The Royal Concept – Exclusive Performance, Free Downloads

Welcome to a rare, on-location Songs of the Revolution, featuring The Royal Concept, filmed and recorded at Brighton Music Hall in Brighton MA. So eager were we to have these guys be a part of our series that we packed up the laptop, a pair of mics and stands, and of course our mobile videographic unit (aka the camera) and made our way to the club, where the band was preparing to soundcheck. The search for a proper location to shoot turned up no secret, well lit, acoustically-tuned rooms tucked away in the club, so we set up by the pool tables. The band put together a makeshift set up, complete with mini-keyboard (the enduring classic, Casio SK-1) and trash bin percussion. Crunched for time, we still managed to get two great, fairly impromptu songs from The Royal Concept, who really couldn’t have been cooler or more accommodating. Enjoy these videos and free downloads.

Songs Of The Revolution: Little Barrie

The shag-haired, leather-clad men of Little BarrieLewis Wharton, Virgil Howe, and the eponymous Barrie Cadogan “ are exactly what you expect. When they stopped into our studio for the final Songs Of The Revolution session of 2012, they were a vision of no-frills rock and roll. Polite, of course, but these guys were there to work. After a chat about the set up “ no isolation, everything in the room, don’t care if it sounds dirty, we don’t really play stripped-down “ the guys jumped into three songs ranging from propellant riffage to groove-based mood rock. Barrie himself is known for his session and touring guitar work with acts like Spritualized, Edwyn Collins (who has produced the band), Morrissey, The Chemical Brothers, and more. This range of quality music, along with his stellar guitar playing, is on display in this exclusive session for OurStage. Watch the streaming videos and download the mp3s for free. See you in 2013.


Songs Of The Revolution: Chamberlin

We’ve got a brand-new, exclusive Songs Of The Revolution session for you”with streaming video and free downloads, as usual. Chamberlin is a band of road-tested performers from Vermont, who play rootsy and roomy songs about the unavoidable twists of interpersonal relationships and the self-torture of jealousy. The heavy subject matter is belied by the affable nature of the band members, who strolled into the studio one afternoon in late September and pulled together three songs, changing up their usual instrumentation and decorating the sound with accordion and banjo. Their recorded stuff is and seems to be moving even more toward lush, moody Floyd-esque rock, with modern touches. Great people, great music, and currently (November 2012) on tour again. See dates here:


Introducing the 'Songs of the Revolution' Recording Session Series on OurStage

In 1776, the world changed forever when two forces”one, the most powerful army in the world, and the other, a roughshod militia with no formal training”faced each other across a quiet meadow in Lexington, MA.

Now, from that same corner of the world, OurStage is firing a new salvo. Songs of the Revolution is the product of our belief that music, when it finds the right ears, can change everything. So, like Paul Revere, we’re bringing a message to the masses, swiftly and furiously arming our citizen warriors with a galvanizing soundtrack.

Your favorite bands touring in the Boston area will record a live session with OurStage producer and Community Manager Skot. One to three songs, one to three takes, live and unplugged. Watch videos of the sessions on YouTube, check out behind the scenes photos, and download the recordings for free.

Listen to and download sessions from Never Shout Never, Tim Blane, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, You Am I, and The Hollow Sound now. Become a fan of Songs of the Revolution here on OurStage to get updates whenever a new session is added right on your OurStage newsfeed, or submit your email to receive updates straight to your inbox.

We bet Paul Revere wished he had an iPod for times like these.

Download October Editor Picks For Free On Facebook

October is always a month for changes. The leaves start changing color, the weather starts getting colder and the feeling that winter is right around the corner starts to creep in. But October isn’t all bad! The brisk weather can be really refreshing, and Halloween” the one day of the year where adults get to play dress up and not look insane”is always sure to be a blast. So with that in mind, we’ve hand-picked a brand new playlist of OurStage songs to soundtrack your weekend of leaf raking or your awesome Halloween party. Head over to the OurStage Facebook page to download the mix for free, or check out 8tracks to listen to it along with our past Editor Picks playlists. So put on your headphones, kick back, and enjoy some great tunes.

Those Mockingbirds “Coast To Coast” – If you’re looking for some ’90s nostalgia you’ve come to the right place. This song has the influence of grunge written all over it.

Kim Wempe “Out Of My Closet” – The perfect mix of folk and blues for a lazy autumn afternoon.

Dirty Fuzz “The True History Of Rock And Roll” – The title pretty much speaks for itself. Loud guitar riffs and soulful singing evoke the memories of past rockstars.

The Trews “The World, I Know” – You can hear influences from the Rolling Stones to R.E.M. in this hard rocking tune.

Windoview “Uke Song” – Ukuleles seem to be all the rage these days, and this song doesn’t fail to disappoint. A soft and heartfelt indie pop song.

The All-Girl Boys Choir “Red” – Even though they’re only a duo, The All-Girl Boys Choir rocks out harder than most bands double their size. Don’t ever say that girls can’t rock too!

Andrew Belle “Static Waves” – Andrew Belle’s acoustic ballad gets a boost from a backup female singer and an accompanying string section for an epic sounding song.

Tess Dunn “Marionette Of Me” – An irresistible piano line and Tess Dunn’s catchy vocal melodies ensure that this track will remain stuck in your head for awhile.

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Download August Editor Picks For Free On Facebook

We know the feeling. You start seeing all those ads for “Back to School” supplies. The first few leaves start turning yellow. You’re not drenched with sweat all the time. Yes, it’s official. The summer will soon start winding down, but don’t let that stop you from getting in one last awesome summer playlist! We’ve made it easy for you. Check out the OurStage Facebook page to download our hand-picked mix for free, or listen to it on 8tracks along with the past Editor Picks playlists. The best of OurStage is right at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for? Put on these tunes and keep the fall at bay for just a little bit longer.

Sleeperstar “We Go Tonight” – Just listen to that intro and try not to feel awesome. When the tension builds up through an insistent lead vocal line and ringing snare explodes into epic guitar riff, you’ll know what we mean.

Sarah Cripps “Getaway Car” – This tune’s bluesy guitar riffs and swaggering drum beat will make you want to take another swig of whiskey before your second round on that mechanical bull.

David Berkeley “Parachute” – Berkeley builds his clever wordplay around the perfect metaphor for a damaged relationship. Also, just try to resist the “ba ba bas.” Yep, you can’t.

Talain Rayne “Dear Sister, Your Brother” – Recipe for a sweet ode to childhood friends: two parts male-female harmonies, 1 part ukelele, and a pinch of shakers.

Adriana Sky “I’ll Find You” – Adriana Sky’s muscular guitar riffs and impassioned vocals will make you want to puff out your chest and pretend to belt into your hairbrush. Go ahead, we’re not watching.

Lost In Society “Not Afraid” – Punk’s not dead! Lost In Society are keeping it alive with their gravelly vocals and crunching power chords. All you need now is a mosh pit.

Old Wives’ Tale “Bliss” – The warbly synth and jangly guitar hook create an alternate reality where disco is somehow way cooler than it actually was.

The Niceguys “Things Ain’t The Same” – Over a slinky guitar line and a smooth bass groove, The Niceguys drop tight nostalgic rhymes about a past fling that now just isn’t the same.