Warped Tour Announces Every Time I Die, Bowling For Soup, And More

Warped Tour 2014Happy Thursday, music fiends! As with every Thursday morning these past few months, we’re excited to bring you the latest additions to the 2014 Vans Warped Tour lineup, courtesy of FuseTV‘s Warped Roadies. This week’s additions are Every Time I Die, Bowling For Soup, Neck Deep, Ice Nine Kills, and Alive Like Me. They join previously announced acts The Devil Wears Prada, Saves The Day, Stray From The Path, and over 50 others. Check out the full line up to date below.  (more…)

Vanna Recording New Album

Boston hardcore band Vanna have entered the studio once again to record their 4th full length album, The Few And The Far Between. This time around, they’ve decided to return to producer Jay Maas (Have Heart, American Nightmare, Polar Bear Club) at Getaway Recordings in Haverhill, MA. Maas produced 2010’s The Honest Hearts EP. You can read the official statement from lead singer Davey Muise below.

With all the touring we’ve done especially this past year and all the time away from home, not only did it make for great writing time and lyrical ammo, it made us want to do the next record at home. For the sound and direction we were going Jay was a no brainer for us. Doing The Honest Hearts EP with Jay was so easy and comfortable; we wanted to see what a full record with our dude would be like. We are psyched to see what Jay and the band will do with TFATFB. We will have a full recording blog with pictures and videos all on vannaboston.com so everyone can follow along with this record as it comes alive.

If you like Vanna, then check out OurStage’s own Actor|Observer.

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Letlive. Drop Off Every Time I Die Tour

Just days after announcing Every Time I Die‘s upcoming tour with The Acacia Strain and Vanna, letlive. have announced that they’ll be dropping off the band’s current tour due to an inescapable issue back home. The band is encouraging fans to still attend the tour and apologize for their departure. You can see what the band had to say, along with their plans to make up the dates, after the jump.


Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain, Vanna Announce Tour

Remember all those rumors of an Every Time I Die tour with The Acacia Strain, Vanna, Hundredth and No Bragging Rights? Well, we’re here to bring you the good news. That tour is officially on. With dates starting in early February and running all through the US and parts of Canada until mid-March, the band will hardly have a break in between their current tour with The Chariot, Letlive and Kills & Thrills. You can check out both sets of dates after the jump. (more…)

Keith Buckley Of Every Time I Die Fronting 90's Alternative Cover Band

It may sound like a joke (and perhaps it was at first), but this is no lie. Keith Buckley, frontman for hardcore metal band Everytime I Die, and friends have started a new band called Soul Patch, self-described as “Buffalo’s Premier 90’s Alternative Cover Band.” Head to their facebook page and vote for what 90’s alternative/grunge songs they should cover! If you’re in the Buffalo/NY state area, be sure to catch their next gig!


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Metal Monday: This Year In Metal…So Far

Perhaps more so than the last handful of years in metal music, 2012 has been pretty crazy, especially when considering the density of phenomenal albums released so far. In typical music fashion, there have been blockbusters, surprises, let downs, newcomers, and game-changers. Thankfully, most of the surprises (for me anyway) have been good ones. Many of the albums and bands covered below have already been featured in Metal Monday this year”if you’re following along, then you’ll be familiar with most of these acts already.

Both Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus released strong albums that largely feature more of the same from the two bands. Fear Factory‘s follow-up to Mechanize further cements their comeback, of sorts, and shows that they’re still the same old Fear Factory. Shadows Fall dropped an album that doesn’t particularly change their mold either, but is good none-the less. The real surprise from a more high-profile act was High On Fire, whose De Vermis Mysteriis was a huge step up from their last album, Snakes For The Divine. Job For A Cowboy‘s Demonocracy also featured more of the same, but a bit better this time around (not surprising, given the quality of the Gloom EP from a few months prior).


Artistic License: Our Favorite Multi-Talented Musicians

Last week, we told you about musicians like Karen O and their crazy musical side projects. (Seriously, how awesome is Goat Punishment?) This week, Tom Morello’s upcoming comic book series Orchid inspired us to take a look at the incredible visual side projects that some of our favorite multi-medium musicians are working on. Let’s get cultured!

Tom Morello isn’t the only musician getting into the comic book game”he actually got hooked up with publisher Dark Horse Comics courtesy of My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way. Way has been working on his own series, The Umbrella Academy, since September of 2007. Currently on its 15th issue, the series follows the antics of a group of misfit superheroes who”what else”unite to save the world. We’re mostly just jealous of The Rumor’s superpower”she can instantly alter reality by lying. That would be SO USEFUL.


Metal Monday: His Name Was Iron Q&A

In the greater scheme of things, metal is often times known as a niche genre, but within the genre of metal there are even more sub-genres that epitomize “niche market””His Name Was Iron being a perfect example. With a sound similar to that of Every Time I Die and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, you don’t find many bands like His Name Was Iron. A unique mix of down home attitude and pure metal fury, the band is simply looking to make music that kicks ass and takes names. Check our Q&A with the band:

OS: What music would you say has influenced your band’s sound the most?

HNWI: Hard to say really. Everyone in the band brings something unique to the table. We all grew up on your standard punk rock fair, but there’s certainly a lot of metal from Ryan, classic & southern rock from Shaun, etc. It’s pretty safe to say that we all like music way too much so if we can draw an influence from something, no matter how abstract, we just use it.

OS: Do you generally like or dislike the comparisons of your band to Every Time I Die and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster?

HNWI: We love comments like that. There’s no hiding the fact that we’re fans of bands like that, so why would that bother us? There’s definitely worse things to sound like. If someone said you guys sound like “my little brother’s pop band,” sure THAT would bother us, but ETID & Maylene… we’ll take that all day long.

OS: Last May you had a MySpace blog post exchanging donations for spots in your album’s “Thanks” section”did you end up with a lot of people to thank?

HNWI: Yeah we did actually. It was a means of survival at the time. We were booked for Warped Tour and had a new record coming out, but didn’t have any money or tour support so we just told everybody what was going on. We basically put it out there that if the fans wanted us to grow, they’d have to put some skin in the game. And the response was beyond moving. There were a few people who really came through for us. I mean we checked our account one morning and it was like “Holy crap! We better not let these guys down.” It got us through that summer. We play as hard as humanly possible for them every night.

OS: The Chariots For Hire came out in August. How has the reception been so far?

HNWI: To be honest, it’s been a little slow, but we’re a live band. I mean we feel we put out an awesome record and the reviews have been great, but it’s our first record, we haven’t had as many touring opportunities as we would have liked so far, and that’s just how it goes sometimes for a new band. We’ve just hooked up with a new booking agent (Andrew Goodfriend from TKO) and we’ve got some big things on the horizon now. In regards to record sales with a band like us, it’s all about live shows. Give us a crowd, we’ll give you new fans who buy records, every time. It’s that simple, and I’m pleased to say we’re getting there.

OS: How was your experience on the southeast leg of Warped Tour this summer? Do you think you’ll do more dates next summer?

HNWI: It was awesome. We met a lot of cool bands and gained a load of respect from tour managers, agents, etc. As a matter of fact, we’re on tour right now with Ice Nine Kills. They’re one of the bands we made friends with on Warped Tour. Go check ’em out. I do want to offer you one piece of advice though if your band is going to play any dates on Warped Tour… “Make sure the air conditioning in your van works before you leave”. We did the whole east coast in record highs with no A/C. Miserable, but this band will make it happen. Given the chance, hell yeah we’ll do more dates next year.

OS: How and when did you get signed to Masquerade Recordings?

HNWI: They contacted us in late ’09. They had just broke Motionless In White, and promised us some touring opportunities, so long story short it looked like a good prospect and we signed with them in early 2010. We’re coming up on the one year mark of our contract pretty soon here so we can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for us.

Metal Monday: 5 Bands you might not know, but should

As you likely already know, OurStage is a music discovery platform serving all sorts of great musical artists. Sometimes, though, there are bands that people should know about but, for whatever reason, don’t.  Here are five awesome metal bands to put on your radar. They’re not OurStage bands (yet) but could very well be future superstars.


Metal Monday: Why A Metal Band Name Matters

OSBlog02_MetalMondays_MASTERIf I were to ask you what type of music a band called Abigail Williams would play, what would you say? Was your guess symphonic blackened death metal? If you guessed otherwise, you’re incorrect. What about Skinless? They’re a brutal death metal band. Regardless of whether or not you guessed correctly, there is still an assumption made about a band based on their name, logo and accompanying image.

There are many reasons why an unknowing listener or potential fan can be lead astray by a band name. Here’s the skinny on 3 of the most common “offenders”: