Iron Maiden Uses Piracy To Sell Out Tours

Iron Maiden Iron Maiden may have stumbled onto a goldmine by taking advantage of music piracy. Pairing with analytic company Musicmetric to determine where their music is being pirated from, the band has taken to outlining tour dates in those areas to increase ticket sales. While the U.K. and U.S. markets are predictably high for piracy, there has also been a large spike in South American piracy for the band, particularly in Brazil. As it turns out, a large number of the band’s followers on Twitter are also from that region.

Gregory Mead, CEO and co-founder of Musicmetric explains, “With their constant touring, [the] report suggests Maiden have been rather successful in turning free file-sharing into fee-paying fans. This is clear proof that taking a global approach to live touring can pay off, and that having the data to track where your fan bases lie will become ever more vital.”

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Metal Monday: Classicism In Metal

Classic is a term used by people in the arts to define the highest standard of works; something that has withstood the test of time, something that has been inserted into the cultural canon. If we’re talking literature, we could use the Iliad or Odyssey as an example, or perhaps something more modern like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. These works undoubtedly shaped their medium since brought into existence. But what about classics in the world of metal specifically? Compared to most art forms, metal is still in its infancy, being somewhere around 40 years old now. Are there really any works that can be universally regarded as groundbreaking and genre-defining?

Starting with the obvious, Black Sabbath‘s early albums have to be considered since they’re widely regarded as the forefathers of metal. What about their contemporaries and bands that came shortly after? Surely Motí¶rhead, Iron Maiden and others deserve consideration. For posterity, let’s just take the landmark works, Overkill and The Number of the Beast respectively. If we include Judas Priest, which of their works should be included? One approach would be the early work, something more landmark for less studied fans, but on the other hand Painkiller is one of the best metal albums of all time and quite a bit more aggressive than the band’s early material, making this a tough decision. The list of bands and albums goes on and on.  (more…)

Metal Monday: What If Bruce Dickinson Never Joined Iron Maiden?

Many years ago in a galaxy known as metal, some stuff happened that would change the course of the genre forever (but you probably knew that already). We’re here to ponder things like what if that never happened in regard to some of metal’s most momentous events and happenings”What might the metal world be like today?

Metal vocalist, professional pilot, author and even part-time actor”Bruce Dickinson is a man of huge talent and even larger personality. Anyone with a serious passion for metal probably already knows that Mr. Dickinson was not the original vocalist for legendary metal band Iron Maiden, but what if Bruce never joined the band at all, and the vocalist remained Paul Di’Anno, who performed on the first two Iron Maiden albums?

Metal Monday: Riff Fest 2011

Over the years, the cornerstone of many great metal songs has been the almighty riff. Think of just about any legendary metal song, and there’s a pretty fair chance it also features a great riff. Slayer’s “Raining Blood”? Check. Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”? Check. Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”? Check. The list goes on, and on, and on. We here at OurStage believe in the power of the almighty riff. So, to help honor it’s greatness, we’ve found eight killer OurStage metal tracks that riff, and riff hard. Everything from super heavy riffs to blisteringly fast thrash riffs to hyper-technical death metal riffs”we’ve got you covered.

First, we have the straight-forward “Psycho Intentions” by Reign of Fury (above). Riffs fast, riffs hard and melts faces. No more, no less. Well, except the ludicrous guitar shredding and slight acoustic break in the middle, but we’re cool with that. (more…)

Metal Monday: A Look Back At Megadeth's 'Peace Sells…But Who's Buying'

1986 was a good year for metal. A really, really good year. Megadeth‘s Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying was a big part of why ’86 was so great. As you probably already figured out, 2011 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the album’s release. Now, to commemorate Peace Sells as an absolute classic in the metal world, a new anniversary version of the album has been released“we’re doing our part by giving away a signed flat of the album art. This package isn’t an ordinary album + bonus material disk set, either. With five CD/three LP (three different mastered versions of the album and previously unreleased concert audio), a twenty- page book, assorted photos and reproductions of memorabilia and an especially cool rendition of the album cover, this version makes a pretty fantastic box set.

If you’re a fan of metal and are older than thirteen, there’s a pretty solid chance you’ve heard at least one song from Peace Sells (especially if you played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). Whether it’s the iconic bass line that opens “Peace Sells” that gets you rocking, the evil opening of “Devils Island” that hooks you in or the litany of blistering solos that keeps you on the edge of your seat”there’s no denying that Peace Sells is a metal record for the ages. It’s stood the test of time, battling with albums like Metallica’s Master of Puppets, Slayer’s Reign In Blood and Iron Maiden’s Somewhere In Time for the top spot in metal for 1986.

Megadeth Signed Art Flat

Peace Sells art flat, signed by Dave Mustaine

To further celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Peace Sells, OurStage is giving away an art flat of the album art signed by Dave Mustaine himself (cool, right?). How do you win, you ask? Tell us how you first heard Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying and what you thought of it in a comment on this post for a chance to win! If you somehow haven’t heard this album, don’t worry, you’ve got time to check it out and let us know how awesome you thought it was via a comment on this post (you’re totally welcome). You’ve got until 11:59pm on September 4th (EDT) to enter, but if you’re of the crowd that hasn’t checked out Peace Sells, we recommend doing so immediately.

GuacaMusic: Q&A With The Fallen Angels Proyect

There are few Latin American bands as creative and philosophical as The Fallen Angels Proyect. Originally from Ciudad de La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina, these guys have been creating magic since 2007. Now, in 2011, it is looking more and more like that magic is turning into a great reality: Last month, they won the Grand Prize on MTV DEMO, a new site in Spanish powered by, and are a few weeks away to releasing their next album.

We had the pleasure of chatting with them about their hopes and dreams. This is what they told us:

OS: How do you define The Fallen Angels Proyect? How would you describe the personality of the band?

TFAP: The Fallen Angels Proyect aims to develop the critical spirit of the public, and create a live-performance experience that is different from what is known today. We differentiate ourselves with the quality of our music and the themes we discuss in our lyrics.

When it comes to our music, The Fallen Angels Proyect seeks to create all kinds of atmospheres. We have pieces that go from the simplest to the most progressive melodies. We don’t like to limit ourselves to one style, but rather we experiment with all kinds of musical forms. We take, for example, elements from classical music, orchestra, choruses and we mix these with post-modern elements such as samplers and sequences.

OS: Tell us a little bit about the history of the band. How did you decide to get together?  

TFAP: The project was born from the idea of telling a fictional story that, at the same time, derives itself from some of the greatest philosophical ideas. Once we built the story, we started to put together some demos that we shared with our public through the Internet.

Luckily, the feedback we got was positive and we decided to take the next step, which was to do a live performance. In 2008, we got to the final stages of a contest organized by Marlboro Music. By that time, a number of radio stations in the US, Australia and Belgium were already playing our demos.

OS: Where does the name Fallen Angels Proyect comes from?

The Fallen Angels Proyect is a phrase that expresses some of the theories of the great philosopher Jean Paul Sartre regarding his concept of the being as expressed in his book L’etre Et Le Neant. (Being and Nothingness).

We think there is no better way to describe the self, you, us, the person who reads, listens, etc., than as a fallen angel who was been abandoned and is completely alone with no divine guides or plans. He is the only one who is responsible of his own destiny.

OS: You are weeks away from releasing your next album. Tell us more about it.

TFAP: Our new disc Tears from the Fallen Angels is a very ambitious album. We believe that each tear tells a story. Sometimes the stories are happy, other times these are sad or talk about sacrifice, anguish and liberation. Each and every one of these tears transforms the self and gives meaning to it.

The album is a double story based on a number of things that happened in real life.  On one hand, we tell the fairy tale of a little girl that, after turning 9 years old, finds herself in situations for which she isn’t prepared. However, among all the darkness there is always hope and she will find it in her imaginary friend, who will be her unconditional ally and also her secret weapon.

And those who love to read between the lines would love to reflect about the philosophical ideas that we propose in our album. The girl references the concept of society, her imaginary friend references the concept of culture, and her father is the institution of faith and her mother the concept of history.

OS: Who is your favorite band?

TFAP: Fallen has been influenced by many of the greatest bands ever, such as Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, and Porcupine Tree.

We also get our inspiration from some of the great thinkers such Nietzsche, Sartre, Foucault y Marcuse and classical authors such as Lewis Carroll, Edgar A. Poe and Lovecraft, among others.

OS: If you could play with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

TFAP: We would play with everyone! Alice Cooper is coming to Argentina in May and so is Iron Maiden. We would play with bands like Dream Theater, and legends like Roger Waters. Sharing the stage with great bands always provides an opportunity to learn new things.

You can read more about The Fallen Angels Proyect on MTV DEMO, and help support them and other great Latin American artists on their way to the top. Stayed tuned and be the first one to discover exciting bands that are changing the face of la música en español. ¡Provecho!