Most Pirated Artists of 2013: Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Daft Punk

rihanna-2013I imagine that there’s a certain feeling of flattery in being named one of the most illegally downloaded artists of the year. Musicmetric, which analyzes data from Bit Torrent, has revealed that at over five million downloads each, Bruno Mars and Rihanna earned the top spots in this category, while Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk, and Flo Rida rounded out the top five. Also in the top 10 were Kanye West, Jay Z, Eminem, Drake, and Pitbull. 

Gregory Mead of Musicmetric reminds readers that the analytics “don’t condone piracy,” but rather help artists plan around where their fans are, in order to optimize tours ” similar to what Iron Maiden has started doing. Musicmetric also measures social media success, and found Taylor Swift to be the winner, with an added 29.5 million new followers in 2013, with Katy Perry close behind at an added 29.2 million new followers.

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Flo Rida Debuts "How I Feel"

Flo Rida may not be the first emcee who comes to mind when considering hip-hop’s finest, but there is no denying his power to win over Top 40 listeners. Each track he’s released, whether or not embraced by the urban community, has found its way into heavy rotation at radio, and we have a feeling the same will be the case for his new single, “How I Feel.”

Built on a killer sample of Nina Simone‘s “Feeling Good,” which many people may recognize as one of the bigger samples on 2012’s Watch The Throne, “How I Feel” pulses with a four-on-the-floor stomp, and despite a forgettable lyric, is a compelling dance floor filler. You can stream the single below.

They say you shouldn’t try to fix what isn’t broken, and as his career grows it seems Flo Rida is taking that sentiment to heart. With little hope of becoming one of the genre’s great lyricists, he seems to strive simply to make feel good music. He’s accomplished that task many times over in the past, and “How I Feel” serves as proof he still has a lot of heat left to deliver.

No word yet on when Flo Rida will drop a new album, but those wanting to add “How I Feel” to their personal collection can do so when the single arrives on iTunes October 28th. (more…)

Flo Rida Debuts "Can't Believe It" Featuring Pitbull

The work week may just be beginning, but that doesn’t mean the good vibes from the weekend need to be put away just yet.

Hitting the net just after midnight on July 28, “Can’t Believe It” is a club-ready jam from pop heavyweight Flo Rida. The song features Pitbull and focuses on the unbelievable beauty of girls found on the dance floor and beyond. It’s not as much about storytelling as it is setting a mood for good times, and after hearing “Can’t Believe It” three times this morning, it’s hard to imagine anyone making it through with a straight face. Kick back, turn it up, and click through the link below to stream “Can’t Believe It” in full.

Flo Rida has reportedly been working on a new album, but at this time no details regarding its release have been confirmed. “Can’t Believe It” is sure to make the cut though, so comment below and let us know your thoughts on the track. (more…)

Black Veil Brides Featured On 'Now That's What I Call Music 45'

Everyone’s favorite radio friendly compilation is back, and in a surprising twist of events the makers of Now That’s What I Call Music have featured Black Veil Brides‘ “In The End” on their 45th installment. Appearing as a “Now What’s Next” bonus track, Black Veil Brides finds a home among other bonus artists, Born Cages, Walk The Moon, and Capital Cities.

Although it’s a shocker to see the band included on a track list that also features acts like Taylor Swift, Ke$ha, One Direction, and Ne-Yo, it’s refreshing to see Now That’s What I Call Music delving a bit more into the unknown. At least, the unknown of many regular Now listeners.

Check out the full track list after the jump, and keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with Black Veil Brides by following us on Twitter!


Sound And Vision: The Diminishing Returns of the No. 1 Single

No. 1 with a bullet: Ah, that once-relatively elusive and exclusive room at the top. The holy grail for the pop single, it used to be as high an honor and as highly desirable as gold and platinum albums. But what does it mean when a star as marginally talented as Katy Perry can hit No. 1 five times on Billboard’s Hot 100 in the space of one album (six times in one and a half albums, if you count Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection)? Or when Rihanna, who still hasn’t scored a chart-topping album in six tries, can do in less than six years what took Madonna a dozen (hit No. 1 on the Hot 100 one time short of a dozen)?

Does Teenage Dream have, well, a dream of ever being as iconic as Michael Jackson‘s Bad (which spawned five No. 1 hits and thus shares the record for most No. 1 singles from one album with Teenage Dream), George Michael‘s Faith (which produced four) or even Adele‘s 21 (a contemporary that launched three), none of which had to be re-released as a special expanded edition in order to pad its hit list and sales tally? For all her No. 1 singles, will any Rihanna album thus far ever be considered as landmark as Madonna’s 1983 self-titled debut through 1989’s Like a Prayer, which covered a comparable career time frame? Rihanna’s yet to even break through the double-platinum glass ceiling.

Then there’s Carly Rae Jepsen‘s Call Me Maybe, which just spent nine weeks atop Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart, making it the biggest song of the summer, if not 2012. It also makes her a surefire nominee for Best New Artist at the 2013 GRAMMY Awards ceremony. She’ll face stiff-ish competition from Gotye and fun., who spent eight and six weeks at No. 1, respectively, with their respective singles, Somebody That I Used to Know and We Are Young. (more…)

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012