Thrill Seekers

Ivy League

England’s Ivy League was a vocal trio with two Top 10 hits in 1965. While that band could deliver transcendent harmonies, they couldn’t, say, bang the life out of a metal trashcan in perfect rhythm. Not like our Ivy League here in the States. Purveyors of American rock reggae, this California band’s music has appeared on MTV’s Score, The Vans Warped Tour, and XBOX 360’s Amped 3, which should give you an idea of the energy level you’re dealing with. The Only Escape kicks off with the brazen howl of singer Luke George, lunging guitars and kooky synths. Theirs is a high-octane ruckus that pulls in bits of ska, garage, reggae and whatever else tickles the band’s fancy. Fans of Sublime and adrenaline junkies, beware. Addiction is nigh.