Luck Be A Lady

Whether talent comes from gods in heaven sprinkling it on the chosen few, or from a lucky combination of genetic material, it’s seldom a fair shake. So don’t hold it against sisters Kamille and Kelly Rudisill that they happen to be very good at several things, among them soccer, dance and song. Classically trained with degrees in music, the duo writes, produces and performs their own material under the moniker Karmina. It’s impressive on paper, but more so when you listen to the music. Karmina’s seamless, lustrous harmonies are redolent of Wilson Philips, but updated for a younger, hipper audience. The Kiss is fulsome pop, polished to a high-pro glow, but that doesn’t mean the emotion doesn’t come through. Plaintive and restless, the melody tugs at your heart while tickling your id. Slow Down is a driving song”layered with soft, lilting harmonies but equally insistent. Karmina is just starting out and the future for any young artist is uncertain. Good news is, they’ve got talent in spades. All they need is a little luck.