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Meet The Winners Of The Intel® Video "Superstars" Competition!

The first round of the Intel® Video Superstars Competition drew in thousands of content creators competing against one another in nearly every visual genre under the sun. From there we whittled it down to the best of the best in the semi-finals as the top competitors in each sub genre went head to head for the number one spots in Video Game Trailers, Music Videos, and Short Film. Suffice it to say we put these creators through the ringer.

But after two rounds of intense competition, nearly three months of judging and with thousands of fans making their voices heard, we have our winners in the Intel® Video Superstars Competition!


Win Over $5000 In Prizes For Your Best Short Film, Music Video, or Game Trailer

Are you a natural behind the camera? Do you spend countless hours in the lab, editing and cutting footage to create truly engaging works of visual art? If so, our latest competition is for you. OurStage and Intel have joined forces to search for the next generation of filmmakers and video directors.  Submit your music video, game trailer, or short film to the Intel® “Video Superstars” Competition by June 22, 2012 for a chance to win over $5,000 in prizes. Then, encourage your fans to give your masterpiece two thumbs up as you battle your way to the top.



Austin Renfroe Takes Home $10,000 Superstars Grand Prize

This is it folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Thousands of potential superstars were narrowed down to just one lucky winner for the $10,000 “Superstars” Grand Prize. The artist? Drum roll, please. . .it’s none other than rising Nashville songwriter, Austin Renfroe. Renfroe landed the number two spot in the Intel® Superstars Competition Singer-Songwriter Channel with his track Taking Me Under, qualifying him for the finals round where he finished first out of 120 potential superstars potential. Now he’s $10,000 richer, which means he’s on the fast track to baller status (as if he wasn’t already, right?). Join us on congratulating Renfroe on his big win, and be on the lookout for our follow-up with him later this month.


Finalists Announced For The Second Annual Intel Superstars Competition

Let’s face it, folks”being a superstar isn’t easy. But, these lucky six finalists sure fooled us. Each one battled to the top of their respective channels in the 2nd annual Intel® Superstars Competition, and are walking away with one hell of a prize package including an Intel® Core i7â„¢ processor-based Orange OPC, Cakewalk SONAR X1 Production Suite Software, a Yeti Pro from Blue Microphones and a Gibson USA Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute Darkback Electric Guitar! It’s practically an all-in-one home recording studio.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, they’re also in the running”along with the Top 20 artists from each of the six Superstars Channels”to win the $10,000 Grand Prize. Check out these rising superstars below!

Pop Finalist: Pullman Standard

Urban Finalist: Terri J-Songwriter

Latin Finalist: Gregory Telfort

Singer-Songwriter Finalist: Austin Renfroe

Rock Finalist: Specyphi

Country: Xolie Morra and The Strange Kind

**Xolie Morra and The Strange Kind won landslide victories in the Intel® “Superstars” Pop, Country and Singer-Songwriter channels, however due to the official rules the finalist prize was awarded to runner-ups in Pop and Singer-Songwriter.

Judge In The Intel Superstars Competition And Score The Gibson Firebird X Guitar

The Intel® “Superstars” Competition has reached the finals. One hundred and twenty budding superstars are duking it out for a chance to score $10,000”now it’s up to you to help them come out on top. Weigh in by December 15th and you’ll be entered for a chance to win the big, bold and beautiful Gibson Firebird X electric guitar.

This six-stringed scream machine is part of a limited run of just 1,800 units, which features a rich, yet simple user interface that allows you to create over 2,000 pickup combinations to find your unique sound. Effects pedals? Forgot ’em. The Firebird X includes a turbo charged “Pure-Analogâ„¢” engine that provides a collection of world-class effects as well as analog sound. So wait no further, friends”judge now for a chance to win. For a sneak peak of who’s hot in the competition, check out the playlist below.

See that? Yeah, it could be all yours.

Superstars Wanted For The Ultimate Prize From Intel

Fur coats and diamonds eh? You think you’re a superstar, that’s cool, we’re down with that sort of thing. So is Intel®. They’ve assembled a veritable super-group of sponsors including Cakewalk, Gibson Guitars, Blue Microphones, Orange OPC and yours truly to give you the superstar treatment you truly deserve. To lock it down, all you need to do is enter the 2nd annual Intel® Superstars Competition on OurStage by November 22nd.

We’ve got the bases covered with six genre-exclusive competition channels for singer-songwriters, pop divas, rock stars, country giants, rap moguls and músicos Latinos. If you’re track makes it to the Number 1 spot in your channel, you’ll win:

  • Intel® Core i7â„¢ processor-based Orange OPC
  • Cakewalk SONAR X1 Production Suite Software
  • Yeti Pro from Blue Microphones
  • Gibson USA Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute Darkback guitar

Finish in the Top 20, and you’ll automatically be entered to compete in the finals round, where you could score $10,000! So, superstar, here’s your chance to prove your chops. Enter now.

Intel Wants A Superstar

Superstars get ready, get set, go! Intel®”along with sponsors OurStage, Cakewalk Music Creation Software, Gibson Guitar, Blue Microphones and Orange OPC”is calling all aspiring divas and rock stars together to take part in the 2nd Annual Intel® Superstars Competition. If you’re a rock, pop, country, singer-songwriter, urban or Latin artist, then enter your most baller hit into one of the six genre-exclusive Intel® Superstars Competition Channels by November 22, 2011, and you could walk away with a superstar prize.

The Number 1 ranked artist from each competition channel will win an Intel® Corei7â„¢ -processor based Orange PC and Cakewalk SONAR X1 Production Suite Software”that’s practically a full studio. If your track makes it to the Top 20, you’ll move on to the final round in December to compete for $10,000! With prizes like that, the musical possibilities are endless.

California Songstress Performs At CES And Wins 10,000 Dollars

The Intel “Superstars” Competition wrapped up this past November, the culmination of a four-month long competition featuring over 13,000 songs entered by over 5,000 artists nationwide. Sara Lindsay, a young singer-songwriter from Lakewood, CA entered her song  Best of Me into the Intel Superstars Pop Competition in August and battled her way to the Top 20 artists in the channel, securing herself a place in the National Finals competition in November. Best of Me then made it to the Top 20 in the National Finals Channel, catching the attention of the judges and securing her place as the grand prize winner of the competition.

Lindsay not only walked away with $10,000, but also the opportunity to perform at the Intel booth at the international CES conference in Las Vegas. The experience gained her some new fans, some of them from countries around the world. Check out the interview with Lindsay below where she talks with OS about music technology, her performance, getting new fans and much more…

OS: CES is a huge consumer electronics conference. What was it like bringing live music to that kind of event? Was it an unusual performance atmosphere?

SL: I had never heard of the CES conference until this year so I had no idea how big it was (I was later told around 140,000 people) or how well a music performance would go over at an electronics event. I figured people were there to see computers and not a singer/songwriter they had probably never heard of. Though, either way I was still super excited! I was however, pleasantly surprised! I got to perform twice a day at the Intel exhibit and every time it would draw a huge crowd. People loved it! I think it was a nice change of pace amongst the craziness to get and listen to some music and relax for a bit. It was so fun to see people enjoying themselves.

OS: Can you comment on how technology plays a role for you as a musician and for other musicians out there?

SL: Technology these days is especially important for musicians! From one aspect you have all the music software now that essentially lets any musician do most of the work themselves. To be able to have things like Cakewalk and other creative programs makes having a home studio so accessible. Not to mention just about the only way to reach and acquire fans today is through technology. Social networking has changed the whole way the world functions but even more so the music world. It seems like in order to survive as a musician you need a Web site, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, email blogs, YouTube… the list goes on and on. It is a great thing to be able to get that kind of exposure yourself but sometimes it has to make you wonder…. how did The Beatles do it?

OS: What were the reactions of some of the people who stopped by the booth?

SL: I got a lot of good feedback. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go since it didn’t appear to be my usual demographic but they loved it! I had people asking for the next time I was playing and we had people showing up three or four times. I was able to sign the Intel DVD’s after each performance and the response was always overwhelming. It was so fun to connect with so many people that I probably wouldn’t have without this experience and in such a short amount of time.

OS: What was it like traveling to Las Vegas? Did you get to spend some time in the city?

SL: I had never been to Las Vegas so when I heard that’s where I was going I was so excited! I found almost everyone on the plane was headed to CES so it was great to meet some of those people and find out all the good stuff that was going on. I got to see all the amazing hotels and even got to see a Cirque De Soleil show! It was so fun.

OS: Have you picked up some new fans as a result of performing at CES?

SL: I have picked up quite a few fans from the event; and better yet quite a few fans from all over! That was another really cool thing, that I got to meet people from all over the world. It was great to have so many cultures in one room. I had so many people say they were going to share their music all over their cities and that was so exciting to hear. I also got to meet all of the people at Intel whom I fell in love with! Everyone working in the exhibit were so kind and fun and I think I got a lot of new fans in them as well! They made it such a great time that I was sad to leave! I am so grateful to Intel for providing this opportunity and showing me such a great time.

OS: Do you have any plans for what you might do with the $10,000? Studio time? New equipment?

SL: I would love to record a second album this year with that money. I’ve been itching to get back in the studio for sometime and just haven’t been able to afford it. I would also love to do some touring and buy new equipment! At the conference I was able to play using the Blue microphones and Orange amps and the sound was incredible. So I would love to go buy me some of those!

OS: Can you explain how you felt when you found out you’d won?

SL: I really had no expectation of winning! I didn’t even know I had won my category until I got a letter in the mail.  It was so exciting! I could not believe it. Ten thousand dollars is a LOT of money to someone like me and my age! Haha. Us musicians survive on lentils, bread and water so this was pretty life changing. On top of that, they added the trip to Las Vegas that I had no idea about so I probably sounded like nerd on the phone because I was so excited. There were SO many talented artist’s competing that I really felt inferior and assumed I wouldn’t win, so I feel very honored to have won amongst such talented people.

OS: How did you get your fans to come out and judge in the competition?

SL: The really crazy part about all this for me was that from the start I wanted to leave it up to the OurStage fans. I had previously won a competition on OurStage before where I hustled to get my fans to vote everyday. I thought since I had already exhausted that source for that month I wanted to win something because regular people who don’t know me like my music. So I didn’t tell a single soul! Haha  I think that’s why I was so surprised that I had won. I just couldn’t believe it and it was so rewarding and humbling to know that all these people whom I never met enjoy my music that much.  That’s better than all the prizes in my opinion. And that is the beauty of OurStage and what I think OurStage is all about.

OS: How do you think this opportunity will further your career?

SL: You never know what is going to come out of these things. I met a lot of great regular people and a lot of great industry people. I think most importantly I was able to reach new fans and it was a confirmation for me that maybe I’m doing something right and should keep going. I’m going to keep working hard like it never happened and pray that more great opportunities come my way! Because of this I would love to eventually acquire some sponsorships or management or any assistance for that matter! But even if not, I’m going to keep writing and singing and performing because it’s who I am.

OS: Is there anything you want to say to your fans and supporters on OurStage?

SL: I am SO so grateful to everyone involved in OurStage! Thank you so much to anyone who even voted for me once. As a musician, you create a song and hope that people like it and if one person does, then that’s enough. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity. OurStage has provided so many great things for me and I’m so glad I get to be apart of this Web site and this community of fantastic musicians and fans.

To hear more from Sara Lindsay and to check out her OurStage EPK, click HERE.

YOU Help Decide Which Artist Becomes The Next Intel Superstar

The Intel Superstars National Finals Competition is comprised of 120 artists; the combination of the Top 20 ranked artists from six genre-based competitions in the Intel Superstars Latin, Urban, Singer-Songwriter, Rock, Pop and Country Channels. The Top 5 artists in each channel walked away with PCs equipped with Intel® Coreâ„¢ Processor technology and Cakewalk music creation software. The competition is in its final stages and the Grand Prize of $10,000 is at stake. Now more than ever, your votes are needed to help the best up-and-coming artists make it to the top. In January, a panel of music industry judges including Bruce Tyler, former EVP of Sony Music, will choose the Grand Prize winner from the Top 20 artists in the channel, and you can help them get there. Head over to the Intel Superstars National Finals Competition now, vote for your favorite independent artists and discover some incredible music along the way. Stay tuned to the OurStage blog in January to find out which OurStage artist is crowned the next Intel Superstar.

Judges Needed For Final Stretch Of The Intel Superstars Competition

Last month, Intel and Cakewalk partnered to sponsor the Intel Superstars Competition powered by OurStage. The competition takes place across three genre’s of music; rock, pop and country.  The Top 5 artists from each of the three competition channels will receive prize packages including personal computers based on Intel Core Processor technology along with Cakewalk music software. Submissions have flooded in since July 1st so it’s no surprise the three channels collectively contain over 3,000 entries! This many entries requires a lot of judging, and that means these artists need YOUR help now more than ever to make it to the top. All the judging takes place on Facebook, so be sure to head over to Intel’s Facebook page to vote for your favorite artist.