Arcade Fire Perform On 'The Tonight Show'

arcade-fireThis week marked a few very special moments in time for The Tonight Show. For starters, it was Jimmy Fallon‘s first week hosting the show, which is pretty monumental all by itself. Second, it was packed with guest performances by some of the industry’s hottest artists, like U2, Lady Gaga, and Tim McGraw. Last night, Arcade Fire brought a little indie rock life to the show with their hit, “Afterlife.” The performance even sported a spectacular light show, courtesy of a disco ball. Check it out below. (more…)

Discourse & Dischord

The Good

British boy band invasion”it’s on

Teenage girls, you already know this so move on. The rest of you old timers, listen up. The British Invasion is back, but this time it’s taken an NSYNC twist. Meet The Wanted and One Direction”two English boy bands that are, like, totally amazing. The Wanted just played The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and may have gotten arrested. And One Direction, well, they just topped the Billboard charts. No biggie. Watch The Wanted’s performance of “Glad You Came” below”we promise we’re not tricking you into watching a Ron Paul clip.

Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson cover You’re So Vain

Maybe a sign of the apocalypse, maybe just an innocent musical collaboration, but Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson are doing a cover of Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain. The two friends (what?) have collaborated on the track for Manson’s upcoming album Born Villain, due out on May 1. Wonder how the The Antichrist and Captain Jack Sparrow sound in harmony? You only have to wait another five weeks to find out.


The Bad

Lil Wayne cited for messy yard

When you hear that Lil Wayne is in trouble for grass, your mind immediately goes to the illegal kind. But turns out he’s in trouble for, literally, grass. The lawn around his Louisiana mansion has grown unruly and neighbors in his gated community ain’t having it and have issued the rapper a citation. Nothing screams déclassé like a mansion with unkempt landscaping.

Madonna debuts Girl Gone Wild video

Madonna looks great for her age. We grant her that. But we find ourselves agreeing with Mr. Ostroff here that Madge has definitely been co-opting cool”first from Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., and now from herself twenty years ago. Madonna’s new video recalls Vogue with its black and white shots of taut, gyrating gay men, but also Beyoncé’s Single Ladies and maybe even Michael Jackson’s Scream. Even if it’s derivative, Girl Gone Wild offers some good eye candy. Watch it below.

The Ugly

Justin Bieber takes a beating

All you folks who haven’t contracted Bieber fever will love this cover of Complex Magazine, wherein the young pop prince is shown beaten to a pulp. If you listen very closely, you can hear the cries for revenge of millions of Beliebers. Watch your back, Complex.

Lana Del Rey gets gagged in Blue Jeans video

Lana Del Rey released her video for Blue Jeans, and it reeks of a perfume ad. You know, black and white footage of smoky lovers swimming around, and, uh, gagging each other. Still, the song is boss. Check it out below.



Viewer Discretion Advised: Late Night Lineups

There’s been a lot of movement within the talk show circuit in the last few months. Between the resignation heard round the world of Conan and Larry King’s recent departure announcement, things are shaking up”and ratings are slowly but surely slipping. Despite the sensational spectacle of Conan’s battle with NBC, late night rankings have sank over the past 3 months, ushering hot shots like Jay Leno and and David Letterman into the twilight of their careers. Added to the takeover of DVR, and the maturing of an audience that would rather go out at night and check out monologues and performances on YouTube the next day, its safe to say execs are scrambling to find fresh appeals.

Lucky for them, the music industry is also in a transition period. Music is being sold (and not-so-sold) online, concerts aren’t selling out and the Internet is flooded with material from both emerging and seasoned artists, making it hard for individual acts to stand out and make an impression. So, musicians have taken to the tube to access their audiences in the comforts of their own homes. After all, 73 million people tuned in to watch The Beatles make their American television debut on the Ed Sullivan Show back in February of 1964. Here’s a fun, only slightly random fact: In an effort to promote the return of Jay Leno to The Tonight Show, NBC spots featuring the Beatles song “Get Back” ran during this past winter’s Olympics. While the version wasn’t performed by The Beatles, the singer did sound a bit like Paul McCartney.

Below you can check out your favorite artists that will be making appearances on a TV near you this week as well as the performance that started it all”The Beatles on Ed Sullivan”just for kicks.

Late Show with David Letterman, CBS

Mo 7/19: Robyn
Tu 7/20: Sheryl Crow
We 7/21: Alejandro Escovedo
Th 7/22: Steve Winwood

The Tonight Show with Dave Leno, NBC

Mo 7/19: KISS
Tu 7/20:  the Black Eyed Peas
We 7/21: Metric
Fr 7/23: Gaslight Anthem

Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC

Mo 7/19:  N.E.R.D
Tu 7/20: Runner Runner
We 7/21:  Raheem DeVaughn
Th 7/22: Keane
Fr 7/23: Rerun TBA

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NBC

Mo 7/19: Widespread Panic
Tu 7/20: Jemaine Clement, Crowded House
We 7/21: Selena Gomez, Halestorm
Th 7/22: Sheryl Crow
Fr 7/23: Rick Ross

Lopez Tonight, TBS

Tu 7/20: Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars
Th 7/22: Enrique Iglesias