Major League Post Debut Album As Free Download

New York pop-punk exports Major League have posted their entire debut album, Hard Feelings, online as a free download for a limited time.

Major League’s label, No Sleep Records, recently announced plans to give away a limited number of copies of the band’s debut album via social networks. The label told fans they had earned a large number of download credits via the popular indie music service Bandcamp and decided the best way to use them was by offering free downloads of recent releases to supporters. Downloads are going fast, but as of 11AM this morning there are still plenty left for anyone interested in discovering some new music. Click here to stream and download Hard Feelings.

Since we’re on the subject of Bandcamp, now seems as good a time as any to remind you that we’re always looking for opportunities to give our users’ music more exposure. If you have a new album release, music video, or additional piece of media you’re trying to promote you can submit your materials for feature consideration to We look forward to hearing from you.

MIXTAPE MONDAYS: Tyga, Fat Trel, and More!

Welcome back to Mixtape Mondays. Starting this week, OurStage will be bringing you this column each and every week! That means more free music for fans, and more opportunities for independent artists to gain notoriety. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming edition of this column, or you know an OurStage artist that you feel deserves a mention, send an email to with a link to the profile and the subject “Mixtape Mondays.” We listen to everything, but are not able to reply to every submission. If you want to ensure we received your mixtape, please feel free to tweet us day or night.

This week on Mixtape Mondays we only have two new releases to discuss, but I went ahead and threw in a new single and mixture announcement to spice things up. If you were hoping for something you can play loud while the snow falls, this week is definitely for you. (more…)

Download French Montana's 'Mac and Cheese 3' Mixtape

The wait is over (and only a week overdue)!

French Montana took to DatPiff late last night to release his highly-anticipated mixtape, Mac and Cheese 3. It features guest appearances by J.Cole, Rick Ross, Diddy, Future, Mase, Fat Joe, Wale, Mac Miller, Curren$y, Tyga, Machine Gun Kelly and more. Production comes from Harry Fraud, Young Chop, Rico Love, Boi-1da and more. You can find a download link for Mac and Cheese 3 below.

We have been hyping this mixtape for a few weeks now, and I’ll tell you up front that it more than delivers on the promises of the early leaks. French is playing for keeps these days, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his 2013 label debut, Excuse My French, opened atop of the charts. Consider this mixtape primer for the takeover no one will be able to stop.

Click here to download Mac and Cheese 3.

If you enjoy French Montana, be sure to check out OS artist Jitta On the Track.

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Two weeks have passed since we last spoke and a slew of great new mixtapes have hit the market. We talked about how great the Fall has been for music in my last column, and it seems that streak may continue well into Winter. For this entry of Mixtape Mondays I have two releases to highlight, as well as some big news from an two artists you need to know before 2013 arrives.  (more…)

The Sky Is Crying

Steady Skies

Steady Skies rides the line between the arena and the front porch. They’re musicians who dole out poppy hooks and plucky banjos in equal measure; a rock band that flirts with country. Start your introduction with Remember When, a driving melody pushed along by the deep ripple of bass, bright spears of guitars, and the slight country cadence of singer Tyler McCuen. That song’s mid-tempo musings give way to more apocalyptic imagery on the doleful Church Bells. I hear church bells ringing in the city streets / Crowds of people falling on their knees, McCuen sings over wailing guitars. If thinking about the end of the world is too much of a buzzkill, skip to Waiting For. There, existential anxieties”bursting dams and falling skies”are wrapped up in an ambling, country-spun melody. When in doubt, a spoonful of banjo can help the melancholy go down.

Guys and Doll

Hello Dollface

Hello Dollface hails from a small town called Durango, tucked into the southwest corner of Colorado. But they haven’t stayed put, racking up miles playing shows across Colorado, Mexico, and Arizona. Their music has the same vagabond soul ” meandering between blues, jazz, and folk pop and even making its way over to Scandanavia for a tune. Den Svenska Laten translates to The Swedish Song, and, true to its name, is a Baltic waltz sung entirely in Swedish. Violin, soft percussion, and plucked strings are braided with Ashley Edwards‘ husky, silky vocals. Capital Me is more percussive, jazzier fare with reverberating guitars, xylophone, and a strutting bass. But it’s Great Wall that really picks up the pace, galloping along while the violin whinnies and the xylophone twinkles. It’s a sad and hopeful little melody from a band of restless romantics. Check ˜em out.