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The Good

Beyoncé remembers MJ on 3rd anniversary of death

Beyoncé may be a mom who moshes, but she’s also a mom who remembers. To honor the 3rd anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing, the singer posted a letter on her website, saying, Michael Jackson changed me, and helped me to become the artist I am. Read the whole thing here.

Lana Del Rey goes back to Camelot in National Anthem

In the video for National Anthem, Lana Del Rey reimagines what Camelot might be like if Jacqueline Kennedy got her nails did in Queens and JFK had more swag. The cinematic video features vintage looking shots of Del Rey and rapper A$AP Rocky sailing, playing on the beach with their children, and grinding on each other during cocktail receptions. Enjoy.

The Bad

Paris Hilton tries to DJ, fails

Paris Hilton debuted her new single, Last Night at a Sí£o Paulo club this week. But instead of playing the track, DJ Butterfingers played Rihanna’s We Found Love. Finally a real DJ stepped in to fix things while Hilton fist pumped a glitter mic. Somebody make it stop.

The Ugly

Nas pays tribute to failed marriage on new album cover

When Kelis and Nas split up back in 2009, all she left in the house was her wedding dress. Now Nas has used the frock as a prop on his album cover. Name of the record? Life is Good. Kelis responded that she thinks the cover is awesome. Now that’s how you play nice.

Ke$ha gets her lips inked

Do not, we repeat, DO NOT do as this tattoo instructs until you’ve gotten a tetanus shot.



Overly Attached Girlfriend Will Sing Your Favorite Pop Songs And Haunt Your Dreams Forever

Hot, fresh meme coming through! Presenting: Overly Attached Girlfriend

Here’s the long and short of it. Youtube user wzrd0713 originally posted ‘JB Fanvideo’ in response to a contest that Justin Bieber was running through youtube to help promote his new fragrance, ‘Girlfriend’.

Here’s the original video for your viewing pleasure.

While the strange video, replete with soul-stealing stares and lyrics that could earn restraining orders, could’ve gone unnoticed, it was eventually discovered and posted to popular imageboard Reddit. From there a still image (pictured right) from the video took on life as the template for the Overly Attached Girlfriend image macro meme.


Discourse & Dischord

The Good

President Obama is sexy (and he knows it)

Who woulda thought that President Obama was such a big LMFAO fan? Turns out he’s been surreptitiously dropping lyrics to Sexy and I Know It into all his speeches. As long as he doesn’t collaborate with Madonna, we’re OK with it. Watch the Commander in Chief bring sexy back below.

Deadmau5 taps fan to collaborate

The Internet has elevated many things to a whole new level: spying on your exes, indulging your cat obsession and, in this case, interacting with your favorite musician. Deadmau5, otherwise known as Joel Zimmerman, streamed an unfinished track on his Web site to give fans a listen to the songwriting process. One industrious follower tweeted the DJ a vocal track, and Zimmerman liked it so much he promised to add it into the song. Oh Internet, will your powers ever cease to amaze? Watch the magic happen below.

The Bad

Jerry Lee Lewis marries for seventh time, to cousin’s ex-wife

File under gross: Jerry Lee Lewis, who is now seventy-six years old, got married to his seventh wife ¦ wait for it ¦ who also happens to be the ex-wife of his own cousin, Rusty Brown. But there’s more! Cousin Rusty is the younger brother of Myrna Gale Brown, who married Lewis when she was only thirteen years old. Lets hope this latest dysfunctional marriage cools those great balls of fire once and for all.

Earl Scruggs dies

Bluegrass pioneer Earl Scruggs passed away this week from natural causes at an area hospital in Nashville. He was eighty-eight years old. Scruggs, along with Bill Monroe and Lester Flatt, formed the most influential bluegrass acts of all time”the Blue Grass Boys. Scruggs is credited with popularizing the three-finger style of banjo playing. He went on to play with Flatt in the Foggy Mountain Boys (later known as Flatt and Scruggs). His hits”which include the theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies and Bonnie and Clyde”helped bring bluegrass to mainstream audiences. R.I.P.

The Ugly

Wayne Coyne bleeds collaborators for Record Store Day release

For his upcoming Record Store Day release, entitled The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, Wayne Coyne wasn’t content to give fans his figurative blood, sweat and tears. The Flaming Lips front man is including his actual blood as well as the blood of his collaborators on the vinyl and packaging of the record. That means folks like Yoko Ono, Bon Iver, Ke$ha, Biz Markie, Chris Martin, Erykah Badu and more will be donating a sample to this bio-hazardous album. Handle with gloves, people.

Bobby Brown arrested for DUI

Bobby Brown was charged with two DUI counts and a misdemeanor charge of driving on a suspended license after cops pulled the singer over on Monday. Brown faces up to six months in jail if convicted. His court date is scheduled for April 16. Our advice? We think Brown should pack up his group, get a grip, come equipped, grab his proton pack off his back and then split. Oh wait, that only works if you’re a Ghostbuster.



Discourse & Dischord

The Good

SXSW goes big in Texas

The SXSW music festival is still going strong deep in the heart of Texas as you read this, and by the sound of it, it’s a banner year. From Delta Spirit rocking the backyard of the Spotify House to Hova raising the roof at Austin City Limits Live at Moody Theater, the city was teeming with big talent. Even Fiona Apple emerged out of hiding looking a little disheveled but packing the same powerful punch vocally. Check out her performance of “Anything We Want” and Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” below.

The Bad

Lil Jon and LMFAO party rock with seniors

Once something’s been seen, it can’t be unseen. So in order to cope with the nightmare that is a grandmother in a g-string, we’re going to make sure our misery has plenty of company. Watch Lil Jon and LMFAO’s video for Drink, and don’t call us when you can’t sleep at night.

Doobie Brothers drummer dies

Michael Hossack, longtime drummer for the Doobie Brothers, passed away this week after a battle with cancer. He was sixty-five. Hossack played on many of the band’s perennial hits, including Listen to the Music and Jesus is Just Alright. He leaves behind a daughter and son. R.I.P.

The Ugly

Weeknd and The Dream got beef

Oh boy. After the-Dream hinted that fellow R&B artist the Weeknd might be copying his swag, the Weeknd launched a Twitter tirade, calling the-Dream among other things, a [sic] ham burgler lookin’ ass n***a. Ouch. The-Dream’s rebuttal strategy was a kill-em-with-kindness manifesto, with a couple jabs thrown in for good measure. Read all about it here.

Hilary Duff got hair … everywhere

People talk about all sorts of unpleasant pregnancy-related issues: swollen feet, morning sickness, varicose veins. But until now, no one has addressed ¦ the hair. Hilary Duff lifts the veil of secrecy surrounding mustachioed mothers and their hair babies. Watch the hirsute mom-to-be wax her belly in this hilarious clip from Funny or Die.