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Loyalty to the End: NeverShoutNever Travels Through Time



OurStage artist NeverShoutNever has gone through some changes lately. Starting as the sole musical conduit for Christofer Drew, NeverShoutNever took its first steps towards stardom by rising through the ranks of MySpace. The band then set off on tours with the likes of Hellogoodbye and channeled their growing Internet stardom into a major label contract. As much as NeverShoutNever seems like a dream-like DIY Cinderella story, when considering the band’s origins as a creative output for one individual, it makes the logistics behind the recently released third album Time Travel even more remarkable. Not only does the band play with new sounds, the album also marks the first project the group created together as a cohesive unit. And they weren’t alone in helping to make it happen. In the process of crafting the album, the band stopped by the up-and-coming Burbank-based production company Loyal Studios to record the music video for “Time Travel”. Check out the video and some exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures below. Also, feel free stop by Loyal Studios’ blog entry on the shooting to get an inside scoop on the process of shooting the video and insight in the growth of NeverShoutNever.

iRock: Orange Avenue

There was a time when the rock genre adopted synthesized instruments, such as the infamous Moog synthesizer, and birthed a new genre child. Like all kids, the genre grows up  and begins to hang out with many different people thus creating new sounds for everyone to enjoy and love. Bands like Motion City Soundtrack, Ludo, The Get Up Kids, Reggie And The Full Effect, Thunderbirds Are Now! and HelloGoodbye crawled out of the woodwork, utilizing the synth sound in their own unique way. Today, solid synthesized rock genre is all grown up and making a comeback with a fresher look and new attitude after many years of tweaking.