist Bronze Radio Return, and other artists. The prize will also include a travel stipend, accommodations, meals, and more. So batten down the hatches and prepare for battle. Click here to enter now!

Judge For The "Rock Boat Lucky 13" Competition!

This month OurStage is hosting a competition that will send some lucky, talented winners off to sea. Artists will compete for a chance to perform on the 13th annual Rock Boat, a cruise packed with all sorts of crazy antics as it heads off to Great Stirrup Cay in February 2013, with performances by Sister Hazel, NEEDTOBREATHE, Rusted Root, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Will Hoge, Tony Lucca, OurStage artist Bronze Radio Return, and many more. Help us decide who will be the Grand Prize Winner of two 60-minute performances on the boat, along with a travel stipend, accommodations, meals, and more! Click here to start judging now.

Want To Rock The High Seas? The “Rock Boat Lucky 13” Competition Is Looking For You!

Picture it: Waves crashing against the great Norwegian Pearl cruise ship, sent from Miami and bound for its own private island in Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. The wind is blowing in through your hair, there is a cold drink in your hand, and you find yourself tapping along to that incredible music that’s been coming from the stage for the past hour.  Now reverse that. What if you were the one on stage, cranking out tunes for the last hour, watching thousands dance along to your music?

Well aspiring rock stars, you’re in luck. OurStage and The Rock Boat have teamed up to give one lucky OS artist the chance to play alongside acts like Sister Hazel, NEEDTOBREATHE, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, OurStage artists Bronze Radio Return, and many more in February 2013.

The Grand Prize winner of the Rock Boat Lucky 13 Competition will play two separate hour-long sets alongside these renowned performers. But we’re not going to leave it at just that. In addition to having your accommodations and meals fully paid for, you’ll also be allotted a travel stipend. Living the rock star life for five days? You bet.

Enter the Rock Boat Lucky 13 Competition right now and you just may find yourself living the dream this February.

"Rock Boat Lucky 13" Competition Gives Artists The Chance To Sail The Sonic Seas

Can you navigate by the North Star, me hearties? Can you tell which way the currents will take you from just a gust of wind? Does the sight of the sea fill you with an inexplicable desire to yell “Yarr?” Well, you’re in luck, sailor, because OurStage and The Rock Boat have teamed up to give one OS artist the seafaring chance of a lifetime.

The Grand Prize winner of the “Rock Boat Lucky 13” Competition will have the opportunity to rock the stage on the thirteenth outing of the Rock Boat cruise bound for Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas in February 2013. The winner will play play two separate hour“long sets alongside Sister Hazel, NEEDTOBREATHE, Rusted Root, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Will Hoge, Tony Lucca, fellow OurStage artists Bronze Radio Return, and many more. In addition to fully paid accommodations and meals, the Grand Prize will even include a travel stipend, just in case you want to knock back a cold one with a fellow lead guitarist after the show.

Enter the “Rock Boat Lucky 13” Competition now, and you might just find yourself on the high seas come February. Now swab the deck, ye scallywag!

Intel Seeks To Award Canadian Artists With Superstar Prizes

Live in Canada? Check. Want to be a superstar? Check. Have a song entered into the Intel® “Canada Superstars” Competition? ¦ wait, you haven’t entered yet? Well, considering that there are only FOUR days left to enter, friend, you might want to get on that asap. We’ve got five, genre-specific channels open for superstar hopefuls such as yourself, including country, electronica, francophone, pop, rock, singer-songwriter, and urban. The top artist from each channel will win an incredible prize package, stacked with Fender Guitars, Casio Keyboards, Intel® Notebooks, Pro-Tools, and more. The Top 20 artists in each channel will automatically enter the final round and compete for the Grand Prize. So, get on it.