Bronze Radio Return Reveal SXSW Schedule

Bronze Radio ReturnBronze Radio Return have been on our radar ever since they made our “Best of OurStage 2010” list. Since then, they’ve graced every stage from the the side stage on John Mayer’s Battle Studies tour, to living life on the sea during their stint as performers on the Rock Boat. Now, the band is getting ready to take on another year of South By Southwest with five different performances down in Austin, TX. Check out the schedule here, and listen to “Down There” below.


Eurythmics Reuniting For Beatles Anniversary Tribute

eurythmicsOn February 9th, CBS will air The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles, to commemorate The Beatles‘ legendary first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The show will be taped on January 27th at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and will feature an all-star lineup, including Maroon 5, John Legend, John Mayer, Keith Urban, and, reunited for the first time since 2005, The Eurythmics. Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox, whose string of hits in the 1980s as The Eurythmics place them as one of that decades most celebrated acts, last collaborated on two new tracks for a greatest hits album called Ultimate Collection.

How any of these artists reflect the legacy of The Beatles is a mystery that might puzzle historians for generations to come, if this were anything more than a ratings grab that will be forgotten almost immediately after it occurs.

Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich will also helm this special. “When it came around to booking this show, what I felt was important was to try and find those artists who not only would be able to interpret Beatles songs, but would also have an … understanding of what they meant,” he said, still not explaining how those thoughts relate to the artists he ultimately selected. I guess they’re all Grammy winners?

I’ll probably be watching though. The Eurythmics were a good band, really, and I’m interested to see the others’ takes on Beatles songs, though I hold out more hope for some than others. (h/t CoS)

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John Mayer Streams New Album

After over a year out of the spotlight, John Mayer has returned with a new album of potential rock hits. Promotion has been relatively quiet in recent weeks, but last night, a week before the album’s release, Mayer posted a full stream of the record online.

Taking a turn for the country side of rock and roll, Paradise Valley opens with Mayer channeling his western folk influences and proceeds to dive deeper down that rabbit hole as the record plays on. It’s not an all-out country release, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself craving a bit more twang in your daily routine after listening a time or two. You can stream the album on iTunes.

Paradise Valley hits stores August 20. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the album.

John Mayer Streams "Paper Doll"

Pop rock has been low on icons in recent years, but one name that continues to amaze time after time is none other than Mr. John Mayer.

Let’s step back. A year ago Mayer release Born and Raised to a whirlwind of critical praise. Following the album’s release, however, John became ill and was forced to step away from the live arena. Many thought he was done, but this morning a new single found its way online just in time to shut haters up for good.

“Paper Doll” is the lead single of John Mayer’s still untitled new album, and fans hungry for new music can hear the track by clicking below. (more…)

John Mayer Makes First Live Appearance In Two Years At Montana Benefit Show

John Mayer recently made his first live performance in almost two years at a benefit concert for the Montana firefighters who battled the summer wildfires that blazed through the Paradise Valley region of the state. Mayer, who owns a house in the area, was not home during the summer fires, but still felt an obligation to give back to those who had aided the region with their service. At the time of the blaze, Mayer was in Los Angeles receiving treatment for growths near his vocal cords that forced him to cancel the planned tour for his latest album, Born and Raised. His recovery seems nearing completion, as he was able to carefully belt out a few tunes that can be heard via the fan-captured videos below. The sold-out gig raised over $100,000 and also featured performances from members of the Zach Brown Band.

If you’re a fan of John Mayer, check our OurStage artist Jesse Terry.


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The Young Gun

Nick Gill

Before he had even finished high school in Alabama, Nick Gill had three albums and a 50-date tour under his belt. And if that doesn’t impress you, his music will. Gill has come a long way since penning his first song in 8th grade about a kooky English teacher. These days his songs are poignant, spare meditations on life’s more difficult experiences: love, loss, and growing up. The haunting How It Feels is about a friend’s suicide. But rather than dwelling on the shock and horror, Gill reminisces about the good times”driving around with beauty queens on Halloween. As a violin, piano, and a softy strummed guitar deliver the elegy, Gill’s mellow voice ascends into a honeyed falsetto. Game is lighter fare”an upbeat melody led by a guiro, acoustic guitar and piano. Gill’s warm and dusty songs are on par with singer-songwriters like Jack Johnson and John Mayer. But unlike those elderish statesmen, this young buck’s just getting started.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sound And Vision: Why Hasn’t Tabloid Notoriety Turned John Mayer into a Total Joke?

“John Mayer Gets a Haircut After Katy Perry Split!”

As breaking news of the day goes, it’s not exactly groundbreaking. Still, there it was, in multiple variations, splattered across the online pages of E!, Us Weekly, Entertainment Weekly (which called it a hair break-over), People magazine and so many other websites devoted, in large and small part, to such trivialities. You’d think Samson had risen from the dead and taken up guitar.

But wait! Shouldn’t Delilah ” I mean, Katy Perry ” have been the star of this life (and a new ˜do)-after-love story? Traditionally, the celebrity tabloids and gossip websites pursue female celebrities about whom they date, whom they marry, whom they divorce, to search for baby bumps, and fashion dos and don’ts. Guys generally get in only when they’re dating one of them. (Why do you think Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger, who once went from long to short without causing so much as a media ripple and is now engaged to Avril Lavigne, is suddenly “newsworthy”?)

By those standards, John Mayer must be some kind of publicity-baiting genius. In the last several years, he’s made himself as much of a tabloid fixture as an A-list starlet by dating a succession of them: Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, and most recently, Katy Perry, his pop-star paramour of a few months. (more…)

Your Country's Right Here: Chris August Adds Soul to 'The Upside of Down'

Chris August still can’t quite believe that a skateboarding accident almost ended it all. Instead, this week he’s celebrating the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album The Upside of Down.

The accident that resulted in a serious head injury was the latest roadblock that almost ended August’s career before it began. August had fought his way up from what he calls “a broken family,” to a record contract and a large dose of success in the Los Angeles music industry. Industry turmoil threatened to stall his career, but he released a debut album that went to #1 and won multiple awards. Just before the release of his much-anticipated sophomore album, he was hospitalized with a serious head injury from the skateboarding accident. Although he still suffers from the injury and is susceptible to pneumonia, heat exhaustion, and other maladies, he returned to work just months after the injury. (more…)