Instagram Users Enraged At New Terms Of Service

Over the past few years, Instagram has worked its way up through the ranks of social networking apps and websites, earning itself a place of significance alongside Twitter and Facebook (which happens to own Instagram). Needless to say, when companies like these reach such a level, every little change they make to their product or rules falls under strong scrutiny by our society.

Therefore, as you can imagine, Instagram users did not take too kindly to the company’s new terms of service adjustment, which, according to the L.A. Times, stated that “Instagram had the right to turn images into advertisements without any approval from or compensation for users starting Jan. 16. ” part of Facebook’s drive to make money from the service it bought this year for $715 million in cash and stock.”

Backlash from users has been rampant, with threats to delete their accounts and move on to similar photo apps like Hipstamatic. In respond to the uproar, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom was quick to try and quell everyone’s concerns by publicly stating, “Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos,” he wrote. “We respect that your photos are your photos. Period.” While somewhat reassuring, this does not change the fact that the company tried create such a dubious policy. Some might say that the app service is on thin ice right now, as users will be on their toes, keeping an eye on Instagram’s next move.

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Dallas Green Finshes Recording New City And Colour Album

All you City And Colour fans out there, get ready for Dallas Green’s next installment of folksy sorrow through soulful singing. According to the Canadian singer-songwriter’s Instagram, recording for the new album is finally done “right before the final #alexisonfire tour!” For those of you who don’t know, Green’s former post-hardcore band Alexisonfire, who broke up last year, are about to embark on a long overdue farewell tour starting on December 2nd in London, UK. While it is sad to see them go, the world has a lot to look forward to with City And Colour’s newest release.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Unreleased American Football Recordings To Surface

It has been over a decade since midwest emo/indie rock band American Football broke up. Since then, there has been a recent resurgence of interest in their music, influencing many pop-punk, post-rock, post-hardcore, and various other types of bands to play shiny, harmonically rich and emotive music. While this style of music has humbly existed for years since American Football’s time, it has been gaining more exposure and was recently dubbed the unfortunately laughable genere title of “twinklecore,” due to the sort of “twinkling” sound of the clean guitar playing.

Needless to say, fans will be excited to hear that Polyvinyl Records have announced that they will be releasing some unreleased and never-before-heard tracks by American Football. According to a post on the company’s Instagram profile, they “just got a package from Steve Holmes (American Football) w/ 7 old cassettes full of AF gems. Some songs are unreleased, some are boom box practices. Let the digitizing begin!” Although the material is about 12 years old, with the recent twinkle-core trend, these recordings may not actually sound so much like the blast from the past that they truly are.

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The primal bellow of the The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is unmistakable.  For over 20 years, the band has blazed a path uniquely and entirely their own, pioneering an inimitable, cacophonous, and burly blend of punk and blues. Though the band decided to take a break after 2004’s Damage, it wasn’t long before lead singer/guitarist Jon Spencer, drummer Russell Simins, and guitarist Judah Bauer were back together writing and recording again. The result of the last few years is Meat and Bone, a classic return to form for the New York three“piece. We recently caught up with Spencer to talk about the changing face of rock ‘n’ roll promotion, social media, and why the passage of time plays a big thematic role on the new record.

OS: After your recent hiatus, what spurred you, Judah, and Russell to start writing together again?

JS: Playing concerts again. That’s what did it. In 2007, the label In The Red put out a compilation of a bunch of singles that we had done for them over the years. So, after that there was something of a renewed interest in The Blues Explosion, and in summer 2008 me and Judah and Russell figured, “Well why not take a few shows?” We went over to Europe and played a few festivals and enjoyed doing it, so we kept playing and took more concerts. About a year and a half ago we began writing songs and thinking about making an album. That followed along naturally, quite organically, out of the return to playing live and touring.


Jack's Mannequin Release Final Song, Prolong Lengthy Farewell

Jack’s Mannequin are having a hard time saying goodbye. Though bandleader Andrew McMahon initially announced that the group would be playing its final show on November 11 at the third annual Dear Jack benefit, he later released the details of a second “farewell show” the following night. According to McMahon, the second show is a result of overwhelming demand from fans, and will allow attendees to make “double the impact” in supporting the Dear Jack Foundation, which McMahon founded to support organizations that provide treatment to young adults living with cancer.