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We know the feeling. You start seeing all those ads for “Back to School” supplies. The first few leaves start turning yellow. You’re not drenched with sweat all the time. Yes, it’s official. The summer will soon start winding down, but don’t let that stop you from getting in one last awesome summer playlist! We’ve made it easy for you. Check out the OurStage Facebook page to download our hand-picked mix for free, or listen to it on 8tracks along with the past Editor Picks playlists. The best of OurStage is right at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for? Put on these tunes and keep the fall at bay for just a little bit longer.

Sleeperstar “We Go Tonight” – Just listen to that intro and try not to feel awesome. When the tension builds up through an insistent lead vocal line and ringing snare explodes into epic guitar riff, you’ll know what we mean.

Sarah Cripps “Getaway Car” – This tune’s bluesy guitar riffs and swaggering drum beat will make you want to take another swig of whiskey before your second round on that mechanical bull.

David Berkeley “Parachute” – Berkeley builds his clever wordplay around the perfect metaphor for a damaged relationship. Also, just try to resist the “ba ba bas.” Yep, you can’t.

Talain Rayne “Dear Sister, Your Brother” – Recipe for a sweet ode to childhood friends: two parts male-female harmonies, 1 part ukelele, and a pinch of shakers.

Adriana Sky “I’ll Find You” – Adriana Sky’s muscular guitar riffs and impassioned vocals will make you want to puff out your chest and pretend to belt into your hairbrush. Go ahead, we’re not watching.

Lost In Society “Not Afraid” – Punk’s not dead! Lost In Society are keeping it alive with their gravelly vocals and crunching power chords. All you need now is a mosh pit.

Old Wives’ Tale “Bliss” – The warbly synth and jangly guitar hook create an alternate reality where disco is somehow way cooler than it actually was.

The Niceguys “Things Ain’t The Same” – Over a slinky guitar line and a smooth bass groove, The Niceguys drop tight nostalgic rhymes about a past fling that now just isn’t the same.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Needle In The Haystack French Cassettes

Sometimes when a band has a million members its easy to recognize. Arcade Fire, for instance, with its huge roster (we’re still not exactly sure whether its nine or ten) throws in sounds, instruments, vocals, hoots and hollers with such veracity into both songs and live performance that its virtually impossible not to recognize this is not your average sized group. While this week’s Needle In The Haystack artist, French Cassettes‘ musician count isn’t in double digits, six is still a lot of people to cram into a practice space” let alone a song-writing session. But the French-pop group makes it work, and somehow seamlessly conceptualizes songs like “Seahorse” with simple execution and clean transitions of what appears to be a lot of different views, like rolling vocals spliced with electrified guitars.

Check out the chaos that goes into a recording session with the French Cassettes below, and download the magic that comes out of it with “Seahorse”.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Needle In The Haystack Sylvana Joyce And The Moment

In our introduction to this week’s Needle In The Haystack we talked about how Sylvana Joyce and The Moment cite “various gypsy music” as influences. When listening to the free download “Me For You” from the act, we picture bare feet dancing on assorted rugs, so much so that we can’t tell if the subtle chimes in the background are actually part of the song or if we’re just imagining them in our music-induced drug stupor. With lyrics like “So here you are you’re waiting for some action I’d hit you up but I’ve got a bad reaction to small doses/ they always leave me hanging,” sounds like a bad trip that we don’t want to stop.

Watch Sylvana Joyce and The Moment cast their spell in the video below, and download “Me For You” for free.



Many of us find it difficult to play instruments, sing, write songs and the like. It appears it comes pretty easy to Alex Mejias, so easy that for years music was on the back burner as he passed his Bar exam after graduating from UVA Law School! Alex is now pursuing his professional music career, and strives to differentiate himself from the other singer/songwriters. This week’s free download free download was ranked number seven in contemporary/soft rock for July 2008. Enjoy his song, Where Hope Remains, and keep an eye on him for more to come!

A Gift from Mieka Pauley!

Mieka Pauley’s music is as soulful as it is honest, which is shown very well in her song “Secret” through passionate melody and a clear lyrical message. She takes this honesty to a new level with her song “Marked Men”, an a capella tune full of anger and passion (you can check out the performance video below). If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with her, you already know that she has been busy. You can take a look at some past OurStage blog posts (Mieka Pauley Feature post and CMJ Performance post) to catch up on all of her previous endeavors.  These include, winning the Cosmo Magazine Star Launch contest and having a song featured on the ABC television show, Lipstick Jungle.

Mieka Pauley has quite a bit planned for the coming months. She is booked to play SXSW in Texas for the second year in a row, where her blues-influenced songs will be a great fit. It is her second year in a row playing this festival. In addition, she has also gained significant momentum on OurStage, with almost 15 months of placing in the Top 10 within one of our channel competitions. Not to mention that she has won this honor in many different channels, ranging from singer/songwriter to indie pop, displaying her diversity as an artist.

Get a taste of what this unique artist has to offer. Mieka just announced, as a gift to all of her current and soon-to-be fans, that she is offering her entire CD, Elijah Drop Your Gun, for free download from Amazon. After downloading the album, let her know what you think by heading over to her fanclub and dropping her a line.