Who Will Be The Next Tr3s El Headliner? You Decide!

The time has come. Our Tr3s Latin Music Channel is teaming with talented artists competing for the title of “El Headliner“, but it’s up to you do decide who will win. The first place winner will be featured on Lo Que Te Pica, Music My Güey, Free Latin Music, and Blogamole. With a spotlight this big, only the greatest and most talented musicians will make it to the top, so log-in and start judging to help your favorite Latin OurStage artists get there!

Latin Artists! The Opportunity Of A Lifetime Awaits In This Month's "El Headliner" Competition

Have you been working ’round the clock to perfect a song that will capture that attention of Latin music fans everywhere? If so, OurStage and Tr3s have the opportunity for you.

Submit your best material to the Tr3s Latin Music Channel by July 23 for your chance to become July’s El Headliner. Our community of music fans and judges at Tr3s will listen to the entries and decide who they feel deserves the title. If you win, you’ll gain instant traction with the 6.1 million households who watch Tr3s on TV and the masses of Latin music fans on Tr3s.com through features on Lo Que Te Pica, Music My Güey, Free Latin Music and Blogamole.




Tr3s Selects Mateo For January's El Headliner Promo Prize

What do you get when you combine NYC hip hop with the traditional music of Colombia and Ecuador? Mateo, that’s what. This artist-on-the-rise made his mark through relentless gigging on the New York club scene, and he’s looking to take things to the next level. With any luck, his month-long features from Tr3s on Free Latin MusicBlogamole and on-air promotion through Lo Que Te Pica and Music My Güey will do just the trick. That’s right, Mateo won January’s coveted El Headliner prize. Check out his winning song “Hasta al Amanecer” and more below!

Check Out Joey's Exclusive Features From Tr3s

In December, Tr3s plucked Grand Prize winner Joey fresh from the ranks of the December Tr3s Latin Music Channel. A Brooklyn native, this rising R&B/bachata/reggaeton star makes an excellent addition to the El Headliner repertoire. Joey’s exclusive promotion rolled out in January, featuring his song MI VIDA / BACHATA for free download on Free Latin Music and showcasing his talents both online on Music My Güey, Blogamole and over the airwaves on Lo Que Te Pica. Check out snippets from Joey’s Free Latin Music and Blogamole features below. If you’re a Latin artist who wants a shot at the El Headliner prize, then enter the February Tr3s Latin Music Channel by February 21st for your chance to win.

Free Latin Music


Get Your Music Featured on Tr3s as January's El Headliner

Get Your Music Featured on Tr3s as January's El Headliner

Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at time of entry and must reside within the 50 United States or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Only submission materials that are determined, at the sole discretion of the Sponsors, to be classified as Latin, as defined on the OurStage FAQ’s will be deemed valid entries.


Tr3s Features October El Headliner JL MadSkillz

Your October El Headliner, JL MadSkillz, crushed the competition last month in the Tr3s Latin Music Channel. With his hit song “Si Alguna Vez”, this Florida native gave us a track that’s sure to make us dance. If you haven’t checked the track out by now, go take a listen because we don’t want you missing out! The reign as El Headliner came with tons of features across the world of Latin Music on Tr3s and Tr3s.com. Check out what Lo Que Te PicaFree Latin Music, and Blogamole had to say!


Free Latin Music

Lo Que Te Pica

Tr3s Offers Up Una Extraordinaria Promoción

They’re back! Our friends at Tr3s are once again gearing up to give one lucky Latin artist great exposure with the El Headliner Promotional package. Want a chance at the prize? All you have to do is enter your best track to the Tr3s Latin Music Channel by December 23rd. The prize includes editorial features in Free Latin Music, Blogamole and Music My Güey, as well as a spotlight on Lo Que Te Pica . Enter now for your chance to win!

It Takes Mad Skills To Become El Headliner

Make way for reggaetón’s next superstar. JL MadSkillz is blasting through your stereo by way of the October Tr3s Latin Music Channel on OurStage. JL turned heads with his club-ready hit Si Alguna Vez, which carried him to the No. 3 spot in the channel and landed him the El Headliner title for the month. Take one listen; go ahead, we dare you not to dance.

JL will be promoted this month by Latin media powerhouse Tr3s through exclusive features on Lo Que Te PicaFree Latin MusicBlogamole and Music My Güey, so stay tuned to the OurStage blog and Tr3s.com to read the full story. Check out the music video for his winning track and hear more of his tunes in the playlist after the jump.


Earn Your Spot As November's El Headliner

Every artist needs a little help to get their music heard by the masses. You’ve put in countless hours recording and gigging, but some exposure from a media powerhouse like Tr3s can help take you to the next level. That’s why Tr3s and OurStage have partnered up to give one lucky Latin artist a great opportunity.

Enter the Tr3s Latin Music Channel by November 22nd and you could win the November El Headliner prize! The artist crowned El Headliner will receive Tr3s promotional features on Lo Que Te Pica, Free Latin Music, Blogamole and Music My Güey. So what are you waiting for? ¡Entra Ahora!

RIA Features Roll Out On Tr3s

When it comes to Latin talent, Tr3s knows how to spot ’em. Choice artists like Bergman Pazs and GirlzTalk had their musica y talento broadcast to millions of amantes de la múisca nationwide by entering sus temas in the Tr3s Latin Music Channel on OurStage.

August marked Miami native RIA‘s turn to take la corona de El Headliner, and it’s clear she’s sporting it with orgullo Latino. Check out her features on Lo Que PicaBlogamole and Music My Güey below. We’re positive her soulful blend of Latin pop will keep you groovin’ all day.