The Immaculate Guitar Pop Of Late Cambrian’s “Objects May Appear”

cambrianIt’s not easy to be a really hooky pop band while also being markedly original. But on their newest LP Golden Time, Late Cambrian have shed their more direct influences in favor of a unique take on the time-tested guitar/bass/drums/harmonies formula. Take for instance the song “Objects May Appear,” which just got the video treatment. Irresistible chord changes come in waves, sweeping over a syncopated beat and lead guitar line, and on top of it all are, yes, incredibly sweet melodies and harmonies. The video is a kind of perfect, zen experience that simply enhances your complete absorption into the song. I’m not saying they’re changing the face of music forever – it’s still guitar pop – but if you can listen to / watch this only once with no repeats, well, you’re a stronger person than I.

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Dylan's Electric Guitar From Newport Folk Up For Auction

There is controversy over the controversy… While the popular story has it that there was much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments when Bob Dylan plugged in at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, with folkie Pete Seeger supposedly trying to take an axe to the power lines backstage, Dylan’s organ player, Al Kooper, relates his memory (in his great memoir Backstage Passes And Backstabbing Bastards) that it was not a big deal at all, and that the crowd quite enjoyed the whole thing.

But when have facts gotten in the way of a popular legend? Dylan at the ’65 festival will forever be noted as a crucial, symbolic moment in rock and roll history, myth or not. And now, the symbolic key to that moment, the focus of all that supposed anguish and rebellion, Bob Dylan’s Fender Stratocaster guitar, is going on the auction block.

Dylan is no longer the owner of the guitar – he apparently left it on a plane decades ago, and after some legal back-and-forth, the pilot’s family ended up with it. The guitar will be auctioned off in New York today, and it’s expected to get up to $500,000.

Anyone want to go in on this with me?


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Judge The Ernie Ball "Save Your Strings" Pop Competition

How would you like to see your favorite pop artist win a year’s supply of strings and accessories from Ernie Ball? Now what if we added that one Grand Prize winner will also receive an endorsement deal from Ernie Ball, along with a Music Man guitar or bass for each guitarist in their band?

Pretty amazing deal, right? Well that’s exactly what we’re offering with our Ernie Ball Save Your Strings Competition. All you have to do is head over to the Pop channel by April 26 and get voting for your favorite artist.



Pop Artists: Enter To Win Free Strings & Ernie Ball Endorsement!

OurStage has partnered with Ernie Ball for an incredible opportunity that could help launch your career. Throughout the year we’ll be hosting the Ernie Ball Save Your Strings Competition in three genres: Rock, Pop, and Country. Pop stars, you’re up first.

Not only will the finalist get a year’s supply of Ernie Ball strings and accessories, along with editorial coverage on, but at the end of the year, one Grand Prize Winner will receive an endorsement deal from Ernie Ball along with a Music Man guitar or bass of your choosing for EACH guitarist in your band. All you have to do is enter your song into the competition by April 22.

Oh, and you might want to start practicing your John Hancock. After all, you’re gonna need it when you sign that endorsement.

Forgotten Jimi Hendrix Album To Be Released In 2013

Think you’ve heard it all from the world’s most revolutionary axeman? You’re not totally experienced yet. On March 5, a previously-unreleased collection of Jimi Hendrix songs will finally see the light more than 40 years after they were initially put to tape. The album, People, Hell and Angels, will contain songs originally intended for First Rays of the New Rising Sun, the unfinished double album that Hendrix was working on just before his death in 1970. Supposedly, the lost tracks will feature Hendrix dabbling in horns, percussion, and keyboards, expanding his already adventurous style into new sonic territory. In the meantime, fans can check out limited-time screenings of the guitarist’s legendary set at Woodstock in celebration of the 70th anniversary of his birth.

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Jenna Bryson Writes "Hit And Run Song," Asks For Help In Hit & Run

Having suffered a bizarre hit and run accident that has left her with a bigger deductible than she can handle, OurStage’s own Jenna Bryson has taken to social media with her most persuasive tool: her own music. Bryson recently posted a song and video that detail the accident, in which a woman drove in reverse through an intersection, hit Bryson’s Nissan Cube, and sped away from the scene. Progressive Insurance was unable to find the woman who hit the car, and supposedly could not find a record of Bryson’s insurance record either. Now, she needs $1,000 to help dig her out of the insurance hole, and in exchange is offering her music for free as well as personalized songs about anyone who donates money. Judging by the cute song that she whipped up to advertise her current financial situation, the personalized songs are probably pretty awesome too.