Grohl And Novoselic On The Tonight Show

145651__nirvana_lA confluence of events, including the impending induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has put Kurt Cobain and Nirvana in the forefront of our pop culture consciousness lately. Susceptible as anyone else, I threw on Nevermind last night and, holy shit, did it sound great. Can you imagine a record like that becoming the biggest thing in the world today? I burned out on listening to it years ago, but now it sounds totally fresh again. Anyway, remaining core Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, talking about how quickly the band got huge, destroying their instruments, as well as what it was like when Paul McCartney joined them in the studio.

R.E.M.‘s Michael Stipe will induct Nirvana into the Hall of Fame tonight. Word is that Joan Jett will be on hand to help them celebrate with a performance. Watch the Tonight Show interview below.


Beck Performs On 'The Tonight Show'

beck_hansen_0100Right after his recent North American tour announcement, Beck took to the stage of Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show to perform “Waking Light” and “Say Goodbye,” which appeared as an online exclusive. Both tracks come off Beck’s recent album, Morning Phase, which we’ve raved about in one way or another over the past few months. I wasn’t sure those haunting melodies would necessarily translate well live, but this performance speaks for itself. Catch Beck on tour this spring, and watch both videos below.  (more…)

Arcade Fire Perform On 'The Tonight Show'

arcade-fireThis week marked a few very special moments in time for The Tonight Show. For starters, it was Jimmy Fallon‘s first week hosting the show, which is pretty monumental all by itself. Second, it was packed with guest performances by some of the industry’s hottest artists, like U2, Lady Gaga, and Tim McGraw. Last night, Arcade Fire brought a little indie rock life to the show with their hit, “Afterlife.” The performance even sported a spectacular light show, courtesy of a disco ball. Check it out below. (more…)

Barry Gibb Sings Everly Brothers With Jimmy Fallon

barry_gibbThe Bee Gees Barry Gibb stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, just a few weeks after appearing with the comedian on the recurring Saturday Night Live sketch “The Barry Gibb Talk Show.” The two have a nice rapport, and Fallon is obviously a genuine fan, so it was great to see and hear them harmonize on a few refrains of Everly Brothers songs.

Gibb then performed “You Should Be Dancing” along with The Roots. He’ll be starting a 6-day tour starting May 15th. See dates below.

Barry Gibb Live:
5/15 “ Boston, MA @ TD Garden
5/19 “ Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center
5/23 “ Wantagh, NY @ Nikon At Jones Beach Theater
5/27 “ Chicago, IL @ United Center
5/31 “ Concord, CA @ Concord Pavilion
6/4 “ Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl

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Springsteen And Fallon Mock Chris Christie's Traffic Jam Scandal

photo: NBC

Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon joined forces once again on the latter’s Late Night show, this time for a joint impression of a young Boss lamenting the plight of the working man stuck in “Governor Chris Christie‘s Traffic Jam,” to the tune of “Born To Run.”

Springsteen’s well-known lefty bent has always precluded him from being much of a fan of the governor, who has been mired in scandal over the past few weeks regarding both allegations of misuse of Hurricane Sandy relief funds and, of course, the intentional traffic jam caused by his office as retribution to a political foe. It could not have taken much arm twisting to get him to lampoon Christie for the latter. Enjoy.

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?uestlove To Teach NYU Class, College To Get 1000 Times Cooler

If there were anything to make you want to go back to college again “ besides the socially acceptable binge drinking, sleeping until noon, and wearing sweatpants to dinner “ it would probably be taking a class with ?uestlove. Yes, that’s right. This spring, The Roots drummer will be teaching a two credit class on classic albums at the Clive Davis Institue for Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. The course’s tentative syllabus involves the analysis of time“tested albums such as Led Zeppelin IV and Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall in order to understand the many factors that go into making those select albums designated classics. Billboard reports that ?uestlove will be co“teaching the course in conjunction with Harry Weinger, the vice president of A&R at Universal Music Enterprises.


Watch Ellie Goulding Live On Jimmy Fallon

After breaking into the US with Lights, Ellie Goulding has been keeping the US in constant anticipation of her next hit. With the Oct. 9 release of Halcyon, and her recent performance of Anything Could Happen on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, I think we may just have it.

Looking remarkably comfortable as she dances around the stage, exchanging smiles with band mates in between husky notes, we’d say Goulding is most certainly within reach of another US hit.

You can watch Goulding performing the track right here.

If you like Ellie Goulding check out OurStage artist Jillian Grutta.

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Watch Morrissey Perform On Jimmy Fallon

Morrissey and his spokesperson have been undergoing some major rumor battling lately. The Smiths are reuniting, they aren’t reuniting¦.but maybe they are!

They definitely aren’t, and after helping squash those rumors into the ground, Morrissey found time to perform two songs on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

View a performance of  You Have Killed Me along with a cover of Frankie Valli‘s To Give (The Reason I Live) here and catch Morrissey on tour this month. (more…)

Wedesday, June 15, 2011

Liam Gallagher And Odd Future: A Match Made In Blog Quote Heaven

Let it be known that this might be the only time one of the Gallaghers and Odd Future share headline space.

Liam Gallagher, to the surprise of no one,  has been in the news recently for propensity for making outlandish statements. Whether he’s blasting Radiohead, defying the Strokes, ripping on Jay-Z’s clothing line or dissing Twitter, the younger Gallagher is still railing on like he has been for years. In fact, it would be fair to say that what Twitter is to communication Liam Gallagher is to baseless verbal attacks. And while Noel was historically the more ranty of the brothers, it seems like Liam has been picking up the slack for him in the past few months.

However, there has been one recent development for Gallagher that sets his most recent clump of remarks apart from his more historic comments and that is that Liam Gallagher is losing his relevancy. That’s not to say that Beady Eye’s new record hasn’t been a moderate success in both commercial and critical terms but it’s no (What’s The Story) Morning Glory. He’s ranting at the same pace he has for years but his level of contemporary distinction has been shrinking, not growing. How is he still able to get away with this? More on that in a minute, but let’s take a look at a group which is also known for their controversial statements.

Kids, let’s rap about Odd Future for a minute.

In case you’re not familiar with shock rap wunderkinds Odd Future you can familiarize yourself with the group here, or here, or here, or here or if reading’s not your thing, watch their infamous Jimmy Fallon performance, their first real taste of the mainstream spotlight.

We still have you? Good. Group ringleader Tyler, the Creator has been the center of the spotlight during the group’s rise to prominence and the kid has a bit of a mouth on him. Like a young Eminem, his raps consist of clever wordplay and pop culture references mixed in with dashes of ultra violence, absurdity and the occasionally heartbreaking confessional.  His Twitter is comedic gold and probably the main source of the quotable Tyler outside of his incredibly explicit songs. Despite being so green as a rapper, Tyler has even played out his first feud!

In his lead single “Yonkers” off upcoming album Goblin Tyler states his intention to “crash that f***** airplane that that f***** n***** B.o.B is in and stab Bruno Mars in his g****** esophagus”. Two weeks later, B.o.B released diss track “No Future” aimed at the OF kids. At least we assume so because B.o.B never mentions Tyler or the group by name instead claiming that whoever the intended target of his rhyme is”They keep f***** with me, they ain’t gonna have no future”. Tyler’s response?

Let’s compare and contrast. An aging rock star writes his pop songs but uses his public persona as a pulpit to take pot shots at his chosen targets, of which there are many. A young rapper known for his confrontational and controversial lyrics in his songs but comes off as a fairly amicable human being. One has seen his glory days and is waning and the other is surging, just beginning an exciting career. Neither one of these guys is speaking very softly, but it should be clear who’s carrying the bigger stick.