Director Of 'The Double' Talks Casting J Mascis

the doubleRichard Ayoade, of The IT Crowd, and director of the upcoming film The Double, cast Dinosaur Jr. mainman J. Mascis in the new movie, which stars Jesse Eisenberg and is based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. In the film, Mascis plays a janitor whose primary affect is apathy. Ayoade told NME why he found the guitarist perfect for the role.

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Kanye West To Release 'Yeezus' Film In Theaters

kanye-west-i don't likeI have to admit, I haven’t been one of those swept away by the recent Yeezus phenomenon, though Kanye‘s most recent album did receive some pretty high praise, including two Grammy nominations (though according to Kanye, he definitely deserved even more nominations. Two just won’t do.)  But for those who felt Yeezus was snubbed by so few nominations, or who simply don’t want to see the album fade away, you won’t have to. Directed by Hype Williams (Belly), Kanye is bringing Yeezus to the silver screen. Unfortunately, the details are pretty scant right now, but you can check out a short trailer for the film here. Will you be seeing Yeezus when it hits theaters?

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5 Most Anticipated Music Films Of SXSW

It’s that time of the year again: gearing up for the inevitable onslaught that is the South by Southwest schedule. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To make it a little easier to pick through the massive amount of events going on, we’ve highlighted the five best music-related films for you to check out, along with a handy “when to watch” guide to enhance your viewing experience.

Broadway Idiot & ¡Cuatro!


It’s a two-for-one deal for Green Day this year, so we’re grouping the dual documentaries on the band into a single punktastic category. Broadway Idiot focuses on Billie Joe Armstrong’s transition to the Broadway stage for the theatrical rendition of the band’s 2004 rock opus American Idiot, while ¡Cuatro! focuses on the making of the band’s recent trilogy of albums.

Watch it after: Missing your favorite punk band’s set in favor of that “awesome new shoegaze, EDM meets post-punk” act that your friend misguidedly recommended. (more…)

New Music Documentaries On Napster, The Beatles To Premiere At SXSW 2013

This Year’s South By Southwest Festival will see the premiere of several notable music documentaries, with themes ranging from the digital download revolution to a little-known secretary for The Beatles. The new documentary Downloaded tracks the precipitous rise and fall of Napster and the whiz kids behind it: Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. Fun fact: it’s directed by Alex Winter. Don’t know the name? Well, surely you know Bill S. Preston, esquire. Yep, that’s right. The new documentary film is directed by Keanu Reeves’ co-star in the famous Bill and Ted movies. Though it might come as a surprise, Winter made the jump to directing in 1993 with the comedy sci-fi flick Freaked. Excellent.

Another SXSW premiere this year is Good ‘Ol Freda, which tells the almost entirely unacknowledged life story of Freda Kelly, the president of the Beatles Fan Club, and the band’s “secretary” for 11 years. Kelly became close to the band during their early days as an up-and-coming Liverpool act and stayed loyal to the band during their rise to fame and subsequent breakup. The film depicts how, “as the Beatles’ devoted secretary and friend, Freda was there as history unfolded; she was witness to the evolution “ advances and setbacks, breakthroughs and challenges “ of the greatest band in history.” Even more reason to get excited for SXSW 2013.

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Lil Wayne Joins Pixar Film 'The Good Dinosaur'; Lending Voice To 'Smurfs 2'

Young Money CEO Lil Wayne has been straying further and further from the world of music in recent years, and now the New Orleans born rapper is taking his vocal talents to the world of animation with not one, but two upcoming roles in major motion pictures.

Miss Info is reporting that Weezy has officially joined the cast of an upcoming Pixar film entitled, The Good Dinosaur, which is being helmed by Up directors Bob Peterson and Peter Sohn. The feature follows a boy and his pet brontosaurus and is currently scheduled for a May 30, 2014 release. You can view the first image from the film below:

In other Lil Wayne film news, IMDB has revealed that he will also be lending his voice to the upcoming 2013 film, Smurfs 2. You can view the trailer for that feature below:

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5 Best Movie Soundtracks of 2012

2012 has been a fantastic year for movies, but it may have been an even better year for movie soundtracks. From action and horror, to comedies and dramadies, the world of film was made more enthralling in 2012 than any year in recent memory thanks to music, and today we’re highlighting our five favorite releases. I would suggest you see every film mentioned on this list in order to fully appreciate the accompanying music, but perhaps one of the greatest features of each of these releases is how well they play outside the context of cinema. So whether you’re a cinephile or you refuse to pay ridiculous cinema prices, there is something here for everyone. Click through the “Read more” link and enjoy. (more…)