ESPN "Main Event" Competition Winners Battle For "Images Of The Year" Feature

Here at OurStage, we’re all about healthy competition. That’s why we pitted 10 of our best artists against each other over the past few months to see which five would win on-air features on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. Now, FlyRydaz, Fight The Fear, Ciph Boogie, Konsept, or DIVE will win the ultimate Grand Prize: a feature on Friday Night Fight’s “Images Of The Year.” Head over to our Facebook page and cast your vote by noon on August 12


Fight The Fear

Ciph Boogie


Congrats To FlyRydaz – March ESPN Main Event Winner

After a month of fierce competition, Boston’s FlyRydaz have emerged as the victor of the March round in the ESPN “Main Event” Competition with their song, “Mama Told Me.”

As part of their victory, the trio will have their winning song played on ESPN during Friday Night Fights. Also, the group can now count themselves amongst the four artists who will battle to be crowned “Main Event” champ, with a final vote taking place in August to decide which song will be featured on FNF‘s “Images of the Year.”


Vote For Your Favorite Act In The ESPN Main Event Competition

Much to the chagrin of Elton John, ESPN prefers Friday nights for fighting, and we’re helping the network define the soundtrack. As we speak, OurStage artists FlyRydaz and The Organ Beats are duking it out for a chance to be crowned “Main Event” champ and have their tracks featured on ESPN’s legendary Friday Night Fights. Head to the ESPN Main Event Competition and vote for your favorite by March 30. We’ll be featuring a different matchup every two weeks, so be sure to check back in and vote for your new favorite. Each Main Event champ will take part in a final vote in August to decide which song will be featured on FNF’s “Images of the Year.”