Jitta Hits A Million Plays, Free Downloads

Jitta On The Track continues to be one of the most prolific rappers in the game. Chances are pretty solid that he’s tracking a new song right now, whenever you might be reading this. And now you can get some of the most recent Jitta releases for free. Start with his brand new single “1 Million,” released to commemorate a million plays on Soundcloud.

Then go back just a bit and download Bipolar, the excellent full-length now hosted as a mixtape on DatPiff.

And then by the time you’re done with those, Jitta will probably have like 4 more singles out.

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Jitta On The Track’s ‘Bipolar’
New Music From Jitta On The Track
Jitta On The Track Premieres “Tatted Up With My State” Video

Jitta On The Track’s ‘Bipolar’

B0o9oAQCEAEeLx6One of the tough parts of having the blog under maintenance for a while was seeing a bunch of OurStage artists doing dope shit and releasing awesome music and not being able to share it here. While we missed the release of the official video for “Bipolar” from Jitta on the Track a couple of weeks ago, at least we’re back ahead of the album’s release date. Jitta, who not that long ago won our competition to open for Drake on the Club Paradise tour, will drop Bipolar on November 5th, and we’ll have artwork and the track list from him in the days ahead. Without further ado, check the video below.




New Music From Jitta On The Track

Jitta on the trackJitta On The Track don’t rest.

The CT rapper who won our challenge to earn himself an opening slot on Drake‘s Club Paradise Tour is just constantly creating. In recent days alone, we’ve got three new Jitta-related tracks to enjoy. In addition to guesting on Chris Webby‘s fantastic “Good Day” (from his upcoming mixtape The Checkup), Jitta just dropped two of his own, “Jesse Pinkman” and “UnAmerican” (with $-DUB) Check out all three below.


Jitta On The Track Debuts "Mollylujah"

OS member Jitta On The Track has released a promo video for his new single, “Mollylujah.”

Released the same day the single hits digital retailers worldwide, the promo for “Mollylujah” offers fans their first taste of Jitta’s latest antics. The same raper who gave us an entire mixtape of Trap music earlier this year has emerged once again with a sound far more radio ready. The teaser lasts just long enough to hook you, so if you’re looking for a new musical addiction click here and experience the goods.

Jitta On The Track rarely slows in his work ethic, so we believe more new tunes will surface in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned.

Jitta On The Track Premieres "Tatted Up With My State" Video

OS Member Jitta On The Track seems to unleash a new video every week, and this week has proven to be no different

Following the release of his Jitta On The Trap mixtape two weeks ago, Jitta has returned from a week at SXSW to gift fans with the official visuals for “Tatted Up With My State.” The song marks a clear departure from the club/trap sounds found on “Charlie Brown” and “I Think I’m Diddy,” which in my opinion is probably a smart move. The club sound is popular and sure to bring in new ears, but Jitta has a strong voice and sense for lyricism that deserves better than his recent efforts have produced. This track has legs, and you can get your first taste of it by watching the video here.

Even though Jitta just released a new mixtape, I bet it’s unlikely too much time passes before another release is on the way. Click here to stay up-to-date with everything related to Jitta On The Track.

Jitta On The Track Releases 'Jitta on The Trap' Mixtape

OS Member Jitta On The Track has just released his highly-anticipated Jitta On The Trap mixtape.

Marking the second mixtape to surface from Jitta since his time on the “Club Paradise” tour with Drake last Spring, Jitta On The Trap features eight club-ready tracks, including the single “I Think I’m Diddy.” You can view one of the mixtape’s promotional videos, as well as the official download link for Jitta On The Trap, below: (more…)

Jitta On The Track Releases "Charlie Brown" Music Video

OS Member Jitta On The Track is back once again with the visuals for his latest single, “Charlie Brown.”

Directed by Hunter Lyon, AKA the guy responsible for pretty much all Jitta’s video content, “Charlie Brown” finds the Connecticut bred rapper spitting lines while riding a school bus. There is plenty of performance footage, even a scene that includes a painting of Charlie Brown himself, but little else to be found. You can view the clip after the jump. (more…)

Jitta On The Track Releases "I Think I'm Diddy" Music Video

OS member Jitta On The Track is back in the headlines this morning with the release of his latest single and music video, “I Think I’m Diddy.”

Anyone familiar with Jitta’s music knows he never backs away from a great sample, and this time around he couldn’t be more timely as “I Think I’m Diddy” just so happens to feature highlights from Baauer’s viral sensation, “Harlem Shake.” The track is taken from Jitta’s upcoming Trap God mixtape.

The Hunter Lyon directed video features Jitta and his friends turning a Connecticut pizza place into the party of a lifetime, but the real highlight is Jitta’s decision to rock a House Party inspired hairstyle throughout the clip. You can view the video below. (more…)

Jitta On The Track Releases "FYPM" Video

We love promoting the talent here on OurStage, and so it’s likely no other article will give us the kind of joy that comes from telling your our own Jitta On The Track has released a brand new music video.

Serving as the third track off his 2012 release Alphabet Soup, “FYPM” finds Jitta and cohorts taking their love of “lumber life” into the forests of Connecticut. The track goes hard in its own right, and the visuals translates Jitta’s lighthearted approach to music beautifully a plethora of tongue-in-cheek moments. You can enjoy the clip below.

Word is that Jitta On The Track has another mixtape on the way in the coming months. We’ll update you as more information becomes available. (more…)

Download Jitta On The Track's 'Alphabet Soup' Mixtape

Only a few months have past since OurStage sent Connecticut rapper Jitta On The Track on tour with Drake, but in that time this young artist has grown exponentially both as an artist and an entertainer. This morning Jitta keeps that momentum alive with the release of his new mixtape, Alphabet Soup. The release features sixteen new tracks, including the singles “Smoke Signals” and “Trillmatic,” and can be downloaded below.

Jitta On The Track has a lot more planned for the coming weeks, so I suggest anyone even remotely connected to the hip hop world take this as the final warning that a takeover is approaching. Lumber life will soon captivate the world, and Alphabet Soup is the starting pistol. Get on the bandwagon now, and be the first amongst your friends to know who will surely be one of the most discussed rappers of the new year.

Click here to download Alphabet Soup


01 – Intro
02 – Stars
03 – The Last Star Fighter
04 – Lumberjack
05 – FYPM
06 – Charlie Brown
07 – Trillmatic
08 – Flow Talk For Me
09 – Choppin The Tree
10 – Tatted Up With My State
11 – Smoke Signals
12 – Bout That Life
13 – Lite Purple
14 – Letters Pt. III
15 – Love Listen Like
16 – Last Flight

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