Silk and Steel

Sarah Cripps

Sarah Cripps is just entering her twenties, but she’s already got more than a decade of experience under her belt. The Canadian songstress has been playing since the age of nine, and has shared the stage with famous countrymen like The Barenaked Ladies, Johnny Reid, Doc Walker and Jason McCoy. Cripps delivers polished folk-county marked by steel guitar and the singer’s silken vocals. Practice is a lazy love song with a coy proposition. Just think how good we’ll get if we practice, Cripps sings. Just Sing is another flawless country ballad, just acoustic guitars and Cripps’ easy vibrato. If slow dancing’s not your style, skip to Getaway Car, a bluesy caveat where electric guitars lash out and the tambourine shakes like a rattlesnake. Cripps is already a pro, and she’s just getting started. Then again, practice makes perfect.

“Getaway Car” – Sarah Cripps