The Kings of Grit-Pop

Forest Henderson

What would it sound like if Elvis Costello started a Cheap Trick tribute band with Led Zeppelin? Boston’s Forest Henderson thinks it would sound like them. We’re not so sure. Listen to Damn the Dogs and you’ll get some rogue elements that can’t be attributed to the above trifecta. A guttural bass rumble and guitars that spit grit kick off the tune, sending the listener into a swinging, garage rock free-for-all that sounds more like Queens of the Stone Age on warp speed. Forest Henderson blends blues, vintage rockabilly, and gleaming pop rock into muscular little melodies, polished to perfection. Tom Petty is a swamp bottom rocker with guitars that sputter and squeal and drums thrash. It’s reminiscent of Last Dance for Mary Jane, only with more bite. The band’s emphasis on groove makes for some great songs to spazz out to. Even Costello would get a kick out of their brand of pop.