Country Catch: Nikki Britt

OSBlog02_CountryCatch_MASTERNikki Britt, arguably our youngest Country Catch, grew up with a love of singing. Still only a teen, this Nashville resident has a voice and a talent of women far beyond her years so it’s no wonder she’s accomplished more in her short 16 years than most aspiring country artists do in their lifetime. She has already been signed to a label, recorded an album, and opened for country superstars like James Otto on tour! Her debut album Ready to Ride features 12 original songs, one of which ””Do I Look Like Him?”” garnered major OurStage success. Putting in the hard work needed to earn early success, Britt is now ready to ride to the top of the charts.

Nikki has an impressive repertoire here on OurStage. One song that is sure to get big attention is “You Happened.” An age appropriate love song for a girl of Nikki’s years, it tells the story of how everything changed after, well, “you happened.” Her voice is pure and her lyrics are relatable to listeners of any age. Make sure you check out this song, as well as all her other sure-to-be hits, on Nikki Britt’s fanclub!