Superlatones: The Femme Fatale

Lately, it seems that we are hearing more and more from new and unexpected partnerships between artists of different genres. This is why, through Superlatones, we are creating our very own directory”a musical wish-list, if you will”of artists who have yet to join the collaborative bandwagon.

This week, we feature two artists who credit their popularity just as much to their music as to the persona they command.  With their distinct style, sultry voices and mysterious airs, these women would have been the perfect leading ladies to the film noir era of the ’40’s. Are you ready to solve a mystery? Then follow us into the lives of this week’s femme fatales¦

The Dynamic Duo:
Lana Del Rey
and Paloma Faith

New York’s Lana Del Rey, born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, began her career under the moniker Lizzy Grant. The singer-songwriter later changed her name to Lana Del Ray for the release of her single Video Games, which became an instant success.  Her latest album Born To Die was released early this year with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.