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Amazing Radio 600x250December’s winners (and more) are featured on the OurStage show streaming now on Listen in to hear music from Adios Mafia, Jesi Jones, Ju’not, Jillian Valentine, Space Walk, The Delta Riot, Sho Skrilla, Summerlyn Powers, Late Cambrian, Annalise Emerick, Yellabird, The Figgs, Kat Robichaud, and Shotty.

If you’re an artist yourself, enter your music in a channel to be considered for next month’s show. If you’re a fan, judge now to help us pick the upcoming featured artists.

Top Artists For December 2014

We’re closing the books on 2014, with a batch of quality winners, as ranked by our fan community over the month of December. These artists (and more from the top of our charts) will be featured on our next installment of OurStage on Amazing Radio, an online and terrestrial radio show broadcast out of the UK to hundreds of thousands of listeners. If you haven’t heard the previous show, it’s streaming now. Below are your December Top 5. Listen to a direct playlist of these songs by clicking here.

yourlovePOP FINALS:
“It’s Your Love” by Jillian Valentine
A soulful, intimate song that’s still universally accessible.





“How To Be Good” by Jesi Jones
With a thoughtful lyric and a voice as clear as a bell, Jesi Jones rises above the folk fray.





“Dirty Bomb” by Adios Mafia
Great to hear some punk take the top spot in rock. Cross Raw Power-era Stooges with Eagles of Death Metal. NSFW, as punk should be.




“A Little You And Me” by Ju’not
Classic R&B, straight out of 1974, but just as vital-sounding as anything on Top 40 today.




“Strings Of Serenity” by Space Walk
A sweeping, genre-melding mini-epic, incorporating ambient, classical, and Latin.



Check out all the additional 1st place songs from our genre channels here.

Press Shuffle: Artist Access

There’s something to be said about the Artist Access Channel here in OurStage. Yes, it’s the Premium Member Channel. Yes, the prizes absolutely kick ass. Yes, it’s extremely competitive (even more reason to dive in and prove yourself, right?). But the one musical aspect that makes it stand out the most from all other channels is the type of artists that converge here to compete for the ultimate prize. This is the only channel that invites entries from rock, pop, urban and country musicians and leaves it completely up to the fans to decide what is the best of these worlds. As they say, “variety is the spice of life.” And what could possibly summarize this better than what we look for here in Press Shuffle? Ahead, a varied selection of unique tunes that show off the broad spectrum of musical talent from all over the country.

Praying For Rain” – Jillian Valentine: Sassy and powerful, Jillian Valentine drives this rocking tune with determination and style. Her experience as a singer and a songwriter shine through with flying colors in this song and album.

Lost in Time” – Sly-Chi: This Portland funk group bends the lines between genres to create a sound reminiscent to the ’70s and ’80s funk hits (á la Earth, Wind and Fire). Tight rhythm section, big horn hits and syncopated rhythm guitar; this band’s got it all.

He Talked About Memphis” – James Cain: If you talk about Memphis, Graceland and your “momma” in a twangy voice, you might just be a country singer.

Ariel” – Moovalya: In a genre whose songwriting, performance and lyrical themes all tend to fall on the formulaic, Moovalya packs a punch with a few twists, all in a song hitting just over the two minute mark. If pop-punk is your thing, then you definitely need to check this song out.

This Is Me” – H2-O: With a strictly hip hop sound, this song tells a story of personal exploration and growth. In his quest for recognition, H2-O has come from a big business past and left it all for his one love and dream: music. All he offers is himself, and we’re more than happy to take him up on his plan.

Ohio” – Skyler: Mix the uplifting theme, vocal melodies and glossy production of modern rock with the driving drums and momentous energy of punk and you’ve got a basic idea of how Skyler do their thing.

Gotta Be More ft. Marka” – TAMPPA: Hearing this song in a club on a weekend outing isn’t farfetched. The poppin’ dance beat and the catchy chorus are enough to get the crowd going.

Don’t Let Go” – Dail Martin: With a soulful take on the jazz ballad, “Don’t Let Go” offers a modern twist to the traditional formula used by the jazz greats of the 20th Century. Even more: this song is so intrinsically different to every other song on the channel (both in style and delivery) that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to display it.

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a theme in particular to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment! Listen to previous Press Shuffle playlists over at