Instagram Users Enraged At New Terms Of Service

Over the past few years, Instagram has worked its way up through the ranks of social networking apps and websites, earning itself a place of significance alongside Twitter and Facebook (which happens to own Instagram). Needless to say, when companies like these reach such a level, every little change they make to their product or rules falls under strong scrutiny by our society.

Therefore, as you can imagine, Instagram users did not take too kindly to the company’s new terms of service adjustment, which, according to the L.A. Times, stated that “Instagram had the right to turn images into advertisements without any approval from or compensation for users starting Jan. 16. ” part of Facebook’s drive to make money from the service it bought this year for $715 million in cash and stock.”

Backlash from users has been rampant, with threats to delete their accounts and move on to similar photo apps like Hipstamatic. In respond to the uproar, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom was quick to try and quell everyone’s concerns by publicly stating, “Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos,” he wrote. “We respect that your photos are your photos. Period.” While somewhat reassuring, this does not change the fact that the company tried create such a dubious policy. Some might say that the app service is on thin ice right now, as users will be on their toes, keeping an eye on Instagram’s next move.

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The Echo Nest Introduces "The Infinite Jukebox" At Music Hack Day @ MIT

All you music and math nerds out there, prepare to get nothing productive done for the next few hours. Introducing The Infinite Jukebox. Made by The Echo Nest‘s director of developer platform, Paul Lemere, this webpage/app allows you to listen to any song FOREVER with infinite variations in structure.

It may sound a bit confusing at first, but once you mess around with it you will find that the possibilities are literally endless. Here’s an explanation from the app’s FAQ page, explaining how it works:

“We use the Echo Nest analyzer to break the song into beats. We play the song beat by beat, but at every beat there’s a chance that we will jump to a different part of song that happens to sound very similar to the current beat. For beat similarity we look at pitch, timbre, loudness, duration and the position of the beat within a bar. There’s a nifty visualization that shows all the possible transitions that can occur at any beat.”

So as the song starts, you will see an array of colors in a circle with what looks like some sort of virtual web spanning within—consider this like a linear soundwave bent into a circle and each colored bar represents a beat. As the song progresses, a line travels clockwise around this circle highlighting each beat. The “web” strands in the middle of the circle are a visual representation of the possible transitions to other parts of the song that sound similar to the current one. The program is designed in a way so that the song will never end but continue to change in structure. There are a lot of great tracks uploaded already, but you can also upload any song you’d like. Even better, you can control the velocity and direction of the song as well as skip to various parts whenever you’d like, basically making your own infinite interactive remix!

These are the sort of creations that come out of Music Hack Day @ MIT, which is, as described on their website, “an international 24-hour event where programmers, designers and artists come together to conceptualize, build and demo the future of music. Software, hardware, mobile, web, instruments, art – anything goes as long as it’s music related.”

So click here and have fun with this little toy! We apologize if you become addicted and it takes up the rest of your day.

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Electropolis: iPad and iPhone Production Toys

This issue of Electropolis offers recommendations for iPad and iPhone music production applications. These apps are pretty impressive production and performance tools/toys I suggest for both amateurs and pros. The cool thing is you won’t be paying more than a few bucks for them, a ridiculously low price compared to expensive computer programs!

Propellerhead’s Rebirth for iPad

ReBirth followed Propellerhead’s initial software, ReCycle, that got the company up and going in 1997. Although a discontinued retail item, Propellerhead offers the software for free, as well as an iPad and iPhone application that contains enhanced graphics. Originally inspired by Mr. Kakehashi, the founder of Roland, these Swedish lads went off to design digital emulations of some of the most classic and popular Roland synths of their time. In the 1990s, Roland’s popular TR- 808 &  TR-909 drum machines and bass synth, the TR – 303, began making their way into the track titles of the most popular electronic acts of the decade”such as Fatboy Slim’s “Everybody Needs a 303” and Daft Punk’s “Revolution 909.” Today, these analog sounds have become absolutely legendary amongst the EDM culture, and they’re now available to be played on your iPad! ReBirth has been credited for its nearly dead-on replication of the original analog tones of these Roland devices. As a matter of fact, the emulations are so accurate that Roland has asked Propellerhead to acknowledge their inspiration”which they’ve been more than willing to do. As stated on the Apple’s Web site, it’s features include:


Chris Brown Accused of Stealing Woman's iPhone

Singer Chris Brown was reportedly leaving Miami nightclub Cameo with rapper Tyga in a black Bentley, when a woman began to take pictures of him with her iPhone. Brown then snatched the phone from her hand, said “B*tch, you ain’t going to put that on no website,” and drove away.

While charges have yet to be filed, authorities have listed the crime as one count of robbery by sudden snatching. This felony could cause many problems for Brown, who has yet to complete his 5 year probation period for the assault of ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Other sources say that the reason Brown became angry was because he did not want Rihanna to see pictures of him with other women, as this would ruin any chance of reconciliation with the pop star.

Live Wired: The Best Apps For Concertgoers

Most weeks on Live Wired, we bring you our first-hand experiences at concerts from all different kinds of artists. This time around, we want to talk about all of the ways you can find out about the best shows in town and make your concert experience even better! Now there are a vast amount of Web sites that specifically target concertgoers, and a ton of these sites offer apps for your phone. For those of you with Smart phones, here are some of the best apps to fuel your passion for live music. Check them out!

First up is Songkick, a Web site that helps you track your favorite artists who are going on tour. From your phone, the app (which is free, by the way!) will scan your music library to get a sense of your musical tastes, and will also determine your location. This allows the app to work its magic and customize a schedule for you from their database of concerts across the country. You can even get alerts to your mobile device when a show is added, which you can then share with friends across other social networking sites. You can even create your own calendar to keep track of the events you have coming up.


360-Degrees Of The Black Eyed Peas

So your friends cut you off from your I Am T-Pain app after they got sick of your excessive autotuning? Don’t worry! On January 24, Black Eyed Peas frontman introduced the latest iPhone app designed to help fans get involved in their music.

The app, BEP360, is the first release from’s newly-established company will.i.apps, and is available for $2.99 on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It was developed by will.i.apps and Metaio, a company that develops augmented reality software. The first app of its kind, BEP360 gives fans the ability to control a 360° music video for the Peas’ The Time (Dirty Bit). It allows users to fully immerse themselves in video by swinging their phone around an axis. The app also gives users a chance to direct a virtual photo shoot with and bandmates Fergie, and Taboo. Other features include a Black Eyed Peas-inspired puzzle game and the ability to view and share comments with other BEP360 users.

According to a January 24 press release, the new Black Eyed Peas app will allow artists to connect with their fans on another level. Will.i.apps and the BEP360 app have been established to help artists tap into the potential of our hyper-connected mobile world and bring fans deeper inside the music far beyond a four minute audio recording, explains. The release also states that BEP360 is only the first of several upcoming applications from will.i.apps that will converge the worlds of creativity, music and advanced digital technologies. Of course, we’d expect nothing less from a guy who recently signed on as Intel’s new Director of Creative Innovation. And hey “ maybe the app will distract people from the Peas’ underwhelming Super Bowl performance.

For more information about will.i.apps and BEP360, check out the company’s Web site.