Congratulations To Shallow Royale, Winners Of The Guitar Player "Take The Lead" Competition!

The results are finally in! For weeks, OurStage guitarists have been battling each other and melting faces with their gnarliest riffs and licks, all for a chance to win our Guitar Player “Take The Lead” Competition. However, there was only one band mighty enough to take the lead and conquer all. The winner of this ongoing shredfest is Shallow Royale for their song “Son Of Liberty.” Based out of American Canyon, Calif., this three-piece has stuck it out through many obstacles, recently with the addition of a new bassist, to keep their big sound alive. The winning guitar solo is played by Chase Crow, one of two brothers who are founding members of the band. Check out Chase’s incredible riffs in the playlist below.

As their prize, not only will they be featured in an upcoming issue of Guitar Player magazine, but they will also be taking home a year’s supply of Ernie Ball strings and accessories! So congratulations, Shallow Royale. Your axe-wielding skills have fared you well. May the rock be with you.


Help Us Find A Master Shredder In The Guitar Player "Take The Lead" Competiton

Guitarists on OurStage have been battling each other for ultimate rock god glory, but only you can help us decide who is the master shredder in the Guitar Player “Take The Lead” Competition. One Grand Prize Winner will be featured in an upcoming issue of Guitar Player magazine and will also win a year’s supply of Ernie Ball strings and accessories. So click here and get ready to have your faces melted as you vote for the best guitar soloist on OurStage!

Attention Guitarists: Last Chance To "Take The Lead" In The Guitar Player Competition!

If you are a six-string, axe-wielding shred machine and you haven’t signed up for the Guitar Player “Take The Lead” Competition, then you better get on it now. Submissions end this Friday, August 17, so if you think you’ve got what it takes ” a complete song with a guitar solo that is at least 10 seconds long ” enter now for your chance to win a feature in Guitar Player magazine and a year’s supply of Ernie Ball strings and accessories.

You click that link yet? No? What are you waiting for? Only two days left!

OurStage Soloists Jockey For Lead Position

Think you can tell who’ll be the next Jimmy Page and who’ll be just another C.C. Deville (no offense, C.C.)?  Take your ears over to the Guitar Player “Take The Lead” Competition and judge the most shred-tastic solos on OurStage. Your favorite up-and-coming axeman could score an editorial feature in Guitar Player magazine, and a year’s worth of guitar and bass strings from Ernie Ball!  Judge now, and separate the pentatonic noodlers from the super locrian economy pickers. Guitarists, you know what we mean.